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11 Feb 2016 description

NOUAKCHOTT – Le Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés (HCR), le Programme alimentaire mondial des Nations Unies (PAM) et le Fonds des Nations Unies pour l'enfance (UNICEF) exhortent les bailleurs de fonds à mobiliser les ressources nécessaires pour maintenir l’assistance vitale apportée aux 50 000 réfugiés maliens dans le camp de Mberra, au sud-est de la Mauritanie. Les trois agences préviennent que les financements actuels permettront à peine de couvrir les besoins jusque fin avril.

11 Feb 2016 description

NOUAKCHOTT – The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) urge donors to provide immediate support to ensure that 50,000 Malian refugees in Mauritania’s Mberra camp continue to receive life-saving assistance. The three agencies warn that current funding will only cover needs until April.

10 Feb 2016 description


Nigeria continues to face a severe protection crisis, with Boko Haram insurgency and counter-insurgency measures in the North East resulting in chronic insecurity and endemic violations of human rights and humanitarian standards, exacerbating the plight of vulnerable civilians and triggering waves of forced displacement. Bauchi and Taraba are also prone to inter-communal violence which has spurred further displacement. Over 2.2 million people have been internally displaced and over 23,000 are estimated to have been killed in the insurgency.

10 Feb 2016 description

En 2015, des dizaines de milliers de personnes ont dû faire face aux conséquences du conflit armé qui sévit dans la région de Diffa.

Des combats et des attaques ont fait de nombreuses victimes et poussé des milliers de personnes à fuir la région de Diffa. Cette région a été le lieu d'accueil de milliers de déplacés fuyant eux-mêmes les violences et le conflit au nord-est du Nigeria.

09 Feb 2016 description

Syria: The military offensive in Aleppo governorate has displaced more than 40,000 people since late January, and the number of displaced is reported to be increasing. There is concern that a siege of opposition-held areas of Aleppo city is imminent. An estimated 20,000 newly displaced Syrians are stuck at the Bab al Salam crossing along the Syria–Turkey border, as Turkey has denied them entry into Turkish territory.

08 Feb 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


Humanitarian Context

• Due to the security situation, humanitarian access to people in need remains highly difficult in the Far North Region and in some areas close to the border with Central Africa Republic. This results in difficulties for UNICEF and humanitarians partners to procure assistance to people in need.

08 Feb 2016 description
report Oxfam

Avant propos par le Directeur Pays

Depuis mon arrivée en octobre 2014 pour la première fois dans la famille Oxfam, et la première fois au Tchad, je continue à être inspiré par la manière dont cette organisation aide les personnes vivant dans la vulnérabilité à se prendre en charge et subvenir à leurs besoins.
Lors de la visite dans le Bahr El Gazal en février 2015 j’ai rencontré des groupements des femmes productrices d’Oignons dans la zone de Chadra, braves femmes qui, avec l’appui d’Oxfam ont réussi á booster leur production.

05 Feb 2016 description
report AlertNet

ABUJA, Feb 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Almost a year after she was rescued from Boko Haram captivity by the Nigerian army, 16-year-old Zara John is still in love with one of the Islamic militants who abducted her.

Read the full article on Reuters - AlertNet

04 Feb 2016 description

Les violences entre 2011 et 2013 dans la région de Gao, au Mali, ont eu pour conséquence l’effondrement du système éducatif… Comment relancer une politique éducative, essentielle à l’amélioration des conditions de vie et à la lutte contre l’exclusion sociale, lorsque les écoles sont en partie détruites et les professeurs partis et que les services de l’Etat, eux-mêmes, sont démunis ? Comment faire travailler ensemble collectivités, ONG et services de l’Etat ?

04 Feb 2016 description

The violence in the Gao region, Mali, between 2011 and 2013 led to the collapse of the education system… How to revive an education policy, which is key to improving living conditions and fighting against social exclusion, when schools have been partly destroyed, the teachers have left, and State services are themselves without resources? How can we get local authorities, NGOs and State services to work together? This is what Emilie Garet, PAQAMA Project Manager for AFD, and Amadou Déguéni, former Director of the Gao Teaching Academy, explain to us in this joint interview.

04 Feb 2016 description

Dropping food to hungry people in remote areas of South Sudan. Treating the injured in Mali. Supporting hospitals in Libya. All over Africa, the ICRC is helping people affected by war and other violence.

The ICRC in Africa

  • 29 delegations and missions
  • 5,200 employees
  • 610 million Swiss franc budget
  • 40% of the ICRC's global budget for field operations

Some of the ICRC's key Africa operations: See map

04 Feb 2016 description

Paris/New York—The routine use of antibiotics in the treatment of severe acute malnutrition has minimal impact on the likelihood of recovery, according to a major study of more than 2,000 children by the medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and its research arm Epicentre, published today in _The New England Journal of Medicine_.

04 Feb 2016 description

Malnutrition is endemic in Africa’s Sahel, an arid region in between the Sahara desert and the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa, which is often affected by drought. Due to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, children with malnutrition suffer from restricted growth and develop after-effects, which can be disabling in the long term. The result is not always fatal, but the impact on their quality of life can be devastating.

03 Feb 2016 description

Nigeria's armed conflict has displaced 2 million people and left 7 million in need of humanitarian aid in the four north-eastern states (Adamawa, Borno, Gombe and Yobe). Violent communal clashes in the Middle Belt and urban violence in the Niger Delta states have made matters worse.

In 2015, the ICRC significantly scaled up its efforts to deliver such vital aid as food, water, shelter and firewood, provide medical care and restore contact between family members separated by the conflict.


In 2015:

03 Feb 2016 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

The Food Security crisis has been a regional crisis affecting the Sahel area, mainly four countries - Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania and Guinea Bissau. A total of 3.55 million people needed emergency food assistance in the Sahel in 2015.

Consequently this appeal has been part of a wider response in the Region and has been included in the IFRC Sahel Food Insecurity Regional Operational Strategic Plan.

03 Feb 2016 description



Eau, habitat et assainissement

Sécurité économique

Visite aux personnes privées de liberté et rétablissement des liens familiaux

Coopération avec la Croix-Rouge sénégalaise

Promotion du droit international humanitaire et dialogue avec les autorités