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04 May 2016 description
report ACT Alliance

Husband in the city for work

Duwi Hawas, 30 years old, lives in Buta Wager, a small village, with her six-year-old daughter Genno Dinka. Her parents are living with her. Her husband has gone to the city to work. As is the case in nearly all the Ethiopian lowlands, hardly any rain fell in the whole area surrounding Buta Wagare during the last rainy season. In the parched fields, there are signs of erosion. When there is a lot of rain, the region struggles with heavy floods.

Food aid from the government

22 Apr 2016 description
report ACT Alliance

22 April 2016 - Today, as Heads of State and ministers from more than 150 countries, come together in New York to sign the climate agreement finalised in December last year, international humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance has hailed the moment as a long needed move towards “concrete action” for the most vulnerable communities of the world.

The signing, which signals a confirmed commitment to implementing the agreement, comes after years of negotiations among governments to agree on how to tackle climate change together.

22 Apr 2016 description
report ACT Alliance

Funds Sent To: Hora de Obrar

Amount Sent: USD 35,100

Date: 21 April 2016

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Date of Emergency: 15 Abril 2016

ACT Requesting Member(s): Hora de Obrar



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