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The Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) is the world leading forum specialising in disaster relief, mobile for development, food security and water security.

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08 Jun 2017 description

More than 250 high-profile representatives from NGOs, businesses, government and UN organisations are set to convene at the Aid & Development Asia Summit in Nay Pyi Taw next week to exchange innovative and sustainable solutions for improving aid delivery and development strategy in Southeast Asia.

04 May 2017 description

An estimated $150 million is required to meet the needs of half a million people in Myanmar throughout the year, as identified by the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan 2017. The requested funding is down from $189.5 million in 2016, which was needed to support one million people, illustrates the AIDF infographic [click here to view].

11 Apr 2017 description

by Alina O'Keeffe, Aid & International Development Forum

Modern science and technology transformed how the humanitarian community addresses current and emerging challenges. Disaster response and preparedness, emergency procurement, agricultural productivity as well as health & WASH practices are more effective thanks to innovative solutions aimed to support vulnerable populations and progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

28 Mar 2017 description

Last year 574 disasters were reported around the globe and 108 million people have been affected, according to the latest infographic by the Aid & International Development Forum. The vast majority (92%) of natural disasters are due to global warming. Out of 65.3 million displaced people around the world over 14% are being hosted in Asia and the Pacific.

21 Mar 2017 description

How can we increase the use of latrines in rapid-onset emergencies? How can we ensure that all affected people have access to latrines? And how can we sustain this until better, household level facilities have been set up months, or years, later?

The answer is straightforward: provide sanitation facilities that people can and want to use. Provide facilities that are safe and accessible, for men as well as for women, children and people with disabilities. Design sanitation facilities that provide privacy and dignity.

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24 Apr 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 05 Sep 2017 Training date: 06 Sep 2017 to 07 Sep 2017 Aid & International Development Forum

Now in its 9th year, the AIDF Global Disaster Relief Summit returns to Washington D.C. on 6-7 September 2017, once again uniting humanitarian and development leaders, solution providers and decision makers from NGOs, government and UN agencies.