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Official raises alarm as staff crisis hits hospitals

In Summary

  • She said the region requires the nurses, clinical officers, laboratory technicians and pharmacists to fill positions left by those who retired or left for greener pastures.


The provision of quality health care at more than 100 public hospitals in the county is under threat due to an acute shortage of medical staff.

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Crop farming pays off for pastoralists

In Summary

  • With the support of a local NGO, the families ventured into crop farming following the loss of their livestock to drought. A year after doing so, they are making huge profits.
  • Mr Hussein said he was left with nothing else to do in his Abaqdera Village before Adeso, an international NGO, offered them technical training on farming.


Residents in the drought-prone county have abandoned livestock keeping for crop farming, and the new activity is paying off.

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Ethiopia + 6 others
HIV/Aids complicates fight against kala azar


The numbers

  • 300,000 - Or 90 per cent new cases of Kala azar infections every year. Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, and Sudan are the most affected countries, according to the World Health Organization.

  • 35 - Countries in which VL-HIV cases are reported.

  • 20pc to 40 per cent of patients with VL were also found to be infected with HIV in North Africa, one of the hardest hit areas.

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New child-friendly HIV pill set for launch

In Summary

  • At the moment, children living with the virus take four to five different syrups of the formulation which has a bitter taste and is proving to be a real struggle getting them to take.

  • Paediatric HIV is now classified as “neglected” because majority of the victims come from poor and marginalised families who have little access to basic health care.


A child-friendly anti-retroviral that combines different drugs needed to manage HIV/Aids will soon be available in Kenya.

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City evaluates flood damage

In Summary

  • Nairobi has over 4,000 kilometres of roads which were turned them into rivers during the downpour. Parts of some roads were washed away, disrupting traffic.

  • Services at Kenyatta National Hospital, the biggest referral hospital in East Africa, almost came to a standstill when Kenya Power disconnected electricity, attributing the decision to the heavy downpour.


City county officials are assessing the destruction on the drainage system after massive flooding on Friday.