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23 Mar 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

Appeal Target: US$ US$ 9,161,771.54
Balance Requested: US$ US$ 8,337,142.54

THE CRISIS: Famine Crisis in South Sudan

22 Mar 2017 description


643,216 people affected

101,104 people injured

78 people dead

141,149 houses affected

Source: Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil – Rainy Season Executive Summary (March 20, 2017)


21 Mar 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

San Salvador, March 21 2017

1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

17 Mar 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

On 3 March 2017, Tropical storm Enawo formed in the southern Indian Ocean. The cyclone hit landfall in Madagascar on 7 March at around 10:30 am local time. Enawo is currently equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. On 8 March, Enawo weakened from an “intense” to a “moderate” tropical storm. The remnants of Intense Tropical Cyclone Enawo exited Madagascar on the morning of 10 March. The storm traversed nearly the length of the island over two days, affecting communities from north to south across Madagascar’s eastern and central regions.

15 Mar 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

March 15, 2017 marks six years of the Syrian conflict. Since the beginning of the violence, ACT members have been providing humanitarian relief to affected people and communities in Syria and in the surrounding countries. Please join us in praying for an end to this conflict, and for peace for all those affected, including this Syrian refugee woman who shared her story with ACT member DSPR Lebanon:

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