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Sénégal - Rapport d'évaluation des besoins post catastrophe, Juin 2010

Inondations urbaines à Dakar 2009

Recurrent flooding is one of the most serious problems that Senegal has been facing over the last years, making it a serious concern for the Government. At the end of August 2009, heavy rainfall once again caused serious flooding in Senegal, particularly in Dakar but also in the rest of the country. The flooding was not caused by exceptionally heavy rainfall but rather due to unfavorable existing conditions and the lack of a functioning stormwater drainage system. According to Government figures about 360,000 people were directly affected.

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BURKINA FASO: Perspective sur la sécurité alimentaire Octobre 2010 à Mars 2011

- L'insécurité alimentaire modérée au nord?est s'améliore progressivement (Figure 1) avec la disponibilité des  nouvelles récoltes, supérieures à la normale, et par conséquent une baisse des prix des céréales sur les marchés.

- La satisfaction des besoins alimentaires de la majorité des ménages pauvres sur la période octobre - mars ne dépendra pas de l'assistance alimentaire. Ces ménages seront en sécurité alimentaire générale pour novembre à mars (Figures 3 et 4).

- Toutefois, une minorité de la population pauvre affectée par les inondations, environ la moitié des ménages pauvres

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Ghana: Floods Extension, DREF operation n° MDRGH002 Update n° 1

GLIDE n=B0 FL-2010-000118-GHA

The International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) is a source of un-earmarked money created by the Federation in 1985 to ensure that immediate financial support is available for Red Cross and Red Crescent response to emergencies. The DREF is a vital part of the International Federation's disaster response system and increases the ability of national societies to respond to disasters.

Period covered by this update: 1 July to 30 September, 2010

CHF 134,948 (USD 124,353 or EUR 101,870)

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Benin: Base Map - as of 07 Oct 2010

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Benin: 2010 Article IV Consultation and Request for a Three-Year Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility-Staff Report

IMF Country Report No. 10/195

Benin: 2010 Article IV Consultation and Request for a Three-Year Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility-Staff Report; Staff Supplements and Staff Statement; Public Information Notice and Press Release on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for Benin.

Under Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement, the IMF holds bilateral discussions with members, usually every year. In the context of a combined discussion of the 2010 Article IV Consultation with Benin and Request for a Three-Year Arrangement under

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Benin + 13 others
West and Central Africa: Floods DREF operation n° MDR61006

Summary: Since the start of the rainy season, the following fifteen countries have experienced significant flooding (Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Niger, Gambia, Gabon, Togo, Mali, Central African Republic, Ghana, Benin, Mauritania, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Senegal). Estimates indicated that more than 200,000 people were affected; thousands of families were uprooted from their homes and material losses were considerable. Other floods had caused further damage in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The flooding occurred after the Federation

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IMF Executive Board Concludes 2010 Article IV Consultation with Benin

Public Information Notice (PIN) No. 10/78

Public Information Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the IMF's views and analysis of economic developments and policies. With the consent of the country (or countries) concerned, PINs are issued after Executive Board discussions of Article IV consultations with member countries, of its surveillance of developments at the regional level, of post-program monitoring, and of ex post assessments of member countries with longer-term program engagements.

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COTE D'IVOIRE: Thousands evicted ahead of rains

ABIDJAN, 18 June 2010 (IRIN) - Siaka Traoré, 48, a carpenter and father of four, crouched under a makeshift tent held up by small wooden poles, protecting his eight-month-old baby against the cold wind. He is living in Adjamé, a commercial neighbourhood in the economic capital, Abidjan, after being evicted from his home by the government, and has not yet found suitable lodgings for his family.

"One morning in May we were woken up by bulldozers at our heads. They destroyed our house. I barely had time to scoop up my children's belongings. Since then, we have received no help,"


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Senegal: Floods Emergency appeal n° MDRSN002 - Final report

Period covered by this Final Report: September 2009 to March 2010.

Appeal target: CHF 2.1m

Final Appeal coverage: 49%;

Appeal history:

=B7     This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on a preliminary basis on 9 September 2009 for CHF 2.1m for 6 months to support the Senegal Red Cross Society (SRCS) in delivering assistance to some 25,000 beneficiaries.

=B7     CHF 200,000 was initially allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support regional efforts to prepare and respond.

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Tajikistan + 6 others
COMMISSION DECISION of on the financing of humanitarian Actions in the form of a contribution to the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) from the general budget of the European Union (ECHO/DRF/BUD/2010/02000)


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) No.1257/96 of 20 June 1996 concerning humanitarian aid1, and in particular Article 2 and Article 15(3) thereof;


(1) Over the last years, the frequency and severity of natural disasters around the world has increased, in particular floods and storms. Weather-related disasters include slowonset emergencies such as extreme temperatures, drought and water-related diseases such as

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Ghana: Floods DREF operation Final Report n° MDRGH001

GLIDE n=B0 FL-2009-000132GHA

Summary: CHF 101,264 (USD 87,319 or EUR 71,158) was allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 11 July, 2009 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 1,000 beneficiaries and to replenish disaster preparedness stocks.

The heavy rainfall in the coastal belt of Ghana during the second week of June 2009 caused heavy destruction of property and affected about 19,755 people, according to the country's National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). The Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS)

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Nigeria + 2 others

A four-day ECOWAS Emergency Management Training Workshop opened in Lome on Tuesday, 18th May 2010 with a call to participants to be committed and ready for deployment on humanitarian missions in Member States when the need arises.

The ECOWAS Director of Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Daniel Eklu, made the call at the opening of the organization's emergency management training workshop for managers and specialists on Tuesday, 18th May 2010 in Lome, Togo.

The workshop is one in a series of training workshops to better prepare members of the ECOWAS Emergency Response Team

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Burkina Faso : Relogement des sinistrés : Les éclaircissements du Gouvernement

mercredi 19 mai 2010

La gestion du relogement des sinistrés du 1er septembre 2009 était au centre de débats en l'Assemblée nationale le 14 mai 2010 suite à une question orale du député Tiemtoré Salifou. A travers cette interpellation au Gouvernement, le député Tiemtoré Salifou voulait avoir une situation nette sur le nombre de parcelles dégagées à ce jour, le bilan de la distribution de matériaux de construction et des difficultés rencontrées. En outre, il voulait aussi à travers sa question, savoir si l'opération pourra prendre fin avant le début de la saison pluvieuse.

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Burkina Faso : Une délégation de la Croix-Rouge burkinabè reçue en audience

lundi 17 mai 2010

Le Premier Ministre Tertius Zongo a reçu en audience le 14 mai 2010 une délégation de la Croix-Rouge burkinabè, conduite par la présidente nationale, Bana Ouandaogo. La délégation est venue s'entretenir avec lui de la gestion de la crise née des inondations du 1er septembre 2009 et lui exprimer la reconnaissance et la satisfaction de son organisation pour les efforts qui ont été déployés par le gouvernement pour y faire face et venir en aide aux nombreux sinistrés. Elle a saisi l'opportunité de ces échanges pour saluer le soutien que le gouvernement

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Benin + 16 others
West and Central Africa: Early Warning/Early Action Emergency appeal n° MDR61005 Operations update n° 2

Period covered by this Ops Update: 1 November 2009-2 April 2010.

Appeal target (current): CHF 918,517 (USD 896,114 or EUR 605,283)

Appeal coverage: 100%;

Appeal history:

=B7 This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on 6 August 2009 for CHF 918,517 for 9 months to assist 25,000 beneficiaries.

=B7 Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 200,000 was allocated from the Federation's DREF to support this Appeal and related action.

=B7 Programme update no. 1 was issued on 19 October, 2009; Period covered: 6 August - 7 October 2009; Appeal target

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Burkina Faso + 5 others
Floodings and natural disasters, challenges for West and Central Africa

A regional conference on floods and natural disasters in West and Central African states opened yesterday (5 May) in Praia, Cape Verde. The meeting aims at strengthening national capacities to address these growing phenomena that affect thousands of people every year.

From 5 to 7 May 2010, government experts and natural disaster management specialists will review the consequences of the 2009 flooding season in the region, map out strategies for the coming rains, and discuss coastal erosion, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and

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Burkina Faso + 5 others
Inondations et catastrophes naturelles, des defis a relever en Afriqe de l'ouest et du centre

Les états de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre ont ouvert hier ( le 5 mai), à Praia, une conférence régionale sur les inondations et les catastrophes naturelles visant à améliorer les capacités des pays affectés à répondre à ces désastres qui, chaque année, touchent des milliers de personnes.

Trois jours durant, les techniciens gouvernementaux et des experts en gestion des catastrophes examineront les conséquences des inondations de 2009, établiront des stratégies de réponse pour les prochaines pluies, et aborderont des phénomènes comme l'érosion côtière,

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Burkina Faso + 1 other
Burkina Faso : Inondations - l'OCADES évalue ses interventions

Du 28 au 30 avril 2010, le Département Solidarité et Partage(DSP) de l'OCADES Caritas Burkina a organisé un atelier d'évaluation de la mise en œuvre du projet EA 20/2009 relatif à l'appel d'urgence lancé par le réseau suite aux inondations du 1er septembre 2009.

En plus des responsables DSP des six diocèses où le projet a été exécuté (Ouagadougou, Koupéla, Dédougou, Nouna, Fada N'Gourma et Kaya), il y avait comme participants à l'atelier des responsables des Equipes Paroissiales d'Animation (EPA OCADES), des bénéficiaires et

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Côte d'Ivoire + 5 others
West Africa: West Coast Regional Plan 2009-2010 (MAA61002) Annual report

This report covers the period 1/January/2009 to 31/December/2009.

Programme(s) summary: The West Coast Regional Representation worked in close collaboration with partners to support West Coast National Societies in the implementation of activities towards improving the lives of the vulnerable population in the region and also enhancing these National Societies' development. The West Coast Regional Representation was able to support the National Societies in the implementation of their disaster management activities especially in the