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20 Feb 2017 description


  • In Inhambane province, 70 health units were affected and 1,687 classrooms partially destroyed affecting 160,000 students;

  • 949 people were hosted in three transit centers during the cyclone in Maxixe city, Inhambane province;

  • One death was reported in Gaza province precisely in Chibuto district;

  • Approximately 29,173 ha of several crops were lost in Inhambane province;

  • The Government have enough food stock (cereals and pulses) for immediate response but need oil, salt and sugar;

20 Feb 2017 description


• Good performance of the current growing season (October 2016 - April 2017) is badly needed for Southern Africa after two consecutive El Nino induced droughts that led to unprecedented levels of food insecurity.

• The growing season is now well established with favourable growing condition observed in most of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and NE South Africa. However, excessive rains have led to instances of localized flooding and higher incidence of pests and diseases.

19 Feb 2017 description

The Mozambique Red Cross is gearing up to provide emergency assistance to thousands of people displaced from their homes this week by Tropical Cyclone Dineo, amid reports of extensive damage to homes, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure in southern districts.

19 Feb 2017 description

Map-1: On Feb. 17, NASA's Terra satellite provided this visible image that showed the center of the low pressure area over Zimbabwe and clouds extended over found Dineo's clouds stretched over southern Mozambique, Swaziland, eastern Botswana and northeastern South Africa.
Credits: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response

17 Feb 2017 description


  • The tropical cyclone DINEO has weakened to depression stage being now denominated EX-DINEO;

  • The cities and villages of Zavala, Inharrime, Jangamo,
    Maxixe, Homoine, Morrumbene, Massinga and Funhalouro are without electricity;

  • Provincial government of Inhambane estimates that about 653,000 people have been affected overall;

  • In Inhambane, the death toll reported so far is 7 in four in 3 districts and Inhambane city;

17 Feb 2017 description


• Tropical Cyclone DINEO continued moving west south-west over the Mozambique Channel as a Tropical Cyclone. On 15 February afternoon UTC, it made landfall near the city of Massinga (Inhambane province), as a Tropical Cyclone with approx. maximum sustained wind speed of 130 km/h. On 16 February at 00.00 UTC, it continued through the provinces of Inhambane.

16 Feb 2017 description

The storm has brought heavy rain and winds, raising the risk of flooding and crop damage in Mozambique

MAPUTO, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Tropical storm Dineo has killed seven people in Mozambique since it hit the eastern coast on Wednesday, the government's disaster centre said on Thursday.

The storm, has brought heavy rain and winds of up to 160 km an hour (100 mph), raising the risk of flooding and crop damage in the impoverished southern African country.

16 Feb 2017 description

South African Weather Service

16 February 2017: 11:00

Tropical cyclone Dineo made landfall near Inhambane, southern Mozambique between 8pm and midnight last night, Wednesday, 15 February. Strong winds, exceeding 100km/hr as well as torrential rainfall and very rough seas were most likely the main weather-related impacts.

16 Feb 2017 description


 According to MTOTEC the system has evolved from severe tropical storm to tropical cyclone category 3;

 Strong winds and heavy rains expected to occur from 15-18 February in Gaza, Inhambane and Maputo provinces.

 The population at risk is estimated to be approximately 730,000 people (JTWC) and 750,000 (provincial authorities of Inhambane);

 Assessment teams on standby to be deployed and support provincial authorities;

16 Feb 2017 description
report UNOSAT

The Tropical Cyclone Dineo-17, is approaching Mozambique coasts and is expected to make landfall The 16 February 2017 in the central province of Inhambane. Potential heavy rainfall are also expected according microwave satellite sensors and might induce floodings in the affected areas. This report provides an analysis on the potentially exposed population per wind speed zones in Mozambique. According to our analysis approximately 250,000 people in Mozambique may be exposed to over 120km/h sustainable wind speeds and 59,000 people might be exposed to 90km/h wind speed.

16 Feb 2017 description


  • Tropical Cyclone DINEO continued moving west south-west over the Mozambique Channel towards southern Mozambique, strengthening.

16 Feb 2017 description

This map illustrates the estimated total precipitation accumulation for Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The total estimate was derived from the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) dataset at a spatial resolution of approximately 10km, and covers the period from 13 to 16 (10:00 UTC) February 2017. The average precipitation during February is usually 193 mm in Mozambique and 130 mm in Zimbabwe. It is possible that precipitation levels may have been underestimated for local areas, and are not a substitute for ground station measurements.
Please send ground feedback to UNITAR - UNOSAT.

15 Feb 2017 description

Tropical Cyclone Dineo hit the Inhambane province of Mozambique on Wednesday 15 February, with high winds, torrential rain and dangerous storm surge.

Dineo, the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, made landfall in the town of Inhambane at around 1630 GMT, according to initial reports. It is the, first cyclone to hit the province of Inhambane since Favio caused destruction in February 2007 and the first to hit the town itself for more than 30 years. In 2008, intense tropical cyclone Jokwe made landfall higher up the coast of Mozambique.