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25 Feb 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ 6,698,250

Balance Requested: US$ 798,628

Geneva, 24 February 2015

Dear Colleagues,

20 Feb 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 494,965

Balance Requested: US$236,960

Geneva, 20 February 2015

Dear Colleagues,

On 16 January, 2014 Tropical Cyclone Chedza hit the south-western part of the country in the regions of Menabe and Melaky with heavy rains accompanied by strong winds of 100km/hr and a displacement of 15km/hr causing severe damage and massive flooding in most parts of North West of Madagascar. The persistent heavy rainfalls brought about severe flooding in most parts of the country.

13 Feb 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Lately, as a result of the Crimean crisis and the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine the humanitarian situation arising from this conflict has lately deteriorated dramatically.

There are alarming reports from conflict-affected areas that thousands of people are highly vulnerable and in need of assistance. Along with financial problems, many lack the ability to buy essential food and medicines and are living in frigid winter conditions.

30 Jan 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$332,766

Balance Requested: US$ 16,760

Geneva, 30 January 2015 Dear Colleagues,

28 Jan 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Dear Colleagues,

Conflicts and high level of violence continues throughout the Syrian Arab Republic, aerial bombings by government forces and attacks by armed opposition, extremist and designated terrorist groups continue to result in death, injury and displacement. It is estimated that 10.8 million people in Syrian Arab Republic remain in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, many of them trapped in hard to reach areas. Over 3 million Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries. Around 6.5 million people have been internally displaced by violence.


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20 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 16 Mar 2015 ACT Alliance

To strengthen the ACT Alliance secretariat, a Regional Representative (Africa) is recruited to join the global team.

As part of a global ACT secretariat the Regional Representative strengthens and supports national, sub-regional and regional ACT forums in their work in emergencies, development and advocacy and manages the ACT secretariat presence in the region.

For the detailed job description, see the attached document.