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27 Mar 2017 description


  • A campaign for mass distribution of mosquito nets has been launched. WFP will ensure the distribution of 7 million mosquito nets to 10 million people in 13 regions of Chad in the framework of UNDP’s programme to prevent malaria, the first cause of death in the country. WFP leverages its field presence and logistical expertise to dispatch the nets to 4,000 sites through 900 health centres.

26 Mar 2017 description


  • Above-average crop production in 2016 due to adequate rainfall throughout the season

  • Prices of millet and sorghum stable in January but remain above their year-earlier levels

  • Continued assistance required to improve access to food and protect livelihoods of food insecure and vulnerable people, including refugees and returnees

Cereal production recovered in 2016

23 Mar 2017 description

Chad is facing interconnected humanitarian crises in a context of chronic poverty and low economic development. The security situation in neighboring countries has led to large population movements into Chad, as well as internal displacement for several years.

23 Mar 2017 description

Le Tchad fait face à des crises humanitaires interconnectées, dans un contexte de pauvreté chronique et de faible développement économique. La situation sécuritaire dans les pays voisins a entrainé d’importants mouvements de personnes vers le Tchad, ainsi que des déplacements internes depuis plusieurs années.

20 Mar 2017 description
report World Bank

17 mars 2017


  • Avec 369 000 réfugiés en 2016, le Tchad est le troisième pays d’accueil en Afrique subsaharienne.

  • Une mission conjointe de la Banque mondiale, du HCR, et de l’ONU s’est rendue sur place pour définir ses prochaines interventions.

  • Avec 20% de problèmes humanitaires et 70% de problèmes de développement, il s’agit d’aider aussi bien les réfugiés que les populations d’accueil.

20 Mar 2017 description
report World Bank

March 17, 2017


  • Chad hosted the third largest number of refugees in sub-Saharan Africa with 369,000 refugees in 2016.

  • A joint mission comprising the World Bank, the UNHCR, and the UN visited Chad to identify its future interventions.

  • Interventions will aim to provide assistance to not only the refugee population, but also the host communities.

18 Mar 2017 description

This brief summarizes FEWS NET’s most forward-looking analysis of projected emergency food assistance needs in FEWS NET coverage countries. The projected size of each country’s acutely food insecure population is compared to last year and the recent five-year average. Countries where external emergency food assistance needs are anticipated are identified. Projected lean season months highlighted in red indicate either an early start or an extension to the typical lean season.

17 Mar 2017 description

This systematic review, commissioned by the Humanitarian Evidence Programme (HEP) and carried out by a research team from the University of Sheffield, represents the first attempt to apply systematic review methodology to establish the relationships between recovery and relapse and between default rates and repeated episodes of default or relapse in the management of acute malnutrition in children in humanitarian emergencies in low- and middle-income countries

13 Mar 2017 description

Are you looking for PSEA Networks at country levels ?

Three SEA coordination mechanisms exist in CAR: HCT, UNCT, and SRSG/MINUSCA. Common actors bridge the task-forces at both senior and technical levels i.e. HC, DHC, UNHCR, UNFPA, UNICEF. (HCT) PSEA Task Force

10 Mar 2017 description

Welcome to the March issue of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project’s (ACLED) Conflict Trends report. Each month, ACLED researchers gather, analyse and publish data on political violence in Africa in realtime. Weekly updates to realtime conflict event data are published on the ACLED website.

08 Mar 2017 description

Changements clés

La population totale de réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile est passée de 394,279 en Janvier à 395,880 personnes en Février 2017. Ceci représente une augmentation globale de 1,601 personnes composées majoritairement de nouveaux nés qui représentent une moyenne d'environ 1,071 par mois. Les cas de régularisation et de nouveaux arrivants sont négligeables par rapport a l'ensemble des augmentations.

08 Mar 2017 description


Humanitarian planning for 2016 estimated that 4.3 million people would be in need of humanitarian assistance of whom 1.5 million were targeted to receive assistance. This highlights the acute vulnerability in the country. In 2017 humanitarian planning identifies 4.7 million people in need of whom 2.6 million are targeted to receive assistance which indicates persisting vulnerabilities in the country.

08 Mar 2017 description
report Oxfam

Prolonged conflict, proxy wars, and inter-communal strife characterize many regions in Africa. This violence has caused untold atrocities, deaths, sexual violence, and displacement, as well as accelerating poverty and shattering lives and communities across the continent. Uncontrolled arms in Africa fuel this violence and are increasingly putting lives at immense risk.

06 Mar 2017 description

Our understanding of the constraints holding back Africa’s women farmers and entrepreneurs is improving – thanks to an ICARDA-managed wheat initiative working across sub-Saharan Africa.

Gender inequality is a recurring feature of many agricultural production systems across the wheat-growing regions of Africa, and women farmers often lack access to credit, land, and other inputs. The result: limited adoption of new innovations, low productivity and income, and a missed opportunity to enhance household food security and prosperity.

06 Mar 2017 description
  • As of 28 February, United Nations Coordinated Appeals and Refugee Response Plans within the Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) require $22.6 billion to meet the humanitarian needs of 95.3 million crisis-affected people in 33 countries. Needs and financial requirements have increased due to finalization of the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) requesting around $2.1 billion and together the appeals are funded at $1.6 billion, leaving a shortfall of $21.0 billion.