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29 Jun 2017 description

The Commonwealth is hosting an online discussion on education for migrants and refugees for the first time on its Education Hub.

‘Education for Migrants and Refugees’ is the latest ‘eDiscussion’ topic on the Hub and has invited submissions from more than 800 education policymakers and professionals from across the 52 Commonwealth countries. It seeks to find ways to educate millions of displaced people facing some of the most challenging conditions.

31 May 2017 description

Patricia Scotland, the Commonwealth's Secretary-General, today passed on her condolences and sympathies to those killed and made homeless by flooding in Sri Lanka. "This is a real disaster," she stated. "Around 200 people have lost their lives and thousands have been made homeless by the worst torrential rains in more than a decade. I would like to express my sympathy to the families of those who have been killed, and to the thousands more who have lost their homes and livelihoods."

19 May 2017 description

Climate change advocates welcome regenerative development approach

Small islands facing the threat of imminent extinction woke up this morning to a ray of hope following the launch of a “revolutionary” Commonwealth approach to climate change. It’s called “Regenerative Development” and it has the potential to reverse climate change through measures that take carbon out of the air and put it back in the soil. Yesterday, at a conference at Commonwealth Headquarters in London, activists and climate thinkers came together to chart the way ahead.

11 May 2017 description

The Commonwealth Secretariat is helping to create a toolkit that will assist countries to implement the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

The Secretariat updated partners and country representatives at a meeting in Bonn this week organised by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Steven Malby, Head of Law Development at the Commonwealth said the new toolkit will provide countries with a comprehensive source of methodologies, good practice, and knowledge sharing on climate legislation.

02 Apr 2016 description

On her first day in office as Commonwealth Secretary-General, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC visited her home country of Dominica and launched a new Disaster Resource Centre.

The Secretary-General called on the country’s President and the Prime Minister and then formally commissioned the rehabilitation of an old library building, in Roseau, which will be home to the new Dominica Disaster Resource Centre.

The Government of Dominica approved the project following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika last year.