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26 May 2017 description
report World Vision


  • About 1.9 million people are internally displaced and 1.7 million have sought refuge in other countries. World Vision calls on all stakeholders to work together and facilitate peace and security throughout the country.

  • The food security in the country is declining with 5.5 million people severely food insecure. The onset of the rains has added a set of natural barriers, making it difficult to reach people in need of assistance. It is estimated that 70 percent (230,000 people) of the capital, Juba, is food insecure.

25 May 2017 description


  • Ongoing violence displaces an additional 200,000 people in April

  • Health actors report suspected cholera cases in Aburoc

  • USG announces $142 million in new humanitarian assistance


  • Violence across South Sudan displaced an additional 200,000 people in April, increasing the total number of displaced people to 3.8 million, including 2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 1.8 million refugees sheltering in neighboring countries.

25 May 2017 description

Anticipated scope and scale

Floods during the rainy season from June until at least October will affect about 200,000 people, mostly in southern Sudan. Particularly vulnerable are the displaced in southern Sudan, where there are 2.3 million IDPs and about 400,000 South Sudanese, 110,000 of whom arrived in 2017. Floods will damage key WASH infrastructure and increase the caseload of diseases including cholera and malaria. Houses will be destroyed and flooding will damage crops and isolate some localities, driving up food prices.

25 May 2017 description

Mr. President, Members of the Council,

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to brief the Council on the situation in South Sudan and the deployment of the Regional Protection Force.

24 May 2017 description
report UN Security Council


Security Council
7940th Meeting (AM)

The national dialogue just launched in South Sudan by President Salva Kiir would only be credible if opposition groups genuinely participated, the senior United Nations official in that country said today, as he briefed the Security Council on the significant military, humanitarian and political challenges facing that nation.

24 May 2017 description

The U.S. is deeply concerned about the famine in South Sudan, as well as the risk of famine in northeastern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. We are one of the largest donors of humanitarian assistance for the people of these countries and will continue to work with other international donors to provide the life-saving aid needed to avert famine and help people in need.

22 May 2017 description


  • This weekly bulletin focuses on selected public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. The WHO Regional Office is currently monitoring 49 events: three Grade 3, six Grade 2, two Grade 1, and 38 ungraded events.

19 May 2017 description

This Emergency Appeal is launched on a preliminary basis and seeks a total of 4,184,769 Swiss francs to enable the IFRC to support the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) deliver assistance and support 63,540 people (South Sudanese refugees) for 12 months. The response will focus on the following areas of interventions: health; water sanitation and hygiene (WASH); shelter (including Household non-food items); and National Society capacity building.

19 May 2017 description


In February, the humanitarian situation continued to deteriorate, culminating in the declaration of localized famine in Mayendit and Leer Counties in Unity on 20 February. Some 100,000 people are facing starvation. and a further 1 million people are classified as being on the brink of famine across the country. There are now 4.9 million severely food insecure people in South Sudan and this number is expected to rise to 5.5 million at the height of the lean season in July.

19 May 2017 description


Humanitarian agencies are intensifying their efforts to provide clean drinking water to thousands of civilians fleeing fierce fighting in the Upper Nile region of South Sudan as the threat of a cholera outbreak looms.

15 May 2017 description
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Full Appeal

Strategic Overview

Period January to December 2017
Current Population 1,769,241 (at 31 March 2017)
Population Planning Figures 2,130,500 Target Beneficiaries2,130,500
Financial Requirements US$ 1,382,909,571
Number of Partners 58



Latest Developments in South Sudan

15 May 2017 description


  • This weekly bulletin focuses on selected public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African region. WHO AFRO is currently monitoring 47 events: three Grade 3, six Grade 2, two Grade 1, and 36 ungraded events.

12 May 2017 description

“We are here, because you are here.” These were words spoken by Kenny Rogers the Humanitarian Affairs Officer for OCHA in Malakal in response to the temporary deployment of peacekeepers from the UNMISS in Aburoc, Upper Nile region. “We left because of the insecurity of humanitarians on the ground and we have returned because there’s a feeling that because troops from the UNMISS RwanBatt, we can safely provide humanitarian assistance once again,” he added.

11 May 2017 description

Over the last two weeks, South Sudanese from the internally displaced persons camp (IDP) in Aburoc in South Sudan have started moving across the border to Sudan. Many arriving at the border crossing are severely dehydrated and in need of emergency medical care.

11 May 2017 description

SRSG Shearer - First can I just highlight the commemoration or the celebration of World Press Freedom Day last week and just praise the efforts of the many journalist that operate here in South Sudan and beyond for their work in covering the issues that we are confronting. It often takes quite courage to do that and I know that people do face some risk. We have for example George Livio, a former employee of Radio Miraya, who has been in detention for three years now.

11 May 2017 description
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• Almost 20,000 South Sudanese refugees arrived in South Kordofan and White Nile over the past week.

• Food security situation in Sudan slightly improved compared to the same period last year, according to IPC.

• Food insecurity in SPLM-N areas in South Kordofan and among new IDPs in parts of Jebel Mara is a major concern, according to FEWS NET.

• Water supplies to IDPs in Sortony, North Darfur reduced sharply from 13.7 to 8 litres per person daily due to the ground water level drop in the area, according to aid agencies.

10 May 2017 description

Key Achievements

Current Trends

  • In response to a cholera outbreak in Yirol East, IOM began operating four cholera treatment units (CTUs) and five ORPs, including one 24-hour ORP. From February – March 2017, IOM provided cholera case management services to 145 individuals.

10 May 2017 description


  • Completeness for weekly reporting was 50% IDSR sites and 66% for the IDP sites .

  • Malaria remains the leading cause of morbidity in nonconflict areas while ARI is the leading cause of morbidity in the IDPs .

  • A total of 17 suspect measles cases were reported from Juba, Tonj North, Wau and Aweil South.

  • Active transmission currently reported in Yirol East, Yirol West, Awerial; Duk; Ayod, Fangak,
    Pigi, Kodok, and Mayom.