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24 Jun 2017 description
report Afrique Verte

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Au Niger, la tendance générale de l’évolution des prix des céréales est à la hausse pour les céréales sèches et à la stabilité pour le riz. Les hausses sont observées pour le mil à Zinder (+13%), à Tillabéry (+7%), à Maradi, Dosso et Niamey (+4%) et à Agadez (+3%), pour le sorgho à Zinder et Maradi (13%), à Agadez (+10%), à Tillabéry (+8%) et Dosso (+4%) et pour le maïs à Zinder (+18%), à Agadez (+8%) et à Tillabéry (+7%). Aucune baisse n’a été enregistrée sur aucun marché.

23 Jun 2017 description

DAKAR – The United Nations World Food Programme welcomes the contribution, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of 250 metric tonnes of dates, worth US$ 650,000, which will give a nutritional boost to more than 130,000 hungry and vulnerable people in Chad, Mauritania and Burkina Faso this Ramadan season.

23 Jun 2017 description

Le Secrétaire général salue l'adoption, le 21 juin, de la résolution 2359 (2017), première étape du soutien à la décision du Groupe des cinq pour le Sahel (G5) de mettre en place une force conjointe pour lutter contre le terrorisme et la criminalité transnationale organisée, en coordination avec les forces nationales et internationales.

23 Jun 2017 description

The Secretary-General welcomes the adoption on 21 June of resolution 2359 (2017) as a first step in support of the decision by the Group of Five for the Sahel (G5) to set up a joint force to combat terrorism and transnational organized crime, in coordination with national and other forces.

22 Jun 2017 description

By: Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees | 21 June 2017
The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants: Pathways for a Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework for Refugees in Africa

Madam Chairperson,

Director of Political Affairs,

21 Jun 2017 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
7979th Meeting (AM)

The Security Council welcomed the deployment of the Group of Five Sahel joint force (Force conjointe du G5 Sahel - FC-G5S) that would address the threat of terrorism, as well as the serious challenges posed by transnational organized crime in the region.

21 Jun 2017 description
report European Commission


This publication reproduces the first test on the production of Migration Profile. It includes an example for Mali for the Structural Migration Profile (2015) and the Flash Migration Profile for the period August – October 2016.

21 Jun 2017 description


Stephen O’Brien, Secrétaire général des Nations Unies aux affaires humanitaires et Coordonnateur des secours d’urgence

21 Jun 2017 description
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Humanitarian Response Plans and Flash Appeals

20 Jun 2017 description


There has been a spike in displacement due to clashes between armed groups and Afghan security forces in southern Nangarhar. Over 10,000 people were displaced between 11 and 18 June, almost doubling the total displacement figure in the eastern provinces this year. 30 schools have been forced to close due to the escalation in conflict, depriving nearly 15,000 pupils of education.

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19 Jun 2017 description

Persistent instability in northern Mali, Boko Haram-related violence and insecurity in north-east Nigeria, and the impact of the conflict in the neighbouring Central African Republic continue to cause massive population displacements and hinder the return of displaced people to their homes. More than five million people across the Sahel region are facing the consequences of forced displacement.

17 Jun 2017 description

Dansira Dembele (CCAFS)

On the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we highlight how the work of CCAFS helps farmers cope with the scourge of drought in the Sahel, particularly in the context of climate change.

16 Jun 2017 description

More than 60 million people could leave sub-Saharan Africa's desertified areas for North Africa and Europe by 2020

By Kieran Guilbert

DAKAR, June 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - African governments have pledged to restore degraded land, invest in agriculture and create "green jobs" for young people in a drive to tackle youth unemployment, fight against radicalisation, and stem the tide of migration to Europe.