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17 Jun 2017 description

Dansira Dembele (CCAFS)

On the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we highlight how the work of CCAFS helps farmers cope with the scourge of drought in the Sahel, particularly in the context of climate change.

15 Jun 2017 description


  • Despite satisfying cereal availability, millet and sorghum prices increase beyond their seasonal trend in Mali and Niger due to stock depletion. The ongoing Ramadan is expected to exacerbate this rise.

  • Strong pasture and fodder deficit in the Sahel, particularly in Mali and Niger

  • Drop in livestock prices in the eastern trade Basin due to poor demand from Nigeria

  • Fiscal Crisis in Chad: Poor economic performance threatens national food security and regional stability

08 Jun 2017 description

Mostly average to above average rainfall has allowed for on time to slightly early planting

Key Messages

  • In May the Intertropical Front (ITF) migrated northward faster than typical and has been located north of its climatological position, resulting in mostly above average rainfall over the region including most of the Sahelian zone.

  • Favorable rainfall during April and May led to timely or early planting over much of the region.

06 Jun 2017 description

An IAEA project shows that significant reserves of good quality water are available in Africa’s drought-prone Sahel region. Pollution is still limited and has not yet become a serious threat to these vital resources. The findings, compiled in five reports published today, are the result of a four-year Agency effort to help 13 countries use isotopic techniques to assess groundwater origin and quality in five shared aquifers and basins, providing the first broad overview of the region’s groundwater supplies.

01 Jun 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Forty-four migrants from Ghana and Nigeria have died of thirst in Niger after their truck broke down en route to Libya. The Red Cross says three children and three babies were among the victims.

Municipal and Red Cross officials in northern Niger said Thursday only six individuals - five men and a woman - survived the ordeal by managing to walk until they were rescued near the town of Achigour.

01 Jun 2017 description

Le Réseau de systèmes d’alerte précoce contre la famine (FEWS NET) surveille les tendances des prix des aliments de base dans les pays vulnérables à l'insécurité alimentaire. Pour chaque pays et chaque région couvert par FEWS NET, le Bulletin des prix fournit un ensemble de graphiques indiquant les prix mensuels de l’année commerciale en cours pour certains centres urbains, et permettant à l’utilisateur de comparer les tendances actuelles à la fois aux moyennes quinquennales, qui indiquent les tendances saisonnières, et aux prix de l'année précédente.

31 May 2017 description
  • 285.0 M required for 2017

  • 74.8 M contributions received, representing 26% of requirements

  • 210.2 M funding gap for West Africa

26 May 2017 description

Le contexte de déplacement au Mali reste complexe et fluide. Des mouvements de personnes déplacées résidant actuellement dans les régions du sud vers les régions du nord continuent d'être signalés. Alors que certains ont indiqué être retournés définitivement, d'autres déplacés expliquent faire des allers-retours entre le lieu de déplacement et le lieu d'origine.

22 May 2017 description



Floods and violent winds have killed three people, injured 18 others and destroyed more than 750 houses across the country since the start of May. Overall, 5,129 people have been affected in several localities in the country’s East and South-Western regions. The National Emergency Response Council has provided food and basic household items to the affected families.


22 May 2017 description



Des inondations et Des vents violents ont tué trois personnes, en ont blessé 18 et ont détruit plus de 750 maisons dans le pays depuis début mai. Au total, 5 129 personnes ont été touchées dans plusieurs localités des régions de l'Est et du Sud-Ouest du pays. Le Conseil National de Secours d'Urgence et de Réhabilitation a fourni de la nourriture et des articles ménagers de base aux familles touchées.


19 May 2017 description

Despite recent seasonal rainfall, moisture deficits remain in central Kenya and Somalia

  1. Following rains during early March, significant long-term moisture deficits remain throughout central and eastern Madagascar.

  2. Inconsistent rainfall since late December has led to continued dryness across many parts of western Angola.

16 May 2017 description

Mostly normal start of season with average or better, well distributed rainfall


  • The onset of the long season (March to July) rains occurred in early March in the bi-modal zone and gradually expanded northward following the ITF migration to reach the Sudanian-Guinean zone in April and southern Sahelian zone in late April-early May.

16 May 2017 description

Welcome to the May issue of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project’s (ACLED) Conflict Trends report. Each month, ACLED researchers gather, analyse and publish data on political violence in Africa in realtime. Weekly updates to realtime conflict event data are published on the ACLED website.

12 May 2017 description

285.0 M required for 2017

71.8 M contributions received, representing 25% of requirements

213.2 M funding gap for West Africa

11 May 2017 description

Key highlights

  • Despite governments' and partners' efforts, the food security and nutrition situation is still alarming in the Lake Chad Basin (Niger-Nigeria-Chad) and in the north of Mali, where 5 million people are classified in Crisis, Emergency and Famine (CH phase 3, 4 and 5).