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22 Apr 2017 description
report European Commission

Commissioner Neven Mimica announces further EU support to Haiti on an official visit to the country

During an official visit to Haiti after the appointment of a new Government, Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica announced a new EU aid package.

21 Apr 2017 description
report European Union

Visite du commissaire au développement Neven Mimica en Haïti: Lancement d'un projet de 4 millions d'euros pour renforcer la sécurité alimentaire dans le Sud

Port-au-Prince, le 21 avril 2017. En présence du commissaire européen au développement,

21 Apr 2017 description


  • Six months after Hurricane Matthew, WFP is phasing out its emergency response operation which reached more than 900,000 people and is planning the transition to recovery programming starting in April.

  • The main components of the recovery projects will consist of malnutrition prevention activities for 27,000 children and 25,000 pregnant and nursing mothers, targeted seasonal food assistance for 127,000 people and Asset Creation activities targeting 100,000 people.

21 Apr 2017 description


  • WFP is providing food and logistical assistance to the populations affected by Hurricane Matthew in eastern Cuba.

  • WFP supports the strengthening of drought-related early warning systems at provincial level and the use of vulnerability indicators for food security and nutrition in drought risk assessments.

  • WFP continues strengthening the bean value-chain stakeholders through trainings, technical support and equipment.

  • An independent team is conducting an evaluation of WFP Cuba Country Programme.

21 Apr 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

by Marta López Fesser

Hurricane Matthew was the strongest recorded storm ever to hit the province of Guantanamo, Cuba. When a weather event of this scale unleashes its full force, protecting the life of each child is a huge challenge that requires meticulous preparation.

In the case of Cuba, careful disaster planning paid off. There was no loss of human life and material damage was kept to a minimum, allowing the affected communities to focus on recovery and to coordinate a rapid return to the classroom for all school students.

20 Apr 2017 description

“The most important thing is to make sure people get information about what, when and where. That takes a way a lot of frustration”, says NORCAP protection expert, Helene Ruud. She recently finished her first mission to the World Food Programme, in Haiti.

Ruud was the first protection officer to work for WFP in the emergency response to hurricane Matthew in October last year. Her job was to look at protection issues in relation to food distributions to people affected by the hurricane.

20 Apr 2017 description

By Robert Glasser, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction, and Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization

A nightmare scenario for any community is to be taken by surprise in the middle of the night by a sudden disaster such as the mudslide that swept away hundreds of lives earlier this month in the Amazonian town of Mocoa in Putamayo, Colombia.

19 Apr 2017 description
report ACTED

ACTED has been mobilised in the Sud and Grand’Anse departments since hurricane Matthew hit the region on 4 October 2016 to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to affected populations. In all sectors, needs reached high levels: Matthew caused terrible damages, casualties and losses, destroying houses, infrastructure and crops, and leaving 1.4 million Haitians in need of humanitarian assistance.

19 Apr 2017 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4 October 2016 as a Category 4 hurricane, causing massive destruction mainly in the departments of Grand-Anse, Sud, Nippes, and Nord-Ouest and to a lesser extent in Sud-Ouest and Ouest departments. The government reported 546 deaths and 439 injuries because of the hurricane. About 2.1 million people were affected, including 806,000 people in need of urgent food assistance.

18 Apr 2017 description

L'amélioration de la qualité des centres de traitement, l'augmentation du nombre d'équipes d'intervention rapide et la campagne de vaccination ont contribué au contrôle de la maladie vu dans les deux premiers mois de l'année. En Février 1 341 cas suspects ont été enregistrés, le plus faible chiffre mensuel depuis août 2014 (1 024 cas suspects). Les départements touchés par l’ouragan Matthew ont retourné aux tendances plus faibles observés avant la catastrophe avec 43 cas suspects dans la Grande Anse, 77 dans le Sud et 94 dans le Nippes.

18 Apr 2017 description
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The improvement in quality of treatment centers, the increase in the number of rapid response teams and the vaccination campaign contributed to the control of the disease seen in the first two months of the year. In February 1,341 suspected cases were registered, the lowest monthly figure since August 2014 (1,024 suspected cases). In southern departments hit by Hurricane Matthew the figures returned to the lower trends seen prior to the disaster with 43 suspected cases in Grand’Anse, 77 in Sud and 94 in Nippes.

14 Apr 2017 description
report Government of Cuba

La nación europea refrendó este jueves dos documentos que permitirán continuar trabajando en la recuperación de la provincia, afectada tras el paso de Matthew.

Rusia siempre está dispuesta a ayudar a sus amigos, expresó el embajador de esa nación europea en Cuba, Mikhail L. Kamynin, tras la firma de dos documentos que facilitarán la entrega de recursos destinados a la recuperación de la provincia de Guantánamo, afectada por el huracán Matthew.

14 Apr 2017 description


  • Uncertain prospects for 2017 cereal production

  • Cereal imports forecast at high level for 2016/17 marketing year

  • Prices of cereals remain relatively unchanged in most markets in March, prices in south remain at high level

  • FAO’s Response to Hurricane Matthew

Uncertain prospects for 2017 cereal production

13 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Thousands of Haitians who fled Hurricane Matthew are being forced to make way for deportees expected from Trump's USA. The Mexican border town of Tijuana is struggling with a humanitarian crisis, reports Clément Detry.

12 Apr 2017 description
report UN Security Council



Le Conseil de sécurité, qui s’apprête à proroger pour une dernière période de six mois le mandat de la Mission des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en Haïti (MINUSTAH), a pris acte ce matin des progrès accomplis par cette opération depuis son déploiement il y a 13 ans dans un pays qui vient d’achever avec succès un cycle électoral, sonnant ainsi « le retour à l’ordre constitutionnel ».