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22 Feb 2017 description
report Government of Cuba

Además del asentamiento de Bohorque-Hospital, en Baracoa se acciona el montaje del primer nivel de otros tres edificios en el reparto Van Van, la calle Flor Crombet y la zona de Paso de Cuba

BARACOA.–Casi listo está el asentamiento Bohorque-Hospital, en Baracoa, el primero de los destinados a familias cuyas viviendas fueron destruidas por el huracán Matthew y no pueden reconstruirse en el lugar original.

21 Feb 2017 description

After Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in October 2016, response actors estimated that as many as 35,000 families—approximately 175,000 people—in Grand’Anse and Sud departments whose homes were damaged or destroyed relocated to temporary shelters. USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) responded by distributing emergency shelter supplies, including plastic sheeting and shelter repair kits, to help displaced households return home quickly.

21 Feb 2017 description

Points saillants

 Ce document présente l’état de la sécurité alimentaire et des moyens d’existence dans les zones les plus affectées deux mois après l’ouragan Matthew.

  • Plus de 60% des ménages ont été directement affectés par Matthew, surtout en termes de dégâts sur les maisons, stocks et parcelles cultivées; 6% des ménages enquêtés sont encore déplacés ou accueillent des déplacés.

21 Feb 2017 description


 This paper presents the impact on food security and livelihoods in the most affected areas two months after Hurricane Matthew.

  • Over 60% of households were directly affected by Matthew, mainly in terms of damage to housing, stocks and cultivated plots;6% of households interviewed are still displaced or host displaced persons.

21 Feb 2017 description


  • According to the latest results of the Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA), food insecurity halved in the areas most affected by Hurricane Matthew. However, high levels of food insecurity persist in the North-West, Artibonite and La Gonave regions, where little assistance was provided.

21 Feb 2017 description

In Numbers

  • 2.1 million affected people, of which 894,000 are children.

  • 1.4 million people require humanitarian assistance.

  • 806,000 people severely food insecure.

Situation Update

  • The overall security situation is relatively calm except in Jeremie where the food distribution has been cancelled last Tuesday due to manifestation linked to the arrest of the senator Guy Philippe.

19 Feb 2017 description


  • The Haiti Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Working Group is preparing to roll out the radio rehabilitation project in four sites together with Internews.

  • The Haiti ICT Working Group has demobilized from all sites in line with its exit strategy. However, Internet connectivity services are still being provided to support the government in Jeremie and Les Cayes.

  • The Haiti ICT Working Group Coordinator is scheduled to leave the operation on 7 March.

19 Feb 2017 description
report Redhum

Fuente: Juventud Rebelde

GUANTÁNAMO.— La venta, a precios módicos, de un módulo compuesto por alrededor de una veintena de artículos, entre equipos electrodomésticos y bienes del hogar, se suma a las medidas gubernamentales adoptadas por la dirección del país para resarcir los daños ocasionados por el huracán Matthew en miles de hogares de cinco municipios de la provincia a principios de octubre del pasado año.

17 Feb 2017 description


  • WFP is providing food and logistical assistance to the populations affected by Hurricane Matthew in eastern Cuba.

  • WFP supports the strengthening of drought-related early warning systems at provincial level and the inclusion of vulnerability indicators for food security and nutrition in drought risk assessments.

  • WFP continues strengthening the bean value-chain stakeholders through trainings, technical support and equipment.

Operational Updates

16 Feb 2017 description


16 Feb 2017 description

To bring life-saving assistance to scattered people affected by Hurricane Matthew, humanitarian organizations have to navigate a complex access situation. The very diverse geography, patchy road network, uneven damage to infrastructure caused by the hurricane and sometimes unpredictable security situation have forced aid agencies to use a variety of means to deliver relief. Cut-off communities in hard-to-reach mountainous areas are proving the most difficult to assist.