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18 Apr 2017 description
report Kenya Daily Nation


There is a bigger national food crunch than was projected or anticipated due to drought and the armyworm invasion.

This is already being reflected in the upward surge of prices of many basic foods.

In turn it is going to force us to take a longer and harder look at our overall food sufficiency situation and how potentially vulnerable we are.

It is important to emphasize the holistic nature of the food crunch.

10 Apr 2017 description
report Kenya Daily Nation

Herders moving to the Mt Kenya region for greener pastures are counting losses after a disease outbreak killed more than 20 cows and left others are sick.

More than 15 carcasses of the herd could be seen lying along the Nyeri-Nanyuki road where the herders are grazing their animals.

According to the Nyeri County Executive for Agriculture Robert Thuo, the animals are being affected by a bacterial pneumonic disease as they are exposed to harsh weather conditions especially at night.

09 Apr 2017 description
report Kenya Daily Nation



Uncertainty looms among maize farmers in the North Rift region following infestation of army worms leading to increased cost of production and anticipated low yield this season.

The army worms have destroyed hundreds of acres of maize crops in the country’s food basket, with most farmers complaining of incurring huge costs to contain them.

31 Mar 2017 description
report Kenya Daily Nation



About 4.5 million children under five years in 22 counties will from Saturday be vaccinated against polio in a move the government says will keep the viral infection outside Kenya’s borders.

The five-day oral vaccination campaign, expected to cost nearly Sh300 million, will begin on April 1 to 5. It will be given free. Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu is expected to launch the campaign in Kayole, Nairobi.

25 Mar 2017 description
report Kenya Daily Nation


It is 10 years since they were displaced from their homes. They are still clinging to hope that the government will compensate them as promised.

The memories of 2007-2008 post-election violence brings them to tears.

Theirs is a long wait for the Sh200,000 compensation promised by the government that they hoped would wipe away their tears and give them consolation that someone cared after all.

This is the fate of over 14,000 displaced people in Kisii who used to live in different parts of Rift Valley when the violence broke out.