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28 Apr 2016 description

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on 22 April 2016 signed a US$4 million contract with a construction company, Wah Kong Enterprises to extend the central warehousing facilities of Zambia’s medical distributor, Medical Stores Limited(MSL).

Upgrading the central warehouse in Lusaka will ease some of the problems of storage and enhance distribution of drugs and supplies right up to district depots and clinics across the country.

27 Apr 2016 description

Key messages

  • The current rainfall season has been the driest in the last 35 years across several parts of the Southern Africa Region. Two consecutive below-average rainy seasons have significantly impacted crop and livestock production, cereal prices, water availability, and livelihoods.

  • Food and nutrition security in the region also remains extremely fragile, with the situation expected to worsen. Overall, 28 million people are estimated to be at risk of food insecurity.

27 Apr 2016 description


  • WFP is bolstering its emergency response activities as the El Nino phenomenon looks set to have caused even worse harvest outcomes, affecting populations in the coming weeks and months. There are already an estimated 32 million food insecure people in the southern Africa region, largely as a result of drought which led to poor harvests last year.

25 Apr 2016 description

Executive Summary

This assessment considers the cereals shortfalls expected within the southern Africa region over the coming year as a consequence of the impact of the current El Niño effect. The consequent need for imports by the countries most affected, and the impact of these additional imports on the regional supply chain is examined and some of the issues that may need to be addressed are identified.

25 Apr 2016 description

Background and purpose

The impact of the 2015‒2016 El Niño weather phenomenon has been one of the most intense and widespread in the past one hundred years. The agriculture, food security and nutritional status of 60 million people around the globe is affected by El Niño-related droughts, floods and extreme hot and cold weather. While the El Niño itself has passed its peak and is now declining, its impact is still growing. Harvests in several parts of the world have already failed and are forecast to fail in other areas.

22 Apr 2016 description

By Adam Fysh

LUANDA, 22 April 2016 – Six southern African countries have taken a key step in their efforts to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, a 15-year global agreement to curb the impact of natural and man-made hazards, by starting a programme to harness data.

22 Apr 2016 description

Abnormal dryness over the Greater Horn of Africa despite recent increase in rainfall

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Poorly-distributed rainfall since October 2015 has resulted in large moisture deficits, leading to wilted crops, livestock deaths, and reduced water availability over many areas of Southern Africa. With the season coming to an end, recovery is unlikely.

22 Apr 2016 description
report EastAfrican


Zambia's capital Lusaka was calm Thursday morning following two days of protests and looting that targeted mostly foreign-owned shops in the slums.

Several local radio stations and newspapers reported that the calm had prevailed from Wednesday evening.

The xenophobic attacks were caused by ritual killings that have hit the capital in the past few weeks.

President Edgar Lungu ordered a special unit of the Zambia Army to step in and quell the protests, which were seemingly escalating, resulting in two deaths.

21 Apr 2016 description

Globally, millions of vulnerable people are experiencing increased hunger and poverty due to droughts and floods as a result of a climatic occurrence: El Niño. This phenomenon is not an individual weather event but a climate pattern which occurs every two to seven years and lasts 9-12 months. This particular occurrence is one of the most severe in a half-century and the strongest El Niño since 1997/1998 which killed some 21,000 people and caused damage to infrastructure worth US$ 36 billion.

21 Apr 2016 description

Lubumbashi, DR Congo | AFP | Thursday 4/21/2016 - 10:47 GMT

by Lucien Kahozi

Children are going to bed hungry in DR Congo's second city, their parents say, as food shortages caused by a severe drought in southern Africa drive up prices.

For Lubumbashi's two million plus people, who depend for almost all their staples on imports from nearby Zambia, the talk is all about the soaring price of maize flour -- and the shortage of this basic food.

21 Apr 2016 description

Projected Food Assistance Needs for October 2016

21 Apr 2016 description

The ICRC's Harare Regional Delegation carries out humanitarian activities in Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe and in collaboration with the National Red Cross Societies, focuses on visiting detainees to monitor their living conditions and treatment, improving access to water and sanitation and reconnecting families separated by conflict.

Below is an overview of the ICRC's Harare Regional Delegation work in 2015.

Visiting detainees and maintaining contact between separated families

In Zimbabwe, we

20 Apr 2016 description


  • As the beginning of the marketing season approaches (May-June), WFP Zambia is preparing to buy 6,000 mt of pulses produced by smallholder farmers through private sector aggregators (3,000 mt is for the Home Grown School Feeding programme).

  • WFP is working with government, UN agencies and donors to develop an Integrated Emergency Response to assist vulnerable groups affected by El Niño.

19 Apr 2016 description

As southern African countries deal with the effects of El Nino and prepare for La Nina, representatives of disaster risk management authorities in the sub-region convened this week to kick off a risk knowledge programme focused on how to measure losses caused by disasters, to help inform policy and development planning.

15 Apr 2016 description
report African Union

By Justice Lucy Asuagbor, Commissioner, Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women in Africa


15 Apr 2016 description

Apr 2016


The current 2015-2016 El Niño cycle has been one of the strongest on record and has had significant impacts on agricultural production and food security across the globe. At present, the agriculture, food security and nutritional status of 60 million people is affected by El Niño-related droughtsfloods and extreme hot and cold weather.

15 Apr 2016 description

Increased rainfall forecast for dry areas in Guatemala and the Greater Horn of Africa

Africa Weather Hazards