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03 Aug 2017 description

What does it take to plan and implement mitigation initiatives in rice production more effectively? Experts weigh in on science-based options for rice NAMAs in a policy workshop.

17 Jul 2017 description


Changes in agro-ecological as well as socio-economic conditions lead to transformations of food and farming systems worldwide. Using plant varieties with new or different sets of traits can be one option for farmers to adapt to these changes; however, coping strategies and related varietal traits may vary for different groups of farmers, depending for example on their access to resources and assets, and their production goals. Gender is one major social category for which differences in this regard can be expected.

17 Jul 2017 description

Although the importance of women’s contribution to the agricultural sector in developing countries is now widely acknowledged, there is little systematic evidence on how gender gaps in control over resources have changed over time in response to agricultural policy and technological interventions. In particular, few large-scale, national-level studies examine these effects for developing countries. This is surprising in light of the pervasive impact of agricultural technology and policy innovation on gender differences in control over productive resources for agriculture.

27 Jun 2017 description

This policy brief synthesises key findings and recommendations for decision-making under uncertainty in the agriculture sector in Nepal. This brief highlights the methodologies used for selection of champion climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices for different agro-ecological regions of Nepal and recommendations for scaling up the champion CSA technologies and practices in Nepal. Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector and allied sectors is a major current and future challenge for Nepal.