In conjunction with ReliefWeb's tenth anniversary, OCHA commissioned an independent evaluation of the project, from February to July 2006. The evaluation showed that users value ReliefWeb’s credibility and the reliability of its sources, as well as the neutrality and independence of its perceived views and information.

In March 2010, we launched a survey to help ensure that future ReliefWeb services are informed by the needs of humanitarians around the world. The response was tremendous. We collected a wealth of data, and gained insights into how humanitarians search for, consume and share information.

In a nutshell, this is what you told us:

  • You want us to focus first on what we do well and to do it better
  • You want depth and breadth in humanitarian coverage, with raw data for your own analysis, and visual products and an editorial touch to help make sense of content
  • You want an expanded job and career service
  • You want to customize how you receive your reports
  • You have different opinions on what ReliefWeb’s networking features should be

Want to know more about the survey? Download the full report, along with the consultants’ observations and recommendations.

In October 2014, we undertook another comprehensive user survey to ensure that ReliefWeb continues to meet the information needs of humanitarians in an ever-changing world of digital information access and delivery. More than 2,600 people provided us with a substantive amount of feedback, comments, information, and ideas. Learn more about the results in this blog post or check out this infographic.