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Gaua Volcano Evacuation Plan 2010

This contingency plan for the Gaua Volcano crisis was mandated by the government which will be use as a tool for addressing and mitigating volcano impact on the Gaua population. It has developed specifically for all agencies that are directly involves in humanitarian assistance during the occurrence of volcano eruption. It helps them develop better and appropriate response plan to reduce impact of volcano eruption, before, during and after

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Gaua Island contingency plan (Draft 5) for the mass evacuation and relocation of the population of Gaua Island

Plan to prepare for the mass evacuation and relocation of the population of Gaua Island should the  Vanuatu Volcano Alert Level (VVAL) reach level 3. As determined in the VVAL, level 3 warrants for the  whole island population moving to pick up points, and level 4 warrants for an evacuation of the entire Gaua  Island population to safer locations off Gaua Island. Evacuation would follow after a declaration of a State  of Emergency by the President of Vanuatu, after declaration of VVAL 3 and an advice by the National 

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Papua New Guinea + 2 others
Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP) DIPECHO Pacific


The Pacific region features among the most disaster prone regions in the world in terms of recurrence, severity and scope of hazards, with high exposure to cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tidal surges, landslides, flash floods, drought, forest fires, volcano eruptions, as well as epidemics. This is compounded by environmental degradation and climate change.

Lack of economic diversity, remoteness from major trade and commercial sectors and weak governance frameworks are factors which characterize many of the Pacific island nations and exacerbate

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Village food crisis after Vanuatu cyclone

Vanuatu's government has stepped up relief aid, with some communities in the territory still struggling after being hit by a cyclone last month.

The National Disaster Management Office says $US800,000 will go towards food and distribution of emergency supplies to the worst-hit province, Tafea.

About 6,000 households there are still short of food after crops were destroyed by cyclone Vania.

Food supplies were already under pressure from drought and the eruption of the Yasur volcano last year.

It is hoped the new relief program will be launched out as soon as next week.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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China + 10 others
Haiti and Mozambique most vulnerable to economic losses from natural disasters

Italy, Japan, China, USA, Spain and France rated "high risk"

New research identifying Haiti and Mozambique as the countries most vulnerable to economic losses from natural disasters also classifies a number of industrialised economies, including Italy, Japan, China, USA, Spain and France, as "high risk" environments for investors, insurers and business.

The Natural Disasters Economic Loss Index (NDELI), released by risk intelligence and ratings company, Maplecroft, evaluates the economic impact of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis,

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Cook Islands + 10 others
Pacific Region: Appeal No. MAA55001 Mid-Year Report

This report covers the period 01/01/10 to 30/06/10.

In brief

Programme summary:

Cross sectoral initiatives during this period include:

- A dialogue with the Pacific Island Forum on potential cooperation initiatives.

- Delivery of the regional Community Resilience Forum, aimed at improving understanding of members in integrated approaches to working with communities.

- A monthly regional newsletter contributed to sharing best practice and improved coordination between Pacific members and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners.

- A monthly roster of travel by all

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Vanuatu authorities monitor Gaua volcano

Activity at the Gaua volcano in Vanuatu's northern Torba Province is continuing to cause concern for the local people.

They have all moved to the east side of Gaua Island to avoid falling ash, mudslides and poisonous gases.

Authorities in the capital Port Vila are urging people to stay calm as they monitor the volcano closely.

Field observations reported by the geo-hazards officer in Gaua confirm thicker and higher emissions of ash columns but the alert level remains at Two out of a possible Four.

Sylvain Todman is a Geohazards Technical Advisor in Vanuatu's Department of Geology.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:


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Vanuatu prepares evacuation from rumbling volcano

SYDNEY - The Pacific nation of Vanuatu has made plans to evacuate nearly 3,000 villagers after a highly active volcano started spewing ash clouds, an official said on Monday.

The picturesque Gaua volcano, which has erupted 13 times since 1963 and has been exploding and rumbling for several months, is under close watch after a marked rise in activity in recent days.

"It's increasing in activity," said Peter Korisa, planning officer at the National Disaster Management Office. "A few days back a lot of ash clouds were released into the

Agence France-Presse:

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Fiji + 3 others
Commission decision of on the financing of disaster preparedness actions in the Pacific from the general budget of the European Union (ECHO/DIP/BUD/2009/07000)


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No.1257/96 of 20 June 1996 concerning humanitarian aid, and in particular Article 2(f) and Article 15(2) thereof;


(1) The Pacific region is one of the most disaster-prone areas in the world, particularly exposed to natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tidal surges, landslides, flash floods, droughts, forest fires, volcano eruptions, as well as epidemics;

(2) Local communities are particularly

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Vanuatu Volcanic Activity Situation Report 1


An increase in activity at Mt Garet, an active volcano on Gaua Island, Torba Province, Vanuatu forced the evacuation of over 300 people from three villages on the west coast of Gaua on 26 November 2009. The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has maintained alert level 2 on the island, requiring evacuation of all residents living near the volcano's lava path.


Although current conditions are projected to have only minor health effects, further assessment is being conducted

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Eruption volcanique au Vanuatu

Trois tonnes de matériel et deux personnels de la Plate-forme d'Intervention de la Croix-Rouge française ont appareillé fin novembre, à bord de la Glorieuse, un patrouilleur de la marine nationale, après l'éruption du volcan de l'île de Gaua.

Le matériel est arrivé à bon port ! Il est destiné aux 600 personnes déplacées et relocalisées dans les parties non touchées de l'île suite aux conséquences de l'explosion du Volcan Gaua.

Depuis deux mois, le volcan émettait des grondements, signe d'une intense activité sismique. Il crache désormais

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OCHA Situation Update No. 1 on Gaua Island Volcanic Activity, Vanuatu

1. Summary of the Situation

Gaua volcano on Gaua Island, TORBA Province, Vanuatu, has erupted on 18 November 2009. This explosion has been followed by very thick and high emissions of ash columns that were covering the areas exposed to trade winds in the West. Until present, the activity of Gaua volcano remains significant according to the Geo-Hazard Section, Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources. It is recommended that the alert level of the volcano be maintained at level 2 while close monitoring of the volcanic activities is on-going. The probability of the volcanic activity

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Hundreds evacuated as Pacific volcano erupts: Red Cross

PORT VILA, Nov 26, 2009 (AFP) - More than 300 villagers were evacuated in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu on Thursday after an erupting volcano started spewing smoke and ash onto their homes, the Red Cross said.

Residents were loaded onto fishing boats and shipped to the far side of Gaua island after the volcano, which has been rumbling for the past two months, started erupting.

"They're evacuating people to the other side of the island. The volcano was throwing ash in the place they live," an official told AFP, adding police and Vanuatu's National

Agence France-Presse:

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Volcanic eruption in Vanuatu forces evacuation of 300 people

WELLINGTON, Nov 25, 2009 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- More than 300 people are being evacuated from an island in the north of Vanuatu as gas and ash from volcanic eruptions were drifting on to three villages, New Zealand media reported on Thursday.

The Vanuatu government has sent the paramilitary mobile forces and the Vanuatu Red Cross Society to monitor the evacuation from the west of the island of Gaua in Torba province, Radio New Zealand International reported.

The volcano has been erupting since September but several recent minor eruptions have increased the volume of gas and