Asia-Pacific Region 10 - 16 April, 2013, Natural Disasters and Other Events being monitored by the OCHA Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific

1. DPR Korea - Crisis Watch classifies the situation in DPR Korea as "deteriorating" in response to recent decisions by the authorities there to cut off communications with the Rep. of Korea; an order to ensure its rockets are combat-ready and targeting US bases in the region, and its declaration that it was in a "state of war" with the Rep. of Korea. Source: ICG

2. Myanmar - Since 6 April IDPs have been allowed to return to their damaged houses to search through debris in Meikhtila prior to land clearance in preparation for rebuilding homes. As a result of the Government-led ‘family reunification process’ several persons have been reunited with family members. Source: OCHASitrep

3. Indonesia - On 12 April, floods along the Bengawan Solo River killed 11 people and inundated 22,830 houses in Central and East Java. The Government is responding. Source: BNPB, OCHA

4. Japan - A 6.0 Rs earthquake struck western Japan on 13 April. 25 people were reported injured in five Prefectures (17 injured in Hyogo). 1,974 buildings/houses were damaged in four Prefectures (1,967 buildings in Hyogo) - mostly concentrated on Awaji Island. No damages to infrastructure were reported including gas and electricity. Water supply was temporarily disrupted affecting 79 household in Hyogo Prefecture, all of which have been restored by now. Source: OCHA

5. China - As of 14 April, 60 H7N9 human infection cases have been reported nationwide with 24 in Shanghai, 16 in Jiangsu, 15 in Zhejiang, two in Anhui, two in Henan and one in Beijing. Of the 60 infected people, 13 have died. Source: Media

6. Malaysia/Philippines - Over 7,350 people have arrived in the Philippines from Sabah since 5 March. Source: The Philippines HRC, UNHCR

7. Papua New Guinea - A 6.6 Rs earthquake struck Panguna and Arawa areas in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea on the 14 April. No reports of damages or deaths. Source: PDC, USGS, OCHA

8. Solomon Islands- Since January a Dengue outbreak in Solomon Islands which originated in the capital Honiara has spread to other provinces and continues despite the efforts of health officials. Three deaths and 2,226 cases have been reported as of 4April. Source: OCHA

Precipitation Forecast - The latest forecasts predict average levels of precipitation around the region. There is a chance of below average rainfall in Tuvalu and Tokelau Source: IRI

Ongoing Emergencies: - Philippines: Typhoon Bopha - Myanmar: Rakhine State - Myanmar: Kachin State

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