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21 Mar 2017 description

by Alina Paul-Bossuet | Water, Land and Ecosystems, CGIAR

Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. Giving women loans to buy solar panels for irrigation - and access to land - can help them build resilience to climate change

Amrica Devi Yadav, a farmer from the Terai region in Nepal, is not alone in her struggle to grow food.

20 Mar 2017 description

New Study Finds Worrying Climate Trend In Karamoja Over Last 35 Years

KAMPALA – A new study carried out by the Government of Uganda and its partners has found a new weather pattern that threatens to worsen food insecurity in the Karamoja region if no action is taken.

08 Feb 2017 description

ACAI makes good progress… and sets up 563 trials in Nigeria and Tanzania to solve cassava agronomy puzzle

The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative in 2016 established 563 trials across Nigeria and Tanzania to help unlock the agronomy of cassava. The trials were part of the broader initiative by the research community led by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) with its international and national partners to increase the productivity of cassava and improve the livelihoods of resource-poor farmers.

31 Jan 2017 description

Experts meet in Delhi to discuss how South Asian countries could adopt the new drought monitoring system to better prepare and mitigate drought risks