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13 May 2016 description

The wildfire situation in Amur Region is stabilizing today: no thermal spots have been caught by satellites. None the less, the team of Emergency Ministry rescuers keep patrolling the settlements and airmobile teams are moving around. More than 1,000 people and 200 units of equipment with aircraft among them are on standby.

10 May 2016 description

Nearly 60 people were left homeless when a fire broke out at the Umpiem refugee camp in Thailand’s Tak Province on Saturday.

The fire that started in the camp’s Zone-C and destroyed 13 homes, leaving 58 people empty-handed and in need of assistance, said the zone’s administrator Naw Lwe Say.

08 May 2016 description
report NIRAPAD

Overview of Disaster Incidences in April 2016

April was the month of disaster in terms of both natural and manmade. Nor’wester, Lightning, Heat Wave, Tornedo, Boat Capsize, Riverbank Erosion, Flood, Embankment Collapse, Landslide, Hailstorm, Earthquake were the natural incidents that occurred in this month. Apart from these, Fire Incidents, Building Collapse was occurred in this month.

04 May 2016 description

A FIRE, reportedly beginning in a kitchen at the Baw Du Ba internally displaced persons (IDP) camp-2 in Sittwe destroyed 49 longhouses yesterday.
The fire started at around 9.10 am and was brought under control by firemen at 10 am, according to the local fire department.
Six longhouses were destroyed by the firefighters in order to control the blaze and stop the spread of fire to other structures.
The fire caused losses totaling K137.5 million according to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement.

03 May 2016 description

A fire swept through "Baw Du Pha 2" Muslim IDP camp in rural Sittwe in Rakhine State today just after 9:00am. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the authorities. Initial reports indicate that it is likely it was an accident resulting from a cooking fire.

03 May 2016 description

Yangon, Myanmar | AFP | Tuesday 5/3/2016 - 09:41 GMT

A major fire on Tuesday damaged or destroyed the homes of nearly 450 Rohingya Muslim families living in a camp for people displaced by 2012 communal fighting in western Myanmar.

The charred remains of wooden shelters and twisted metal roofs were visible through a thick haze of smoke after the fire broke out in the early morning, a stark reminder of dire living conditions for over 100,000 Rohingya confined to bleak camps in Rahkine state.

10 Apr 2016 description
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Overview of Disaster Incidences in March 2016

In March, four localized incidents occurred along with two natural incidents, Nor’wester and Lightning.
Fire incidents, Wall Collapse, Road Collapse, and Bridge Platform Collapse were the major localized incidents stricken in this month.

According to Dailies, Nor’wester struck on 6th, 7th and 20th March and affected 4 districts. Lightning occurred in on 22nd, 27th , 28th and 31st of this month.

09 Mar 2016 description
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Overview of Disaster Incidences in February 2016

09 Mar 2016 description
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Overview of Hazard Incidences in January 2016

Several incidents of fire have been reported in the month of January, 2016. Fire incidents occurred in six districts in this month. No other hazard incidents except fire have been during this month.

02 Mar 2016 description



The Government said on 26 February that it had rescued 850 villagers from Boko Haram during a joint military operation with Nigeria in which 92 members of the armed group were also killed. The operation was carried out in the Nigerian village of Kumshe near the border with Cameroon. Cameroon’s Far North region has repeatedly been hit by suicide attacks suspected to be perpetrated by Boko Haram.



29 Feb 2016 description


  • Mounting humanitarian needs: US $ 531 million are needed to respond.

  • The Bozoum agricultural fair gives farmers the opportunity to sell their produce while learning new skills.

  • Air transportation is key for the delivery of aid due to security and logistics constraints.

  • Hundreds of families are affected by recurrent fire outbreaks on IDP sites.

Humanitarian partners seek US$531 million for CAR in 2016

26 Feb 2016 description

(Bangui, 25 February 2016): Following multiple fire outbreaks on some sites hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Central African Republic (CAR), the humanitarian community has rapidly increased support to hundreds of affected families. The fire incidents occurred in January and February in the Bambari (Ouaka province), Batangafo (Ouham province) and Kaga-Bandoro (Nana Gribizi province) regions. In Bambari, humanitarian actors are providing food, tarpaulins, water and sanitation kits, mats and blankets to the people affected.

16 Feb 2016 description

This February issue includes:

  • Relief assistance in Kokang, northern Shan and Wa
  • Cash based transfers in flood response
  • Humanitarian access to Sumprabum
  • Targeted relief assistance in Kachin
  • Emergency response to fire outbreak in Nam Hsan
  • Handover ceremony between Korea and WFP
  • Complaint and Feedback Mechanism.

Relief assistance in Kokang, northern Shan and Wa:

30 Jan 2016 description

Date of disaster: 26 January 2016
Operation start date: 27 January 2016
Host National Society(ies): Maldivian Red Crescent
Number of people affected: 12,000
Number of people to be assisted: 375 (75 families)

31 Dec 2015 description
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Overview of Hazard Incidences in December 2015

Several incidents of fire have been reported in the month of December, 2015. Fire incidents occurred in eight districts throughout the month. No other disaster incident, excepting fire has been occurred in this month.

15 Dec 2015 description

Starting in July 2015, fires have burnt a total of 2,089,911 hectares of land; 80 per cent in Sumatra and Kalimantan islands. As reported by BNPB on 6 November, 556,945 people suer from acute respiratory infections and more than 43 million people have been aected by the haze. Rains since the last week of October have significantly improved the situation; however, thin haze remained in Ogan Ilir district of South Sumatra and Kerinci district of Jambi until mid November. Since November, numbers of detected hotspot were insignificant.