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The Ubinas Volcano in Peru Increases Activity

The Ubinas volcano, located in the department of Moquegua, in Peru, has been increasing its activity since 13 April, with explosions and columns of ash emissions, which have dispersed to an area 24 miles from the volcano’s circumference. These have affected population centers, crops and livestock. National authorities have begun the process of evacuating the towns of Querapi, Tonohaya and San Carlos de Titi. About 5,000 people live in the 5 districts located in the volcano’s influence zone.

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Thousands evacuated near Peru volcano

04/17/2014 21:36 GMT

LIMA, April 17, 2014 (AFP) - Peruvian authorities began evacuating 4,000 people Thursday from villages near a volcano that has seen significantly increased activity, spewing smoke and ash.

In recent days eruptions from the Ubinas volcano, in southern Peru, have launched volcanic ash over a 20-kilometer (12-mile) radius, the government said.

"We are moving an estimated 4,000 people farther to secure their health against ash and smoke emissions," Minister of Agriculture Juan Benites told the official news agency Andina.

Agence France-Presse:

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Evacuations as Peru volcano rumbles to life

04/01/2014 21:07 GMT

LIMA, April 1, 2014 (AFP) - A volcano in Peru that has not blown its top in four decades spewed more ash skyward on Tuesday, after authorities evacuated villagers to avoid Ubinas's wrath.

The volcano in southwestern Peru blasted back to life causing about 60 villagers from Querapi, near its base, to be relocated Saturday, Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said.

"We are readying a shelter for refugees from the blasts," he added Tuesday, noting that the whole Moquegua region was on alert.

Agence France-Presse:

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GIEWS Country Brief: Peru 14-March-2014


  • Prospects for the 2014 cereal production are mixed

  • Cereal imports in 2013 at record levels

  • Prices of maize and wheat remained stable in February, those of rice increased

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Peru + 2 others
17 March 2014: Central and South America – Events


PERU– Earthquake

• On 15 March at 23.51 UTC, a 6.3 M earthquake (depth: 9.8 km) struck north-western Peru. USGS-PAGER: shaking up to “Very Strong” for 45 000 people and “Strong" for 513 000 people. No tsunami alert.

• Damages reported in Sechura, Paita,
Colan and Parachique. Destroyed roads were reported in Piura, and possible collapsed houses in Catacos.

• On 15 March at 08.59 UTC a 6.1 M earthquake (depth: 20 km) hit near Paracas. One person injured.

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Pounds of Prevention: A Disaster Risk Reduction Story - Focus: Peru

Peru faces myriad natural hazards, from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions and El Niño flooding to tsunamis. Given the breadth of these different disaster risks, USAID and its partner CARE/Peru are working together with the people of Peru, through a multi-pronged approach, to forge stronger disaster risk management practices at the local level.

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Peru - Floods/Heavy rainfall (ECHO Daily Flash 13 February 2014)

Peru - Floods/Heavy rainfall (ECHO, Media)

Several departments are heavily affected by floods and landslides, which have caused significant losses and damage to homes. Damage to roads is hampering the distribution of aid and preventing teams from undertaking needs assessments in some areas. According to weather forecasts, heavy rains will continue during the following weeks which might increase river water levels. Needs assessments are in process in order to determine the number of affected population.

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Peru - Severe Weather (ECHO Daily Flash 30 January 2014)

Heavy rainfall affected Madre de Dios department, south-eastern Peru, on 27 January. Consequently, the rivers Madre de Dios and Tambopata overflowed, causing damage within the provinces of Manu and Tambopata.

As of 29 January, INDECI reports 560 houses destroyed, mostly in the province of Tambopata, and a total of over 9 000 people affected at different degrees, in a preliminary evaluation of damage. The department of Madre de Dios has been declared in an Emergency Situation for the following 60 days.

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Peru - Heavy rainfall and landslides (ECHO Daily Flash 23 January 2014)

  • The beginning of the rainy season has affected various regions of the country. In certain cases, the rainfall is combined with snowstorms.

  • In Cuenca District, three localities have been evacuated as a preventive measure due to the overflow of Mantaro River, which provoked a landslide that destroyed 33 houses on 19 January.

  • In Puno, 18 people were affected by a landslide provoked by the overflow of Sandia River and a snowstorm devastated 40 hectares of crops.

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Peru + 3 others
22 January 2014: World Events

PERU – Floods and landslides

• Floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall have been affecting southern and central Peru since mid-January.

• Cusco: two dead on 20 January, when the river Huaro overflowed and destroyed their house.

• Huancavelica: a number of landslides destroyed more than 30 houses and damaged another 60; one person missing (as of 21 January).

• In the next 48 h moderate rains may still affect parts of Cusco and Huancavelica regions.

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Peru - Floods and landslides (ECHO Daily Flash 22 January 2014)

  • Floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall have been affecting southern and central Peru since mid-January. In the department of Cusco two people were killed on 20 January when the river Huaro overflowed and destroyed their house. In the department of Huancavelica a number of landslides destroyed more than 30 houses and damaged another 60, while one person was missing as of 21 January.

  • Moderate to heavy rainfall could continue affecting the central and southern Sierra and Amazon basin of Peru in the next seven days.

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Peru + 3 others
REDLAC Weekly Note on Emergencies Latin America & the Caribbean - Year 7 - Volume 340


  • PERU: Rains have affected various regions in the country causing floods and landslides.

  • GUATEMALA: Two cold fronts have worsened the situation for those affected by the low temperatures. In January, some 1,730 were housed.

  • EL SALVADOR: Some 1,550 people from the communities close to the Chaparrastique volcano participated in an evacuation simulation organized by national authorities.

  • HONDURAS: Authorities approved the Climate Change law.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit http://unocha.org/.

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Peru improves ability to respond to natural disasters with IDB support

A $300 million contingent loan will help country to finance extraordinary expenditures to confront in case of earthquakes

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a $300 million contingent loan through its Contingent Credit Facility to help Peru mitigate the impact that severe or catastrophic natural disasters could have on its public finances.

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Peru: Extreme temperature (Snowfall) DREF operation n° MDRPE007 Update n°01

Period covered by this update: 11 September to 2 December 2013


294,967 Swiss francs were allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 11 September, 2013 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 5,000 beneficiaries.

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IOM, UNOCHA conduct camp management training in Peru in preparation for disasters

Peru - IOM Peru, in close coordination with the UN’s Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is this week holding two training sessions aimed at strengthening the capacity of all Peruvian actors involved in emergency assistance in preparation for disasters.

The first workshop, starting today, is bringing together staff of all UN agencies in the country to learn and discuss camp coordination and camp management and how to apply each agency’s expertise, along with IOM and other international organizations, to provide a coordinated response.

International Organization for Migration:

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GIEWS Country Brief: Peru 07-November-2013


  • The 2013 cereal production estimated at good levels for a second consecutive year

  • Cereal imports in 2013 firm at last year’s level

  • Prices of potatoes easing but remain high

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Peru + 1 other
FAO celebrates quinoa’s legacy with Peru and Bolivia during World Food Week

A symbolic harvest and panel discussion on the Andean "super food" highlight the importance of quinoa and other underutilized crops in the fight against hunger

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GIEWS Country Brief: Peru 14-October-2013


  • 2013 cereal production estimated at high levels

  • Cereal imports to remain firm in 2013

  • Prices of potatoes continue to increase

  • Heavy snow and frost cause damage to infrastructure and crops in the Highlands region

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Peru - Cold Wave (ECHO Daily Flash 04/10/2013)

Peru- Cold Wave (ECHO)

  • In the framework of the cold wave affecting Peru, ECHO has allocated EUR 65,041 to the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Peruvian Red Cross in delivering assistance to 5,000 beneficiaries