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10 May 2012 description

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Federal Development Minister Dirk Niebel have jointly decided to make available another 15 million euros for those affected by the continuing drought in the Sahel. The additional funds will go to projects involving food aid (3 million euros), humanitarian assistance for refugees and the internally displaced (2.5 million euros) as well as development-oriented transitional aid (9.5 million euros).

Speaking today (10 May) in Berlin, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle made the following statement:

10 May 2012 description

Ce bulletin est produit par OCHA en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il est publié par le bureau de OCHA-Tchad et couvre la période allant du 1er au 30 avril 2012. Le prochain bulletin sera publié en début juin 2012.


• Malnutrition : admission en hausse dans les centres nutritionnels
• Méningite : trois districts sanitaires sont en épidémie au 30 avril 2012
• L´appel de Fonds Consolidé (CAP) 2012 financé à 59% a la date du 30 avril 2012

10 May 2012 description

Access to health care is a major challenge for people in northern Mali affected by armed violence. In Gao the hospital is operational again thanks to the efforts of the ICRC, which among other things has delivered surgical supplies.

10 May 2012 description

by Faye Callaghan

“Each year the number of children we see goes up,” says Mahamat Abacar, health focal point at Mao hospital in northern Chad. “In 2010 there were around 800 serious cases, last year 3,900, and this year already we’ve treated over 2,000 babies.”

10 May 2012 description

After two years of very poor harvests, people in many parts of Niger are struggling to get enough food to survive. Outside of Niamey, Niger’s capital, food is being distributed by the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) to people who lost the majority of their crops after the rains stopped early and grain never developed on the heads of the millet crop they had planted.

10 May 2012 description

Food security worsens in northern Mali due to conflict

10 May 2012 description

By Faye Callaghan, in Burkina Faso

Bazam Adizeita is putting all her hope in four scrawny chickens. As they scratch around under her bed in the straw hut, it’s hard to share her optimism. Bazam lives in Northern Burkina Faso, in a village called Menzourou. Since the rains failed and insects devoured her crops, she has nothing to feed her eight children. Relying on the charity of friends and neighbours, her children are managing to avoid malnutrition but Bazam hasn’t eaten for several days.

10 May 2012 description

L'accès aux soins de santé est un défi majeur pour les populations du nord du Mali touchées par les violences armées. À Gao, grâce aux efforts du CICR et notamment à la remise de matériel chirurgical, l'hôpital fonctionne à nouveau.

10 May 2012 description

Il y a risque de perdre une occasion d’aider

10 mai 2012, Madrid - Le Directeur général de la FAO, José Graziano da Silva, s'alarme d'un déficit important de financement pour les activités planifiées par la FAO au Sahel et dans la Corne de l'Afrique.

S'addressant au Forum Nueva Economía (Forum économique international), à Madrid, il a souligné que bien qu'il existe "une convergence croissante" entre les mesures de relance de la la sécurité alimentaire et du développement, un problème de taille demeure: le financement.

10 May 2012 description
report Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is shipping 400,000 meals to the African countries of Burkina Faso and Niger in the Sahel region, where millions of people are facing deadly famine and drought.

Watch video here

“This is part of our plan to feed as many starving people as we can in the Sahel,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president for global initiatives at Convoy of Hope. “Our assessment team recently returned from the region and their report left us with no doubt that we needed to help.”

10 May 2012 description

Risk of losing window of opportunity

Madrid, 10 May 2012 - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva today warned of a major funding gap for activities planned by FAO in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa.

Speaking at the Foro Nueva Economía international economic forum in Madrid, he said that although there is "increasing convergence" on how to boost food security and development", there is currently a significant problem - funding.

10 May 2012 description
report Save the Children

Blogger: Hedinn Halldorsson

I can hear him from outside the clinic. The heavy breathing, the sobbing.

I enter the stabilisation centre and see Abdul Aziz, one of the clinic‘s nurses, about to take a blood sample from Hanafi, a severely malnourished seven-month-old.

This is a stabilisation centre for malnourished children in Matameye, one of five such centres in Niger supported by Save the Children.

No energy to cry

It takes some time to find veins on Hanafi’s body, but eventually Abdul Aziz manages to.

09 May 2012 description

Polio transmission is heating up in northwestern Nigeria just as populations move back along traditional stock routes and into areas now affected by conflict, such as Mali.

In Nigeria, authorities are focusing on making sure vaccination activities are well-implemented in the northwest of the country, particularly in Sokoto and Zamfara states. It is from this area that poliovirus has in the past spread into west Africa, causing outbreaks in previously polio-free areas. This risk is currently magnified by the security situation in Mali, and associated population movements.

09 May 2012 description
report UN Radio

Ecouter l'extrait sonore

La crise alimentaire affecte une fois encore le Sahel. Pour maximiser l'efficacité de la réponse humanitaire et surtout, prévenir d'autres crises, les agences internationales, autorités nationales, ONG et autres acteurs sur le terrain, doivent pouvoir disposer de données fiables et fonctionnelles.

09 May 2012 description

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Burkina Faso – Un flot constant de nouveaux réfugiés

Tchad – Des taux de malnutrition déjà inquiétants

Soudan du Sud – Intervenir avant la pluie

République Centrafricaine – Permettre un nouveau départ

09 May 2012 description
report AlertNet

By George Fominyen

DAKAR (AlertNet) – Non-traditional donors like the Gulf states and the private sector should dig deeper in their pockets to help prevent West Africa's food crisis from worsening, a senior U.N. official said in an appeal for funds.

Read the full article on AlertNet.

09 May 2012 description

Key messages
The arrival of nearly 60,000 Malian refugees (nearly 30,000 in mid-March) in border communities (especially Fassala) has not yet led to strong shocks on local markets.

Grain prices are relatively stable since January, easing access to imported food, particularly imported substitution foods and especially wheat.

09 May 2012 description
report Oxfam

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Dans la région du Sahel, en Afrique de l’Ouest, des familles font face à une terrible réalité. Une crise alimentaire menace plus de 15 millions de personnes. Sans aide, elles n’auront plus assez à manger.