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07 Oct 2015 description
report World Bank


  • Climate change threatens the future of water in Lima, where 1.5 million residents are underserved.

  • The World Bank helped the water utility company SEDAPAL plan for increased reliability in an uncertain future, and saved the city nearly $700 million.

06 Oct 2015 description

Authorities from INGEMMET reported that a layer of ash about a centimeter thick covers the roofs of houses and plots of land in the Ubinas Valley. Volcanic debris has traveled more than 40 km and has come close to Lake Titicaca. INDECI reported that the district of Arequipa in San Juan de Tarucani is currently being affected by the fumes and rumblings, in addition to the districts of Eschacha, Yalagua, Phara, and Lloque Lucco in the department of Moquegua. (M: PERU 21)

05 Oct 2015 description
report Government of Peru

Perú, 04 de Octubre 2015

Fuente: ANDINA - PE

Como parte de las medidas de prevención ante la llegada del Fenómeno El Niño, la Municipalidad de Miraflores estableció la Plataforma de Defensa Civil Distrital, que reúne a 30 instituciones públicas y empresas privadas con el objetivo de definir acciones para atender los efectos del evento climático.

28 Sep 2015 description
report Government of Peru


Especialistas de la Dirección Desconcentrada del INDECI Ucayali participaron en una reunión de la Plataforma Regional de Defensa Civil con la finalidad de coordinar acciones de respuesta ante los incendios forestales que afectan diversas zonas de la región.

Durante la reunión el INDECI proporcionó asistencia técnica en Gestión Reactiva del Riesgo de Desastres para que las autoridades regionales evalúen la emisión de una ordenanza regional contra la quema irregular de bosques que puedan generar incendios forestales de magnitud.

17 Sep 2015 description

Peru - Severe weather (ECHO, REDLAC, INDECI)

  • Low temperatures and snowfall affected at least 480 000 people in nine regions of central and southern Peru over the last few months, 1 200 people were homeless, nearly 130 000 ha of crops were damaged, and eight people died in Puno and Pasco regions as of 14 September, according to REDLAC.

03 Sep 2015 description
report Food for the Hungry

Contact: Megan Rose
Gordon C. James Public Relations
Office: (602) 274-1988
Cell: (602) 690-0801

Celebrates Meeting of Development Goals

02 Sep 2015 description


Peru is estimated to be the third most vulnerable country to climate change impacts.

In the capital city of Lima, climate change, environmental degradation, fast population growth and poverty are already having major effects in the lives and livelihoods of its inhabitants.

17 Aug 2015 description

In 2013, low temperatures in Puno (Peruvian Andean region) left more than 4,000 families homeless and resulted in the loss of 2,400 alpacas, which are the main source of livelihood for these households. Women are in charge of caring for the animals, in addition to their other production activities.

Joint work between FAO, the Ministry of Agriculture, and regional and local governments contributed to the recovery of the livelihoods of more than 800 families affected by frost.

09 Aug 2015 description

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has approved Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) for the operation of Peruvian Red Cross in response to the cold wave in the Andean region. These funds are intended to support 620 affected families in the districts Ananea, Quilcapunko, Sina and Putina, in the province of San Antonio de Putina.

07 Aug 2015 description

Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Since May 2015 to date, a meteorological phenomenon causing low temperatures, heavy snowfall and frost has affected the Andean regions located above 3,500 metres above sea level; temperatures have dropped below 0°C, and there have been snowstorms and hail. In some places, temperatures reached -15° C, severely affecting the lives and health of the population, as well as basic services, livelihoods (livestock and agriculture) and the infrastructure of various structures, including schools.

03 Aug 2015 description


WFP Peru has shifted from a food aid to a food assistance organisation with a focus on institutional capacity development and government support to eliminate chronic childhood undernutrition and anaemia. In the context of recurrent natural disasters, WFP provides support to emergency preparedness and early response. WFP has been present in Peru since 1964.

17 Jul 2015 description
report UN News Service

17 de julio, 2015 — Hasta abril, más de 13.000 personas lo habían perdido todo y unas 163.000 no habían podido trabajar en Loreto, en el norte de Perú, como consecuencia de las inundaciones tras 7 meses de fuertes lluvias en la región.

17 Jul 2015 description

Since the beginning of the rainy season in October 2014, seven months of steady rain has fallen in Loreto, Peru’s largest region, located in the far north of the country, and home to one million people. By April 2015, more than 13,000 people had lost everything and about 163,000 were unable to work, as their livelihoods were severely affected by the floods.

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09 Jul 2015 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

Source: Reuters - Sun, 5 Jul 2015 17:48 GMT

Author: Reuters

LIMA, July 5 (Reuters) - Peru has declared a 60-day state of emergency in towns in 14 regions to brace for possible damage from the climate pattern El Nino in the rainy season, state media reported Sunday.

Read more on AlertNet.

03 Jul 2015 description

By Raphaël Guévin-Nicoloff — 3 July 2015

As one of the 38 countries to achieve anti-hunger targets for 2015, Peru has a lot to celebrate. In fact, the country has managed to reduce its number of hungry people by half in the last 15 years.

24 Jun 2015 description

By Inés Calderón

Peru, one of 13 countries recently surveyed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) ahead of World Humanitarian Summit regional consultations for Latin America and the Caribbean, is highly vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and droughts.

23 Jun 2015 description


  • RAINS: About 65,000 people are affected by floods in Peru, and 2,200 are in shelters around Iquito. Mexico,
    Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua are also affected by heavy rain.

  • EPIDEMIC: Cases of cholera have increased in the Dominican Republic, while in Honduras cases of dengue and chikungunya have increased.

  • EARTHQUAKE: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the city of Concepcion in Chile. No damages or injuries were reported.

11 Jun 2015 description

This document for practitioners has been produced as part of the “Prevention of Social Conflicts in the Use of Natural Resources” project implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Peru.

10 Jun 2015 description

Lima, Peru | AFP | Wednesday 6/10/2015 - 16:12 GMT

At least 13 people were killed when a rockslide crushed a public transport van in Peru, and more bodies may still be found under the debris, rescuers said Wednesday.

Two people survived the rockslide Monday along a remote stretch of highway northeast of the capital Lima.

But after more than 30 hours clearing rocks and earth from the van, rescue workers have given up hope of finding more survivors, said fire chief Carlos Paredes.