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Russian Federation MAARU002 Annual Report 2012

Overview In 2012, the Russian Red Cross (RRC) celebrated its 145th Anniversary with more than 200 different events organized by RRC branches during 2012 – exhibitions, mass campaigns, lectures, meetings with youth and volunteers. On that occasion, the Russian RC founded its anniversary medal to be granted to the most active RRC staff and volunteers.

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IDPs increasingly neglected despite continuing needs

More than 14 years after they first fled their homes, at least 29,000 people are still internally displaced due to armed conflict and violence in the North Caucasus, and an unknown number of people are still displaced elsewhere in Russia.

Displacement induced by the threat and impact of natural hazards, especially floods and wild fires, continues to be significant in Russia. Though information on such displacement and the current situation of these IDPs is scarce.

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Tajikistan + 5 others
Regional humanitarian funding update - Caucasus and Central Asia, Issue 06 (1 January - 31 December 2012) [EN/RUS]



· In 2012, donors give $45 million in humanitarian aid to the Caucasus and Central Asia ($18 million in 2011)

· Drop in outgoing aid: in 2012, the region gave $1.5 million compared to $13 million in 2011

· Assistance from Azerbaijan makes up the bulk of the region’s outgoing aid in 2012

· Russia emerges as top donor to the region in 2012, while Tajikistan remains the region’s largest aid recipient

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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Iraq + 2 others
ShelterBox brings comfort to children after disasters


Children’s worlds are turned upside down when disaster strikes and their day-to-day lives can be changed irrevocably due to experiencing high levels of trauma. ShelterBox tries to bring a level of comfort to children in different ways after disasters.

Last October, a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) travelled to northern Iraq's Kurdistan region to respond to the escalating Syria refugee crisis.

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Floods kill 7 in Russian Caucasus: official‎

10/10/2012 06:07 GMT

MOSCOW, Oct 10, 2012 (AFP) - Seven people were killed when overnight torrential rain unleashed heavy flooding in Russia's North Caucasus region of Dagestan, officials said Wednesday.

The flooding in the ancient Caspian Sea city of Derbent affected hundreds of homes with 1,120 people in the affected area, the regional branch of the Emergencies Ministry said in a statement.

"Seven people have been killed," it said.

Agence France-Presse:

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ShelterBox brought comfort to children in Russia


Torrential rains in July caused flash floods to sweep across southern Russia, forcing many families to leave their homes and take refuge in trees or on rooftops.

ShelterBox responded to the disaster distributing a total of 150 ShelterBoxes to families in need, giving them the right to live in dignity as they rebuilt their damaged homes.

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Meeting on disaster relief in Krasnodar Territory

September 13, 2012, 16:00 Sochi

Vladimir Putin held a meeting on disaster relief following a flood in the Krasnodar Territory.

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Situation with flooding in Krasnodar and Primorsky Territories as of 7 a.m. of 26 August

80 people, including 32 children remain in a temporary shelter in Krasnodar Territory (over 24 hours 14 people, 4 children among them left).

50 mobile groups are finishing to check the affected households and to evaluate the damage.

In all 917 have been checked. Commissions continue to draw the statements.

Water and power supply is fully restored.

6 hydrological posts are operating.

6 integrated service centers are working:

54 tons of foodstuffs and necessities delivered from the funds of Krasnodar Territory;

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Situation with flood in Krasnodar Territory (As of 6 a.m. Moscow time 24.08.2012)

50 mobile groups are working to check the affected households and to evaluate the damage. 719 (89.8%) households out of 800 have been checked. 81 households with about 225 people are going to be examined.

In the villages Lermontovo and Novomikhailovsky 180 households (760 people) remain without power supply. Over 24 hours power supply was restored to 540 households (2,760 people) and one socially important establishment (water intake facility). In all – to 2,200 households (6,620 people). The works are under way to recover power and water supply.

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Working meeting of Federal Operations Center on flooding in Krasnodar territory was held in NEMC of EMERCOM

The meeting was attended by EMERCOM Minister Vladimir Puchkov, Minister for Education and Science Dmitry Livanov, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov and heads of other federal agencies.

The meeting discussed social support for the people in the flooded area. Instructions were given particularly concerning organization of holidays for children in health institutions in the flooded area.

Olga Golodets gave an order to continue building a reliable system to protect our health resorts against floods.

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Situation with flooding in Krasnodar Territory

On 22 August 2012 at 02:25 a.m. in the village Novomikhailovsky of Tuapsinsky district as a result of a cyclone with heavy rains the level of water in the river Nechepsukho which led to flooding of 6 streets, 600 houses (1,500 people) and 4 socially important facilities (central regional hospital, school №30 and two clubs), the work of 3 water intake facilities was disrupted: (villages Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky, Tynginka), as well as of 2 sewage lift stations, 2 boiler houses, power supply in 2 villages (Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky) is partly affected.

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Fresh flood kills four in southern Russia

08/22/2012 12:51 GMT

MOSCOW, Aug 22, 2012 (AFP) - Russian authorities said Wednesday that a flash flood had killed four people in the southern Krasnodar region where 172 people drowned in rising waters last month, many trapped in their homes.

"Four people have died," a spokeswoman for the regional emergency situations ministry told AFP.

"Three people are listed as missing," the Krasnodar regional government said in a statement.

Agence France-Presse:

©AFP: The information provided in this product is for personal use only. None of it may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the express permission of Agence France-Presse.

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ShelterBox coordinates efforts with Rotary in Russia


ShelterBox has been working closely with a local Rotary club in Russia's Krasnodar region to help families made homeless by flash floods that hit overnight in the first week of July.

Krasnodar Rotary club has helped the ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) with needs assessments, transport, box logistics, translation and aid distribution.

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Recovery operations and restoration of normal functioning society are under way in Krasnodar Territory

Sustenance measures were taken in Krymsk on 25 July:

All transformer plants have been restored, power is fully supplied;

gas supply is fully restored in Krymsk district;

50 meal stations over 24 hours have distributed 13,984 portions, in all – 320,758 portions;

to provide people with drinking water, 42 special points have been set up, which have distributed 51,640 liters of water over 24 hours, in all – 2,017,320 liters;

water supply is restored in all blocks of the city, including 118 blocks of flats;

100% of sewages have been cleaned.

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Lifesaving aid reaches families in need in Russia


A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) has been distributing essential lifesaving aid to families in need living in flood-hit southern Russia.

Elvira and her son Stas were the first family to receive a ShelterBox. They were forced to take refuge on the roof of their home when flash floods hit Nizhnebakanskaya in the night. They waited for four hours fearing for their lives when one of their neighbours saved them.

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Recovery operations ongoing in Krymsk district

As of 23 July 2012 power and gas supply systems are fully restored in Krymsk district.

50 operations centers with meal and water provision stations continue their operation. In all they have distributed 272,434 portions, (over 24 hours – 19,400 portions), 1,812,430 liters of water (over 24 hours – 115,900 liters).

Washing has been arranged in 16 washing stations (in decontamination-shower trailers), in all, 18,708 people, including 677 children, have been washed, (over 24 hours – 3,028 people, including 35 children).

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Russian Federation: Flash Floods DREF n° MDRRU015 Final report

Summary: CHF 279,243 was allocated on 11 July 2012 from the Federation’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the Russian Red Cross Society in delivering immediate assistance to 1,000 families (3,500 people) affected by flash floods in Krasnodar Region. The planned activities have been duly started by the Russian Red Cross Society in cooperation with the competent central and local authorities of the Russian Federation for the sake of the targeted beneficiaries in the flood-affected area.

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ShelterBox finds need for shelter in Russia


Dedzhenie is an elderly lady who lives in Nizhnebakanskaya, a small village near Krymsk in southern Russia. When the rain did not stop, water levels rose trapping her in her home. She feared for her life until a young man saw her distressed. He broke through one of her windows and saved her dragging her out. Luckily she has her life but with her home damaged from the waters pouring into her house, she now has nowhere to live.

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Working group of Emergency Operations Center held a meeting today, 19 July 2012 at 9 a.m. Moscow time

Today a meeting of working group of Emergency Operations Center took place to sum up operations on elimination of aftermath in Krasnodar Territory.

As of 9 a.m. Moscow time 18 July 2012 in Krymsk most affected by the flash floods all transformer plants have been restored, power is fully supplied. Planned power cuts are under way due to cleaning and drying of the internal switchgears, operations are being carried out on the calls from the citizens.

Gas supply has been restored to all socially important facilities.

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On 22 July at 7 p.m. EMERCOM held meeting of working group of Government Emergency Management Group to discuss current situation in Krasnodar Territory

The meeting of the working group summed up the work on elimination of aftermath of disaster in Krasnodar Territory over 24 hours.

As of 7 p.m. Moscow time, 22 July 2012, in Krymsk, the most affected town, all transformer plants have been restored, power is fully supplied. Gas supply is fully restored in Krymsk district.

50 meal stations over 24 hours have distributed 19,400 portions, in all – 272,434 portions, to provide people with drinking water, 42 special points have been set up, which have distributed 115,900 liters of water over 24 hours, in all – 1,812,430 liters.