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31 killed in a week of clan wars

In Summary

  • Police say the violence is about elective politics, with each clan wanting a dominant role.

  • The extent of the killings and damage to property by far exceeds what the government has acknowledged officially since the violence began last Saturday.

  • The extent of the damage could be worse given that security personnel have not been able to access all the areas.


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Ethiopian raiders kill eight Kenyans

In Summary

  • Members of both clans traverse the Kenya–Ethiopia border and perennial conflict in the region always result in involvement of all, regardless of the country of origin.

  • The current wave of attacks began at Rhamu Trading Centre on Saturday, when two people were killed. In less than four days, the Garrehs of Ethiopia had joined the conflict to help their tribesmen.

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Mandera skirmishes a spillover from Ethiopia, says DIG Kaindi

In Summary

  • Deputy Inspector General of Police Grace Kaindi said no local politician had been linked to the conflict.
  • She said that a contingent of security officers has been deployed to contain the situation.
  • Ms Kaindi added that security forces had acted quickly to contain renewed clashes on Tuesday.
  • She dismissed claims that the police did not respond quickly when the fighting started in Rhamu over the weekend.


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Claims of political control by clan fuel conflict in Mandera

In Summary

  • For years, the two clans have fought over political dominance and control of resources in Mandera County.
  • Claims that the Garres displaced from Wajir were slowly settling in Rhamu have been a concern among the Degodias.


Tension between rival clans in Rhamu, Mandera County has been building up since June, due to claims that one group was resettling in the town.

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Suspect killed, 8 arrested over Mandera clashes as calm returns

One suspect has been killed and eight others arrested in connection with the recent fighting between the Degodia and Garre communities in Mandera, County Commissioner Alex Ole Nkoyo has said.

In an interview with Nation.co.ke, Mr Nkoyo also put the number of people who have died as a result of the conflict that started last Friday at three, including the suspect who was shot by the military after he refused to surrender.

The suspect was found with an AK-47 rifle with 28 rounds of ammunition, Mr Nkoyo said by phone.