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12 Feb 2016 description


  • 57,300 People receiving UNHCR winterization assistance
  • USD 6.1 million winterization budget
  • 34,100 tonnes of heating coal or m3 wood
  • 29 Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) across Ukraine currently implemented


  • USD 34.8 million requested for the operation in 2016


12 Feb 2016 description
report UN News Service

11 February 2016 – As the United Nations human rights chief warned today of “shocking” violence and abuses in and around the city of Aleppo and other parts of war-ravaged Syria, top-level diplomats meeting in Munich on ending the crisis agreed to work out the terms of nationwide “cessation of hostilities” in the coming week.

11 Feb 2016 description

Maiduguri, Nigeria | AFP | Thursday 2/11/2016 - 03:13 GMT


A toddler not yet out of nappies lies motionless in a hospital ward, her skin seared red raw by burns. A 12-year-old boy opposite her nurses the bandaged stump where his right hand used to be.

On other beds, metal rods pierce through the skin of atrophied limbs, holding together shattered bones underneath. Arms and legs bound in plaster casts are suspended in traction.

11 Feb 2016 description

There was a problem with the brakes. It was 5 a.m. and I wanted to stop for morning prayers but my colleague wanted to continue. Ten minutes later, fate intervened. Road traffic victim Al Taher Al Jak (38) tells his story.

As I was driving down the dangerous mountain pass of Al-Akaba, I could see the flashing headlights of a fast-moving bus speeding towards me.

I swerved off the road and crashed into a gigantic rock and a parked car, and was flung to the ground with my right leg extended outward. The back tire of the bus ran over it.

10 Feb 2016 description

Built upon consultations with partners in Damascus, South Turkey, Jordan and other locations, these recommendations seek to provide a more harmonized approach in the sector and serve as a guidance. This will be a living document and will be updated periodically.

1. Overview

10 Feb 2016 description


Nigeria continues to face a severe protection crisis, with Boko Haram insurgency and counter-insurgency measures in the North East resulting in chronic insecurity and endemic violations of human rights and humanitarian standards, exacerbating the plight of vulnerable civilians and triggering waves of forced displacement. Bauchi and Taraba are also prone to inter-communal violence which has spurred further displacement. Over 2.2 million people have been internally displaced and over 23,000 are estimated to have been killed in the insurgency.

03 Feb 2016 description
report Mercy Corps

Global organization provides pre-paid international debit cards to refugees in Europe

03 Feb 2016 description


Five years into a conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, conditions confronting civilians in Syria continue to deteriorate, particularly for children and youth. Warring parties continue to violate UN Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law by deliberately and wantonly attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure, including homes, markets, schools and hospitals leaving a deadly legacy of Unexploded Ordnance.

02 Feb 2016 description

A total of USD 172.2 million* in financial requirements for the Yemen Situation, including USD 115.5 million in additional requirements, for the period January - December 2016:

  • USD 12.8 million for Djibouti
  • USD 10.4 million for Ethiopia
  • USD 18.3 million for Somalia
  • USD 1.4 million for Sudan
  • USD 126 million for Yemen
  • USD 3.2 million for Regional and global activities

  • This total includes support costs (7%).

02 Feb 2016 description
report Save the Children

Executive Summary

This report examines the impact of multi-purpose cash assistance on children, specifically looking at child outcomes and child protection outcomes, in Lebanon. The impact of the Lebanon Cash Consortium MCA program was measured using a variety of indicators for shelter quality and consistency, child education, economic activity and exploitation of children, general medical and dietary health, negative coping strategies, protection issues, psychosocial wellbeing, and family separation.

02 Feb 2016 description

Situation Overview

Colombia faces persistent humanitarian needs resulting from the impact of armed conflict and violence, combined with natural disasters in certain areas. While armed conflict continues between the government and the guerrilla groups (FARC-EP and ELN), other sources of violence such as post-demobilization armed groups (PDAGs) , pose major humanitarian and protection challenges.

02 Feb 2016 description

More than six years ago, Elysee Tshokolo became pregnant with twins. While many women in the Democratic Republic of Congo have their babies at home, Elysee knew that giving birth to twins presented the possibly of complications and so she chose to go to a health center. However, as the birth was underway, it become clear to Elysee that the midwife was not properly trained.

“The babies did not come out immediately, so the midwife started pulling out the children,” says Elysee. “One of the babies did not survive the delivery. And my Theresia was left with a disability.”

01 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch
Bahasa Indonesian version

President Joko Widodo’s record during his first year in office was mixed. His administration signaled it would more actively defend the rights of Indonesia’s beleaguered religious minorities, victimized by both Islamist militants and discriminatory laws, but made few concrete policy changes. He granted clemency in May to five of Papua’s political prisoners and released another one in October, but at time of writing had not freed the approximately 70 Papuans and 29 Ambonese still imprisoned for peaceful advocacy of independence.

01 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

During the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexican security forces have been implicated in repeated, serious human rights violations—including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and torture—in the course of efforts to combat organized crime. The government has made little progress in prosecuting those responsible for recent abuses, let alone the large number of abuses committed by soldiers and police since former President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) initiated Mexico’s “war on drugs.”

01 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch
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Russian version

The Kremlin’s crackdown on civil society, media, and the Internet took a more sinister turn in 2015 as the government further intensified harassment and persecution of independent critics. For the fourth year in a row, parliament adopted laws and authorities engaged in repressive practices that increasingly isolated the country. Against the backdrop of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and sanctions against Russia over Crimea, anti-Western hysteria has been at its peak since the end of the Cold War.