Map Permission

ReliefWeb maps cannot be used for advertising, marketing or in ways which are inconsistent with the Organization's mission (see “About ReliefWeb” for details).

1. For use in original form

In print
If you wish to reproduce ReliefWeb maps in print, please request permission by sending a list of the ReliefWeb maps (map name and URL) you would like to republish along with a description of their intended use to

No permission is required to publish our maps on your website provided that you link to the original ReliefWeb map page and credit as follows: “Source: OCHA/ReliefWeb”. We would appreciate a notification via email with a link to your webpage for our records.

2. For use with alteration in print or online

ReliefWeb maps are free material and you can use them in your work. We request however that you delete the ReliefWeb logo upon any modification to the map. Content of your map will be your responsibility. All maps must be credited as follows: “Based on OCHA/ReliefWeb