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Kenya leader Uhuru Kenyatta's ICC trial shelved

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court have asked for the case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to be adjourned indefinitely.

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Más de 88.000 desplazados por las inundaciones en Asunción

Unas 88.205 personas están desplazadas en la capital de Paraguay, Asunción, por las inundaciones causadas por la crecida del río Paraguay desde hace dos meses, mientras que en el resto del país el número de afectados se redujo de 245.000 a 222.000.

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Honduras + 1 other
Honduras pide a EE.UU. un plan para frenar crisis de niños migrantes

Honduras pidió a Estados Unidos un plan para Centroamérica que permita frenar el creciente éxodo de niños que huyen de la pobreza y la violencia, al igual que ya hizo en el pasado con Colombia y México para combatir al narcotráfico y revitalizar la economía.

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Jordan + 1 other
Iraq's refugees stuck in Jordan aid limbo

Ahmad Mohammad fled from Mosul when Isis shot six bullets through his car. Two months after entering Jordan, Ahmad lives in a dilapidated apartment with his wife and three children.

They survive on assistance from a nearby church but receive no formal aid because they are technically not yet refugees.

"We are all tired. We don't know what to do," said Ahmad, whose mother and sister are still in Mosul. They cannot leave and Ahmad, who has death threats from Isis saved in texts on his phone, cannot return to Iraq.

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South Sudan economy 'in intensive care' as famine looms

By James Copnall
BBC South Sudan analyst

At night, the glow from the lights of the oil installations in Paloich cuts through many miles of undeveloped South Sudanese countryside.

During the day, the gleaming pipes and hard edges of modern technology stand in stark contrast to the simple huts of the nearby villages.

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