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from Bibliothèques Sans Frontières
Closing date: 30 Jun 2017


Founded in 2007 in France, Libraries without Borders / Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (LWB/BSF) is today one of the leading NGOs working in knowledge and culture-based development in the world and supporting libraries in developing countries. We believe that access to information and the dissemination of cultures are two key – yet under-invested – components of human and economic development, and the enforcement of human rights.

Implementing programs and developing partnerships in over 20 countries and in France, BSF supports local initiatives of libraries creation to promote education, access to information and culture and the conservation of cultural heritage. Through creating and reinforcing libraries, training librarians, donating books when relevant, supporting the local publishing industry, developing library networks and creating innovative programs for the promotion of access to education and information, LWB/BSF actively promotes access to knowledge throughout the world.

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LWB/BSF and Philippe Starck created the Ideas Box, a revolutionary toolkit and approach enabling access to information, education and cultural resources for isolated and vulnerable populations, as well as victims of humanitarian crises. Rugged, easy to transport and to handle, and with its own power source, the Ideas Box is a standardized media-center containing highly adaptable contents that can be deployed in less than 20 minutes and can be used in either fixed or mobile contexts.

The Ideas Box comes with an Internet connection, tablets, a 250-book collection adapted to the users and context where it is implemented, e-readers, numerous digital and pedagogical resources, a cinema, arts and crafts materials and much more.

After the innovation of the IdeasBox, LWB created the Koombook. Roughly the size of a book, it creates a wi-fi hotspot on which users can connect with their smartphones, tablets or computers to access thousands of educational, cultural and training resources. Placed in a library, school, rural medical facility or even at home, the KoomBook can allow up to 20 simultaneous users to connect at the same time and can share information in many formats such as text, audio, video and online classes. Once connected to the internet, the KoomBook automatically uploads all the content that was created offline.


According to UNHCR, between January and November 2016, 351,619 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea, including 173,008 in Italy. These new arrivals added to more than one million refugees and migrants who made the journey aboard unseaworthy boats in 2015. In 2016, nearly 80% of sea arrivals came from just ten countries: Nigeria (21%), Eritrea (12%), Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, The Gambia (7% each), Sudan (6%), Senegal, Mali, Bangladesh (5% each) and Somalia (4%).

Since the EU-Turkey agreement came into force in March 2016, refugees in camps and detention centers have found themselves in increasingly vulnerable and precarious situations. The registration of asylum applications is lengthy and relocation process to third countries remains complex, despite voluntary repatriation quotas between EU member states.

Our partners have encountered declines in access to education, information and culture as well as added psychological stress. In this context, LWB is working to improve the reception, psychosocial care, education, guidance and integration of refugee populations through expanded access to information.

In 2015, LWB implemented 6 Ideas Box projects in Europe along the route frequented by refugees (e.g. Greece, Germany and France). In 2017, LWB decided to expand the program to Italy with the installation of 3 additional Ideas Box and 1 E-legal library project (aiming to develop high quality legal resources tailored to address the needs of these vulnerable populations)


Within the context of the refugee humanitarian crisis in Italy, LWB/BSF plans to implement 3 Ideas Box projects and 1 “Koombook mobile information network” project on different sites all over the region of Sicily’s, including public, urban gathering points and countryside remote areas.

These projects can be implemented in partnership with different organizations, institutions and authorities at municipal, national and regional level, including for example the Municipality of Palermo, the University of Palermo (legal university clinic), schools, international and local NGO, the regional branch of the national association of cities in Italy, the Italian ministry of culture…

Under the authority of BSF Europe Regional Manager, the Italy Program Coordina tor’s duties will include:

Project Coordination and development

  • Coordinating the Ideas box projects, with a strong emphasis on the partnership follow-up with numerous operational and financial partners

  • Contributing to the development of new programs in Italy

  • Overseeing the E-library project

  • Managing the operational team in Italy including the e-library project manager

  • Following up on the operational, logistical, partner relationship aspects of the projects

  • Ensuring the financial and administrative follow-up on the activities of Libraries Without Borders in Italy

Representation of Libraries Without Borders in Italy

  • Representing LWB to financial and operational partners as well as other international solidarity organizations present in Italy

  • Preparing narrative and financial reports with our donors, in conjunction with operational partners and headquarters

  • Carrying out project-related communication and advocacy

  • Watching the evolution of the political, cultural, and humanitarian context in Italy and how it relates to our projects



  • Degree in project management/international relations or equivalent professional equivalent

  • A specialty in the fields of education, protection, or emerging technologies would be appreciated

  • Knowledge of NGO/UN agencies dynamics, or projects in place with migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees would be a plus

  • Excellent level of English and Italian needed.


  • Professional experience of at least 3 years in positions of equivalent responsibility in the humanitarian or international development/cooperation sectors

  • Knowledge and understanding of the humanitarian response processes of various organizations (such as the UN, NGOs, etc.) is essential

  • Knowledge of the process of financial management and reporting of humanitarian sponsors

  • Knowledge of project follow-up, evaluation, and reporting

  • Experience with donor relations and fundraising

  • Computer knowledge (Pack office).

How to apply:

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