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04 Feb 2016 description
report Guardian

How the tattered remnants of an Islamist sect transformed into a relentless terrorist army that Nigeria cannot defeat

Andrew Walker

01 Feb 2016 description
report Guardian

More than 80 killed after fighters from the Islamist group razed the village of Dalori in northern Nigeria, shooting people and setting fire to homes

Scores of people, including children, have been killed in a Nigerian town by Boko Haram fighters who shot at villagers and set fire to their homes in the latest deadly attack by the Islamist militant group.

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21 Jan 2016 description
report Guardian

World Food Programme and Unicef warn that inability to access areas of north amid continued violence has left schools and health centres bereft of assistance

Alex Duval Smith in Bamako

Aid agencies have warned that security issues are harming the health, education and nutrition of children in Mali, where the unchecked spread of Islamic extremist violence has left many schools and health centres beyond the reach of humanitarian programmes.

04 Oct 2015 description
report Guardian

Conflict can be both a cause of disability and a devastating complication for those already living with disabilities. Although all disabled people are affected, women face intersecting discrimination because of their gender and disability.

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08 Jul 2015 description
report Guardian

Failure to find political solutions in areas of violent crisis is forcing ICRC to extend its core humanitarian remit, says organisation’s president Peter Maurer

Sam Jones


Wednesday 8 July 2015 09.54 EDT

The world’s inability to deal with the proliferation of conflict driven-crises is forcing the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to shoulder an ever-larger burden and reassess the way it works, the organisation’s president has warned.

21 May 2015 description
report Guardian

Global weather system that plays havoc with weather across the world could exacerbate region’s dry spell and devastate Sahel as it did in 1972

A global weather phenomenon could cause a famine in the Sahel this year by combining with already dry conditions to create a “double whammy” for the region, scientists and aid groups have warned.

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28 Apr 2015 description
report Guardian

Lucy Lamble presents this edition of the Global development podcast, looking at how the lack of water and sanitation is affecting health centres in Mali. Just 20% of the country's health facilities provide clean water.

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06 Apr 2015 description
report Guardian

Smugglers are taking more illegal migrants through the western Balkans, but the route holds great hardships for a group of west Africans heading for Macedonia

After a 10-day trek over 150km, Sandrine Koffi’s dream of a new life in Europe ended and her nightmare of losing her infant daughter in the Macedonian night began.

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19 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

After failed peace talks in Algiers, Mali is no closer to resolving the internal upheaval that is often oversimplified as a clear rift between north and south

17 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

Access to water is a crisis that can be fixed, says report that calls for it to be a priority in sustainable development goals. We look at Mali, the poorest performer

Lucy Lamble in Diatoula

23 Jan 2015 description
report Guardian

Boko Haram violence underpins rising death rates among Nigerian citizens, while thousands also killed in Central African Republic, South Sudan and Somalia

The campaign of terror by Nigeria’s Islamist insurgency Boko Haram was responsible for nearly half of all civilian deaths in African war zones last year, according to research that highlights the group’s tactic of targeting non-combatants.

12 Sep 2014 description
report Guardian

Why are WFP and UNHCR struggling to raise funds for humanitarian emergencies that don’t make the headlines?

It’s been called “disaster overload” – major crises in Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR) and the Philippines have left the United Nations’ humanitarian response system reeling. But as media attention gravitates toward the major crises, there’s been little thought to the long tail of the humanitarian system.

17 Mar 2014 description
report Guardian

By engaging communities and co-ordinating agency efforts, Niger hopes to end its perennial battle against food shortages

Posted by
Celeste Hicks in Dogo, Monday 17 March 2014 10.33 GMT

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03 Dec 2013 description
report Guardian

Chad hit by refugee influx from Darfur and Central African Republic as well as return of its citizens expelled from Libya.

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18 Oct 2013 description
report Guardian

Food programmes aim to help tackle issues caused by flight and displacement, which have left many families without income

At the referral health centre in Gao, northern Mali, Halifatou Alousseini shares a recipe. The 20-year-old mother of three looks almost twice her age, a white headscarf framing a face that is weathered from life in the desert. She explains carefully how to make a nutritious porridge for children from local products, using beans, rice and millet.

19 Sep 2013 description
report Guardian

Last year, the remote desert city of Gao in northern Mali, was under the control of Tuareg separatists and jihadist fighters. Nine months after French and Malian troops re-took the city, Mark Tran pays a visit.

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17 Sep 2013 description
report Guardian

Rescue plan backed by Unicef and aimed at 500,000 children hampered by teachers kept from the north by jihadist occupation

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02 Aug 2013 description
report Guardian

Those displaced by climate change are not granted refugee status or protection. Their plight should not be overlooked

Migration has always been a way of life in the Sahel, an arid belt of land that stretches across Africa just south of the Sahara. Many of the region's 100 million inhabitants lived for millennia as nomadic pastoralists who moved with their herds in search of water and pasture.

26 Jul 2013 description
report Guardian

Majority of Malians who fled war in the north fail to receive voters' cards, leaving them without a voice in Sunday's polls.

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25 Jun 2013 description
report Guardian

How combining health and nutrition programmes can save lives and help children grow, even in the most difficult places

by Marie-Pierre Allié

Nutrition treatments have made huge developments in the past few years. The advent of highly nutritious ready-to-use therapeutic foods [RUTF] have made it possible to save millions of children from the severest forms of malnutrition.