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10 May 2016 description

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) providing assistance to refugees in Kenya acknowledge the hospitality and responsibility that the Government of Kenya has borne over decades. Despite the huge economic and social pressure, Kenya continues to host close to 600,000[1] refugees and asylum seekers from neighbouring countries, the majority being from Somalia and South Sudan. In addition, the Burundi conflict has also led to an influx of refugees from the country into the Kakuma refugee camp.


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25 May 2017 description
job Closing date: 05 Jun 2017 Action Africa Help - International

Under the SPARK Consortium, Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) is building the capacity and facilitating refugees and host community to identify opportunities and implement sustainable and profitable enterprises to build resilience and self-reliance. One of the opportunities AAH-I is exploring is the use of biogas as an enterprise that can give a return to refugees or host community members either from distribution of the same to homes or as an energy source for businesses.