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Farms dry up after River Tana changes its course


In Summary

  • The farmers grow mangoes, bananas, passion fruit, watermelons and vegetables and have incurred extra costs hiring casual workers to re-direct water to their fields.
  • Garissa County executive committee member for Agriculture, Fisheries and Irrigation Hubi Hussein said her department had no money to rescue the farmers.

More than 3,000 families in Garissa County face a bleak future after River Tana, which has watered their farms for decades, changed its course.

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Tension in Mombasa as grenade found

In Summary

  • Nation Photographer Laban Walloga was roughed up after he took pictures of soldiers on patrol in Likoni.

  • The Nation learnt that learning was paralysed in five schools as headteachers called parents to withdraw their children after the security scare.


Kenya Navy soldiers were on Wednesday sent to back up a police security operation in the Likoni area of Mombasa, following panic sparked by reports that armed men had been spotted surveying the area.

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Residents and leaders point fingers at police

In Summary

  • The attack, by gunmen who stole more than Sh50,000 from Sega Bar and other victims, came just 24 hours after five masked men shot dead three people in Soweto, Likoni, including a 11-year-old girl.

  • Tuesday’s attack took place at around 3am and witnesses said the gangsters took command of the street for about half an hour.


Police in Mombasa County were Tuesday on the spot over a wave of attacks by gunmen.

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Hooded killers rain terror in Mombasa


In Summary

  • Witnesses said the gangsters, numbering between four and eight, appeared to be on a mission to kill.

  • Mombasa MPs expressed shock at the attack describing it as the evil work of people bent on creating animosity between communities to destabilise the county.


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Reversal of last year’s court ruling on urban refugees is quite stunning: What changed?

The judge who told the Kenya Government a year ago that it couldn’t force urban refugees into remote and over-crowded refugee camps now says it’s fine to do just that. How could that be?

In July 2013, the High Court ruled unconstitutional a government directive ordering all refugees in Nairobi and other cities to move into the Dadaab and Kakuma camps near the country’s northern borders with Somalia and Sudan.

High Court judge David S. Majanja described the government’s order as a violation of the refugees’ freedom of movement and right to dignity.