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21 Oct 2016 description
infographic World Health Organization

Situation update

  • A total of 90 cases and 28 deaths (CFR: 31%) reported between 02 August and 05 October 2016 from Tchintabaraden in Tahoua region.

  • High risk of spread to neighboring countries given the prevailing security situation, population movement and limited public health infrastructure in the affected areas.

Actions Undertaken

21 Oct 2016 description


  • On 21 September, the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) deployed a second helicopter to Maiduguri to boost humanitarian access in the northeast.

  • WFP continued its cross-border food delivery operation from Cameroon to Banki, Borno state, and distributions to several other camps in Borno and Yobe States.

  • As of end September, WFP assisted 95,500 people with cash transfers, 153,000 people with food and 99,130 children aged 6–59 months with nutritious food.

21 Oct 2016 description

Outbreak continues in Mauritania and could develop in Sudan

A Desert Locust outbreak continues in western Mauritania where groups of mature adults are present, and egg-laying and hatching are underway, causing early instar hopper groups and small bands to form. Ground control operations are in progress and have treated nearly 6,500 ha since the beginning of the campaign.

In Morocco, solitarious adults are present in the Adrar Settouf area of the extreme south as well as further north along the southern side of the Atlas Mountains.

21 Oct 2016 description

Au Tchad les trois journées internationales qui viennent d’être célébrées, la Journée Internationale de la Fille, la Journée Internationale des Femmes Rurales et la Journée Mondiale de l’Alimentation, montrent à quel point il est urgent de faire des progrès pour atteindre l’objectif Faim Zéro d’ici 2030.

21 Oct 2016 description

Burkina Faso - For the first time, Burkina Faso will be able to monitor electronically migration flows at the border crossings of Dakola (border with Ghana) Madouba Department (border with Mali) and Yendéré (border with Côte d'Ivoire), following the instalment of a Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS), donated by IOM Burkina Faso and funded by the Government of Japan.

20 Oct 2016 description

Baga Sola – La Journée mondiale du lavage des mains, qui est célébrée le 15 octobre, met en lumière l'importance de cette pratique, l'une des actions les plus efficaces et les moins coûteuses en matière de santé. Bien plus qu’une simple journée, cet événement permet de sensibiliser les populations par rapport à un geste simple, qui peut sauver des vies.

20 Oct 2016 description
report European Commission
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Press Release
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Annex 1 – Key issues and events until end of 2016
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Annex 2 – High Level Visits of EU and Member States in 2016
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Annex 3 – Progress in priority countries

European Commission - Press release

Managing migration effectively: Commission reports on progress in the implementation of the Partnership Framework with third countries

Brussels, 18 October 2016

The Commission presents today its first progress Report on implementing the Partnership Frameworks with third countries: the EU's new approach to more effectively managing migration jointly with countries of origin and transit is starting to yield results.

20 Oct 2016 description


  • Epidémie de Fièvre de la Vallée du Rift pour la première fois au Niger.

  • Deux sites de réfugiés maliens attaqués entre le 10 septembre et le 6 octobre.

  • Plus de 123 000 personnes affectées par les inondations.

  • Plus de 300 000 personnes déplacées dans la région de Diffa.

Epidémie de fièvre de la Vallée du Rift dans la région de Tahoua