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21 Feb 2017 description

IOM conducted biometric verification exercise in Wau Shilluk from 16th to 26th January 2017 covering 5 bomas before it was disrupted due to insecurity in the area. Approximately 90% of the verification was completed with a total of 20,446 individuals / 6,115 households registered, covering 4 bomas out of the 5 bomas. An estimate of 2,000 - 3,000 individuals remained unverified from Padiet/Pathaw boma.

20 Feb 2017 description


  • 119,876 people remain displaced across 36 camps/camp like settings as a result of two spates of violence/burning of houses in 2012. 20-25% decrease in IDP population in 2015 due to individual housing solutions.

  • Cyclone Komen and flooding in August 2015 resulted in severe damage to over 13,000 houses.

  • Violence/displacement in northern Rakhine State.


2012-2013: Emergency shelter response for 140,000 persons (see images above/top left & right).

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