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17 Aug 2017 description


Greetings fellow ASEANers!

The ”One ASEAN, One Response” vision, which has been shared amongst the ASEAN Community since 2015, is a comprehensive effort coordinated by the AHA Centre to help ASEAN Member States (AMS) respond to disasters as one and to establish mechanisms that reduce disaster-related losses.

10 Aug 2017 description

- This will be the AHA Centre final situation update regarding the landslide and flash flood situation in Northern Viet Nam.
- Relief and search and rescue operations in the Northern provinces of Viet Nam following landslides and flash floods are still ongoing. Affected provinces are the Son La province, the Yen Bai province, the Dien Bien province, and the Lai Chau province.

08 Aug 2017 description


by the EU Ambassador to ASEAN

The EU and ASEAN have a lot in common. Our shared history dates back for centuries and today, together, we represent the most mature and the most promising economies in the world. As we work together to address global challenges through a multilateral approach, we are both committed to regional integration as the most effective way to build stability and to reach prosperity. We are partners for the future.

08 Aug 2017 description

This ASEAN-EU Plan of Action replaces the Bandar Seri Begawan Plan of Action to strengthen the ASEAN-EU Enhanced Partnership (2013-2017) and is adopted at the PMC+1 with the EU.

ASEAN and the EU shall pursue cooperation in conformity with their obligations under international law, and in accordance with their respective domestic laws, regulations and policies.

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