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09 Dec 2011 description
report UN Children's Fund

Agency prepares for major malnutrition intervention across eight countries in 2012

DAKAR/GENEVA, 9 December 2011 – An estimated 1,025,000 children in the Sahel region of Africa face severe and life threatening malnutrition during the coming year according to the UN children’s agency, UNICEF. The organisation is preparing to meet what it describes as a “huge challenge” and is already ordering therapeutic foods and distributing emergency stocks.

09 Dec 2011 description
report UN Children's Fund



The 2011-2012 agro-pastoral campaign is marked by an important deficit in cereal and forage, and over half of villages in the country have been declared vulnerable to food insecurity. A new food and nutrition crisis now seems inevitable and the Government of Niger is already working on an early emergency response plan in collaboration with its partners. Meanwhile, the number of children treated for Severe Acute Malnutrition (270,924 children as of 20 November 2011) is already well above the expected caseload of 200,000 cases for 2011.

09 Dec 2011 description
report Plan

8 December, 2011: With the current drought in the Western Sahel, and in particular in Niger, expected to create another food insecurity crisis for the region in the coming months, Plan International today stressed the need to focus on long-term support as well as emergency aid.With the current drought in the Western Sahel, and in particular in Niger, expected to create another food insecurity crisis for the region in the coming months, Plan International today stressed the need to focus on long-term support as well as emergency aid.

08 Dec 2011 description

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday...it focuses on food and family… and it’s over fast. But this year, instead of waking up early to put a turkey in the oven , I found myself in Niger where, one might think, these days there is less to be thankful for than ever.

NIAMEY -- Even at the best of times, Niger struggles to feed itself. It’s one of the poorest places on Earth and now drought has devastated the October harvest bringing those living in that narrow space between hunger and starvation even closer to the edge.

08 Dec 2011 description


  • As the year draws to a close, FAO’s latest estimate confirms a record high global cereal production in 2011, which should be sufficient to cover the expected increase in utilization in 2011/12 and also allow a moderate replenishment of world reserves.

  • International grain prices remained mostly under downward pressure in November, reflecting the confirmation of a strong recovery in production amid deteriorating world economic prospects and a stronger US dollar.

08 Dec 2011 description

Record cereal harvest forecast

8 December 2011, Rome - The FAO Food Price Index in November was virtually unchanged from its October level. At the new level of 215 points, the Index was 23 points, or 10 percent, below its peak in February 2011 but remained two points, or one percent, above its level in November 2010.

07 Dec 2011 description
report Guardian

Mark Tran

Africa's Sahel region faces a severe food shortage next year because of erratic rainfall and localised dry spells, the EU commissioner for humanitarian aid crisis response has warned.

Read the full story on the Guardian

07 Dec 2011 description
report UN News Service

7 décembre 2011 – Le Fonds central des Nations Unies pour les interventions d'urgence (CERF) a octroyé 6 millions de dollars à trois agences des Nations Unies afin qu'elles puissent lancer des interventions d'urgence pour répondre à la crise alimentaire au Niger, a annoncé le Bureau des Nations Unies pour la coordination des affaires humanitaires (OCHA).

07 Dec 2011 description

Faits majeurs:

  • Faible approvisionnement du marché céréalier, les prix sont à la hausse

  • Malnutrition et paludisme en baisse à Tahoua

  • Les conditions d’assainissement et d’hygiènes bientôt améliorées pour 3 communes de Zinder

07 Dec 2011 description


  • Cereal production is estimated to decline by 20 percent in 2011.
  • Coarse grains prices increased steeply, reflecting the reduced harvests.
  • Assistance is needed for large segments of the population

A reduced crop expected in 2011

07 Dec 2011 description


  • Estimates for the 2011 harvest point to a large decline in coarse grains production
  • Cereal prices recorded sharp unseasonal increases during November
  • Conflict in Libya is having a serious impact on food security in parts
  • Urgent actions are needed to prevent a further deterioration of the food situation

2011 coarse grains production sharply reduced due to rainfall deficits and pest attacks

07 Dec 2011 description


  • Cereal production is estimated to drop by 15 percent in 2011
  • Cereal prices are increasing

A reduced crop expected in 2011

The 2011 coarse grains harvest is nearly complete, while harvesting of rice is underway. Following 3 consecutive years of very good crop, a reduced harvest is anticipated this year. Delayed rains and prolonged dry spells have affected 2011 crop production in several parts of the country, notably in the centre and the north.

06 Dec 2011 description

(New York, 6 December 2011): The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated US$6 million to three United Nations agencies to jump-start emergency interventions to address food insecurity in Niger.

“Millions of people are facing a severe and worsening humanitarian crisis in Niger,” said Valerie Amos, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. “CERF funding will ensure that the response to meet food, nutrition and agriculture needs will be provided when it is desperately needed.”

06 Dec 2011 description
  • Remittances from migrants in 2011 dropped significantly when compared to 2010 and typical remittances (based on recall, Figure 1).

  • Remittances declined significantly from all countries and in all areas assessed. The greatest proportional drop occurred in areas not dependant on remittances from Libya. This indicates that reported declines in remittances in 2011 are not exclusively a result of conflict in destination countries. Instead the trends may also be significantly related to more endogenous factors, such as the bumper harvest of 2010/11.

06 Dec 2011 description

Sécurité alimentaire: le changement climatique, les migrations et les conflits au Sahel

Déclaration conjointe du Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement, de l'Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations, du Bureau de Coordination des Affaires Humanitaires, de l'Université des Nations Unies et du Comité permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel

Les évolutions du climat ont déjà un impact sur les moyens d'existence et la sécurité alimentaire dans le Sahel et en Afrique de l'Ouest

06 Dec 2011 description

Changes in Climate Trends Impacting Livelihoods and Food Security in the Sahel and West Africa

A new study has found that the impacts of changing climatic conditions on the availability of natural resources, combined with population growth and weak governance, have led to greater competition over scarce resources and to changing migration patterns in the region.

Joint study calls for major investments in climate change adaptation to reduce the risk of conflict and forced migration

05 Dec 2011 description
report UN Radio

Listen to the news

Niger is set to get some badly-needed relief to address food insecurity in the West African country.

A fund managed by the UN Relief Agency, OCHA, has just allocated $6 million to three UN agencies, including the World Food Programme (WFP).

More than half of Niger is currently affected by the food crisis.

05 Dec 2011 description
report Oxfam

Climate change affects agriculture in Africa more than in the rest of the world and that can cause hunger in various countries there. But it is possible for governments to fight the problem, delegates at the climate change conference, COP 17, in Durban heard.

An example is the West African country of Mali, which ranks as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate-related hunger, even though the country’s carbon emissions are minimal.

05 Dec 2011 description
report Human Rights Watch

This 108-page report reveals that children as young as six dig mining shafts, work underground, pull up heavy weights of ore, and carry, crush, and pan ore. Many children also work with mercury, a toxic substance, to separate the gold from the ore. Mercury attacks the central nervous system and is particularly harmful to children.

02 Dec 2011 description
report Afrique Verte

Clôture du programme Facilité alimentaire, cofinancé par la commission européenne

« Actions d’atténuation de l’impact de la hausse des prix des aliments sur la sécurité alimentaire, sur la nutrition des enfants et sur les revenus des femmes »

Projet proposé par Afrique Verte, cofinancé par la Commission Européenne au Niger, mis en oeuvre par les ONG AcSSA, Misola, Gret.

Un apport capital dans la lutte pour l’autosuffisance alimentaire