ReliefWeb API

What is ReliefWeb?

ReliefWeb is a leading source of information on global crises and disasters. Our continuous coverage and archive going back to the 1970s makes ReliefWeb an unparalleled resource for both current and historical data on humanitarian response.

Why API?

The vast majority of content on ReliefWeb has been contributed by humanitarian partners. We owe it to the community to make data more accessible and reusable, so that developers can build tools that increase exposure for valuable content and facilitate analysis for better decisions.

What content is available?

Q: Does the API offer access to all ReliefWeb data?
A: All content accessible on the ReliefWeb site is accessible through the API, with the exception of Blog, About and Help pages (such as this one). For Job and Training data, only the statistics after 2011 are available.

Q: How far does the data go back?
A: We have been posting Reports continuously since 1996 when ReliefWeb was launched. UN reports on major disasters from the 1980s are also available. We started carrying Jobs in 2001 and Training in 1998, but data is available only from 2011 onwards.

Q: How often is the data updated?
A: In real-time, every time content is added to ReliefWeb.

Q: Is there a list showing all data types retuned by the API?
A: Yes, check out the Field Definitions.

Q: What does "primary country" mean?
A: Please see Taxonomy Descriptions. We also explain the meaning of Themes, Disaster Types, and other taxonomy terms.

Q: Can anyone use the API? What restrictions are there?
A: For details, see the Terms of Service

Q: How do I get started?
A: Head over to Introduction to the ReliefWeb API for an overview.

Q: Where do I get help?
A: See if you can find answers at Feedback, or join the discussion group.