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05 May 2016 description

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On 16 April 2016, 23:58 UTC a powerful earthquake (7.8 M) struck the coast of Ecuador. The epicentre was located in Pedernales, in Esmeraldas province. The National Authorities declared state of emergency for the whole country. Special attention was given to 6 provinces: Esmeraldas, Manabi, Santa Elena, Guayas, Santo Domingo, and Los Rios. The quake caused casualties and serious damage to buildings and infrastructure.

05 May 2016 description

Bissau, April 29, 2016 – The Guinea-Bissau/UN Partnership Framework 2016-2020 (UNPAF) was signed on April 28th by the Minister of External Relations, Cooperation and Communities, Ambassador Artur Silva and the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr Miguel Trovoada, on behalf of the UN system. The UNPAF represents the UN integrated system’s contribution to the National Development Plan, Terra Ranka, articulating National priorities for reform and sustainable economic and human development. The four pillars agreed with the Government are:

05 May 2016 description

Om Rad is a wife and mother of four living in Homs, a Syrian city that has seen fierce fighting during the country’s civil war. When she delivered her fourth child, she suffered health problems that required medical attention. She needed help, but was unsure where to find it when many of the local medical facilities had been destroyed.

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05 May 2016 description

This analysis of the economic recovery of households in the Philippines badly affected by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) explores how microfinance can improve its role before and after such disasters hit.

Microfinance is now an embedded feature of almost all low and middle income countries inextricably linked to the development of local markets and economies. These countries are often the most exposed to extreme climate events.

05 May 2016 description

Total arrivals in Greece (Jan - 03 May 2016): 155,090

Total arrivals in Greece during May 2016: 176

Average daily arrivals during May 2016: 59

Average daily arrivals during Apr 2016: 115

Estimated departures from islands to Mainland: 34

Dead and missing
272 dead - 152 missing (2015)
132 dead - 24 missing (9 April. 2016)

05 May 2016 description

Sources & Disclaimer:

Reported figures are estimates by UNHCR on daily arrivals from each country from one or more borders. UNHCR estimates are based on the most reliable information available per country, including information from UNHCR border teams, authorities, and humanitarian partners.

05 May 2016 description

No. 102/2016 dated 4 May 2016

UN and EU:Partners in Security Governance?

By Luk Van Langenhove


As new global threats emerge triggering renewed interest in regional organisations, the EU can play the role of a partner of the UN in global security governance.


05 May 2016 description


● The number of Palestinian homes and livelihoods demolished by Israeli authorities in the West Bank so far in 2016 (as of mid-April), and the number of people displaced as a result, already exceeds the equivalent figures for the entire 2015.

● About 17 per cent of the homes destroyed or severely damaged during the 2014 hostilities in Gaza had been reconstructed; an estimated 75,000 people remain displaced.

05 May 2016 description

Jerusalem, 4 May 2016

“I am concerned about the security incidents that have taken place along the border with Gaza over the past 24 hours. I call upon all to exercise maximum restraint and to take all necessary action to prevent the risk of escalation.

It is critical that peace be maintained to ensure the safety and security of Israelis and Palestinians, alike.”


05 May 2016 description

UNESCO and the Foundation of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, in partnership with the European Coalition of Cities against Racism (ECCAR), organize a roundtable on "Welcoming cities for refugees: promoting inclusion and protecting rights", at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 9 May 2016 (Room IV, 9.30 am – noon). The roundtable is part of a partnership to empower municipal authorities and local governments to promote the integration of refugees and migrants, women and men, girls and boys, in their cities.

05 May 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

MALE, 2nd May 2016 – The Republic of Maldives today initiated a project to provide emergency preparedness and response equipment to the nine most flood prone islands in the country, as part of a Government led flood preparedness and mitigation initiative.

05 May 2016 description
report UN Women

Date: 28 April 2016
Author: Felix Maia

Dili, Timor-Leste — Timor-Leste has approved a National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security for 2016-2020, becoming the third country in Southeast Asia to adopt such a plan based on a UN Security Council Resolution.

The plan was approved by the Council of Ministers on 26 April. It covers the four pillars of Resolution 1325, adopted in the year 2000: women’s participation, prevention, protection, and peace-building. Philippines and Indonesia previously adopted such plans.

05 May 2016 description

Geneva - The Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) and the Minister of Finance of the DR Congo today signed a letter of intent (LOI) for 200 million US dollars to address deforestation and forest degradation in the country and to promote sustainable development.

The LOI addresses factors contributing to the loss of forests in DRC, including agricultural expansion, the use of fuelwood, illegal logging, land-use planning, unsecure tenure, demographic pressure and oil and mining activities. The governance issues that often underpin these drivers are largely integrated.

05 May 2016 description
infographic World Food Programme

On 16 April 2016, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Ecuador, killing more than 600 people and leaving tens of thousands in need of assistance.

Ten Partner organizations have dispatched prepositioned relief items and equipment from Panama, including prefabs, latrines, kitchen, shelter and hygiene kits, tarpaulins, water tanks, and dewatering pumps.

Two charter flights have been generously provided by UPS, and one ocean shipment was kindly provided by YachtAid Global.

05 May 2016 description

MEMBERS of the Myanmar Police Force are in the process of supplying water for drinking, washing and bathing to communities who have recently been facing water-shortages.

Members of the Air Police Force (Yangon-Branch) under the Myanmar Police Force donated 700 drinking water bottles— each bottle holding 20 litres— to villagers of Ahnochaunggyi village in Dala Township, Yangon Region on 30 April.

05 May 2016 description
report UN Security Council


7687th Meeting (PM)

Syria’s Representative Accuses ‘So-Called Moderate Opposition’ of Killings Indiscriminate bombardments, harrowing attacks targeting civilians and medical facilities, and widespread carnage had left Aleppo a shell of its former self, with “no corner of the city” spared, the ranking United Nations political and humanitarian affairs officials told a Security Council meeting this afternoon.