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03 May 2016 description

Key messages

  • The European Union has allocated €16.8 million in humanitarian funding for Burkina-Faso in 2016, with the purpose of scaling up nutrition care for severely malnourished children, provide food assistance and livelihood support via cash transfers or vouchers and ensure adequate protection for refugees. Over 14 000 households, or more than 100 000 persons, will benefit from food security assistance.

03 May 2016 description
  • As of 30 April, global funding requirements to meet the needs of 89 million people across 39 countries through humanitarian response plans and appeals for 2016 amount to over US$20.3 billion. About $3.8 billion in funding has been received so far, leaving a shortfall of $16.5 billion. With the emergence of new humanitarian crises, global financial requirements have increased by around 2 per cent in the first trimester of the year.

02 May 2016 description

The month saw fighting escalate again in Syria and Afghanistan, and erupt in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenian-backed separatists and Azerbaijani forces. In Bangladesh, election violence and killings by extremist groups showed how new heights of government-opposition rivalry and state repression have benefitted violent political party wings and extremist groups alike. Political tensions intensified in Iraq and Macedonia, and security forces severely supressed opposition protests in the Republic of Congo and Gambia.

02 May 2016 description

Nouvelle initiative du CILSS et de la FAO pour renforcer l’impact des initiatives d’appui et le développement d’un outil consensuel de mesure de la résilience

02 May 2016 description

Weekly trends can fluctuate due to security conditions in the region, the political climate in Niger and neighbouring countries, presence of migrants at the flow monitoring points and availability of transport and opportunities. For more detailed analysis see the flow monitoring survey reports.

01 May 2016 description

Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO | AFP | Saturday 5/1/2016 - 05:31 GMT

Burkina Faso will impose restrictions on water supplies in the capital Ouagadougou next week to tackle a serious shortage in the city of two million, officials said.

The city has suffered a severe shortage over the past few weeks which has left some districts without water for three to five days.

30 Apr 2016 description
report European Commission

Brussels, 18 April 2016

The European Commission today announced the introduction of 20 new measures in the Sahel region and Lake Chad Basin, worth over EUR 280 million in total.

The European Commission today announced the adoption of 20 new measures to assist the Sahel region and the Lake Chad Basin under the 'Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa'.

29 Apr 2016 description


Chronic structural vulnerabilities compounded by recurrent shocks (droughts, floods, epidemics, locusts) have eroded household and community resilience that need to be reinforced.

Prolonged displacement puts additional stress on the communities hosting 33,692 Malian refugees since 2012 and 15,088 of their animals.

29 Apr 2016 description

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) monitors trends in staple food prices in countries vulnerable to food insecurity. For each FEWS NET country and region, the Price Bulletin provides a set of charts showing monthly prices in the current marketing year in selected urban centers and allowing users to compare current trends with both five-year average prices, indicative of seasonal trends, and prices in the previous year.

29 Apr 2016 description

Accès normal à l’alimentation pour la majorité des ménages


  • La stabilité relative des prix des produits alimentaires de base par rapport à la moyenne quinquennale et les revenus habituels issus de la vente du bétail, de la pratique de l’orpaillage et de la vente des produits maraichers, permettent aux ménages pauvres d’être en insécurité alimentaire Minimale (Phase 1 de l’IPC).

29 Apr 2016 description

Millet, maize, and sorghum are the most important food commodities for household consumption. Millet is the staple of the most vulnerable households, while maize and sorghum also contribute to the food basket of a majority of all households. Sankaryare market is the largest and most important market in Ouagadougou and supplies other markets within the country and region. Koudougou is located in one of the most populated areas in the country, where a majority of households depend on the market for their food needs. Djibo is in the highly vulnerable Sahelian zone.

25 Apr 2016 description

The FAO COMMISSION for controlling the Desert Locust in the Western Region (CLCPRO) strengthens national capacities of locustaffected countries in West and Northwest Africa in planning, training, research and effective and timely response to Desert Locust invasions in order to prevent upsurges and plagues.

The Commission contributes significantly to food and livelihoods security in northern Africa through its regional approach in preventing serious damage that locusts can inflict on pastures and agricultural production in the concerned member countries.

22 Apr 2016 description
report Afrique Verte

Début avril la tendance générale de l’évolution des prix des céréales est à la hausse au Burkina et à la stabilité au Mali et au Niger.

Syntèse par pays

Au Niger la tendance générale des prix des céréales est à la hausse pour le mil et à la stabilité pour les autres céréales. Les hausses ont été enregistrées : i) pour le mil à Agadez (+8%), Zinder (+7%), Maradi (+3%) et Dosso (+3%), ii) pour le sorgho à Maradi (+7%) et iii) pour le maïs à Agadez (+8%) et à Niamey (+6%). Seul le prix du maïs a enregistré une baisse à Zinder (-11%).