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Year Round Food Security

Sowing improved seeds for food security.

W/ro Yejanie Mango (43), a mother of three children, lives in Kido Kebele, Dibate District. Her family’s livelihood is entirely dependent on traditional subsistence farming and for years she struggled to produce enough food.

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CPAR report - Spring 2013


In the next five minutes....
3 women will lose their lives to complications of pregnancy or childbirth, 60 others will suffer debilitating injuries and infection due to the same causes, and 70 children will die, nearly 30 of them newborn babies. Countless other babies will be stillborn or suffer potentially long-term consequences of being born prematurely. The vast majority of these deaths and disabilities are preventable.
- Countdown to 2015, Maternal, Newborn & Child Survival (2012)

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Seed Fairs in Ethiopia Increase Crop Production and Productivity

In order to increase crop production and productivity, CPAR-Ethiopia has been distributing various improved seed technologies to the farming communities in Were Jarso district since 2010.

Improved wheat, teff, maize, potato, and chickpeas were the major seed types distributed and demonstrated at field level by Farmer Field School groups. The performance of these seed technologies were found successful and generally demonstrated a yield advantage of more than two folds over the local varieties.

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Supporting people living with HIV with rabbit production

Small ruminant livestock play a vital role in the livelihoods of many rural communities providing food, income and manure. Supporting farmers with small livestock like rabbits has proved to be a practical, achievable and cost-effective way of reducing the vulnerability of living with HIV.

Robert Chisuzi, 40, is a farmer from Chisuzi village, GVH Kambalani in Lilongwe district and is married to Christina, 40. Together they have four children (Pilirani 14 years and Samson, 8 years, Elizabeth 17 years and Florida 10 years).