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31 Aug 2016 description


  • Acutely food-insecure population grows in Nigeria’s Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states

  • UN agencies declare internal L3 emergencies for the crisis in northeastern Nigeria

  • USG partners continue to respond to urgent needs among populations affected by Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin region


31 Aug 2016 description

94.9 M required for 2016
23.1 M contributions received, representing 24% of requirements
71.8 M funding gap for the Nigeria Situation

31 Aug 2016 description

274.0 M required for 2016
77.4 M contributions received, representing 28% of requirements
196.6 M funding gap for West Africa

31 Aug 2016 description

This SitRep was produced by OCHA in association with humanitarian partners and is focused on the recent internal displacements since 21 July 2015. It was published by OCHA Chad and covers the period from 15 July to 23 August 2016. The next publication will be around 15 September 2016.


  • Several recent security incidents have affected humanitarian access in border areas, where military operations continue.

31 Aug 2016 description


  • On 20 July, WFP delivered a first convoy of food supplies to displaced people in Banki (NE Nigeria) in a UN led cross-border operation from Cameroon.

  • In July, emergency food assistance was provided to 285,000 people in Cameroon with 4,000 mt of food and USD 600,000 in cash.

  • From September onwards, WFP plans to scale up support to an additional 20,000 IDPs in the Logone and Chari departments, while in Mora 8,000 additional IDPs will shift from in-kind to cash based food assistance.

31 Aug 2016 description


  • Food security analysis raises concern

  • Schools reopen as IDPs are moved

  • Working towards greater access to communities in need of humanitarian assistance


#\ people in need of humanitarian assistance 7m

#\ IDPs 2.4m #\ of people facing acute food insecurity 4.5m

#\ severe acute malnourished children in Borno State 244,000

#\ in Borno State in need of food assistance 550,000

31 Aug 2016 description

The U2 leader singer and co-founder of The ONE Campaign warns thousands of children are facing hunger as UN agencies confront funding shortfalls.

By: Cesar Tshilombo

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria – Rock star Bono has warned that thousands of children displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in north-east Nigeria face severe hunger if more is not done to support vital relief efforts by the United Nations.

31 Aug 2016 description

The ICRC has scaled up its humanitarian response to civilians affected by armed violence in North East Nigeria.

In 2016, we continue to provide food, shelter and essential household items to internally displaced persons. Our teams also facilitated access to clean water, shelter, medical care, and restoring family links.

Highlights of our work in Nigeria between January and July 2016:

31 Aug 2016 description



As of 25 August, 235 cholera cases and 25 deaths were recorded in the ongoing outbreak that was declared on 11 August. The Ministry of Health and the joint WASH and Health task force are intensifying response, including setting up water chlorination points, distribution of water purification kits, campaigns on proper hygiene practices and treatment of patients. A hotline remains operational for any cholera-related issues from the general public.


31 Aug 2016 description

Nutrition situation in Borno and Yobe states is extreme in several locations

31 Aug 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Toby Fricker

With previously inaccessible areas across north-east Nigeria opening up, an additional 750,000 people who were trapped in Boko Haram territory can now be reached. UNICEF is providing critical health and nutrition services to save lives, as well as education and child protection support to help children recover from the horrors they have lived through.

30 Aug 2016 description

Wide-eyed Sakina Muhammad, who's 2, sits on her mother, Habiba's lap, on a bed in the ICU. Sakina is stick thin, her body withered and emaciated. But she's one of the lucky ones — a malnourished child who came to the health facility in time to be saved. Many starving children don't make it.

Read more here

30 Aug 2016 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires et concerne les vagues de déplacements internes depuis le 21 juillet 2015. Il est publié par OCHA Tchad et couvre la période du 15 juillet au 23 août 2016. Le prochain rapport sera publié vers le 15 septembre 2016.

Faits saillants

  • Plusieurs incidents sécuritaires récents ont affecté l’accès humanitaire dans les zones frontalières, où les opérations militaires se poursuivent.

30 Aug 2016 description
report ECOWAS

The Framework has been put together to engender a more stable, conflict-free region where the envisaged greater atmosphere of peace can help in the realization of the ECOWAS integration goals by pushing conflict prevention and peacebuilding up the political agenda of the governments of the region.

30 Aug 2016 description

Nigeria - As part of its humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of families displaced by the violence in North East Nigeria, IOM Nigeria and IOM Cameroon in a joint operation distributed 3,000 non-food relief item (NFI) kits to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Nigerian border town of Banki from 23-24 August 2016.

Banki, which shares a border with Cameroon, is located in Bama Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno State, Nigeria. It was once a vibrant border town where trade between Nigeria and Cameroon was the main economic activity.

30 Aug 2016 description

Government officials from across the Lake Chad sub-region call for a co-ordinated regional response following the recent wild polio cases in Nigeria

30 Aug 2016 description

IOM Libya presents the first publication of its Flow Monitoring initiative. Libya’s Flow Monitoring statistical and analytical reports build on IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Mobility Tracking Packages towards better articulating Libya’s human mobility profile. Each report presented in this document can be read independently or as part of DTM’s comprehensive Flow Monitoring monthly report.