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17 Aug 2017 description

On 16 August 2017, Mr. Younis and civil society figures in Gaza held a meeting by video-conference with a delegation from the US Consulate in Jerusalem and USAID. The delegation included Deputy Consul General, Mike Hankey, the USAID mission’s Director in the West Bank and Gaza, Monica Stein-Olson, the mission’s deputy director, Courtney Chabb, Gaza coordinator, Daniel Morris, and the development assistant specialist at the mission, Nisrin Nuzayen. The delegation also included Mary Vargas and Cynthia Cook from the US Consulate General in Jerusalem.

15 Aug 2017 description

Palestinian child Mohammed Salim Al-Sayis, 5, from Az-Zaytoun neighborhood in eastern Gaza City died on Saturday, 29 July 2017, at around 2 am. He was diagnosed with Ekiri syndrome, which caused lethal toxic encephalopathy. He died as a result, according to the diagnosis in his medical report.

While at the Gaza City beach, Mohammed and his siblings swam in areas close to Ash-Shaikh Ejleen on 19 July 2017. The next day, they showed symptoms of illness and were rushed to the hospital.

13 Aug 2017 description

On Tuesday, 8 August 2017, 47-year-old resident of Gaza, Etimad Rabee, died while waiting for a permit to access the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, where she was to receive treatment for colon cancer. Mrs. Rabee’s death comes in the context of Israel’s systematic and increasing denial and delay in granting permits for patients seeking urgent medical care outside of the Gaza Strip.

10 Aug 2017 description

Health conditions in the Gaza Strip continue to worsen as the Israeli authorities tighten its restrictions under the closure and blockade, and the Palestinian government of national consensus in Ramallah pursues procedures that in effect compound the health crisis. Palestinian patients requiring urgent transfer to hospitals in the West Bank and Israel are among those worst impacted.

01 Aug 2017 description

1 August 2017 marks three years since “Black Friday”, a key event at the beginning of the Israeli military’s invocation of the so-called “Hannibal Directive” in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. The go-ahead on the Directive brought four days of intensive, continuous military attacks on the city and severe restrictions on movement that cut it off from the rest of the Gaza Strip. The military assault resulted in the killing of 255 Palestinians, including 85 children, and the injury to hundreds more during these four days alone.

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