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26 Apr 2015 description
report UN News Service

25 April 2015 – The United Nations Secretary-General today announced the appointment of Peter Jan Graaff of the Netherlands as the Secretary-General's Acting Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER).

In his role as Acting Special Representative, Mr. Graaff will work closely with the Special Envoy on Ebola, Dr. David Nabarro, and with the Governments in the region and other partners, according to a statement released today by the Secretary-General's Spokesperson.

25 Apr 2015 description
report Islamic Relief

When an Ebola outbreak was declared in West Africa in March 2014, Islamic Relief began to offer assistance. Imran Madden, head of our humanitarian department, shares what he learned when he travelled to Sierra Leone to see how faith communities have helped in the Ebola response.

25 Apr 2015 description

Monrovia, Liberia | AFP | samedi 25/04/2015 - 06:37 GMT

par Zoom DOSSO

Alors que l'épidémie d'Ebola en Afrique de l'Ouest est sur le déclin, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) et les autorités sanitaires des pays touchés se penchent désormais sur les effets à long terme, très mal connus, du virus sur les survivants.

Cécité partielle ou totale, troubles de l'audition, douleurs articulaires, céphalées: une proportion non négligeable des survivants, selon les sources, se plaint d'effets secondaires parfois très handicapants.

25 Apr 2015 description

Monrovia, Liberia | AFP | Saturday 4/25/2015 - 03:03 GMT

by Zoom DOSSO

As the Ebola epidemic retreats across west Africa, international health authorities are turning their attention to the little understood long-term effects of the often-deadly virus on the survivors.

There is little research on patients cured of the tropical fever, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that many are experiencing crippling complications long after walking out of treatment units.

25 Apr 2015 description


• SRSG UNMEER in Guinea to observe latest progress and challenges.

• Sierra Leone focuses efforts on reducing community resistance in Samu Chiefdom, Kambia.

• Guinea’s campaign of sensitisation and early detection has reached 92% of targeted persons in Forécariah. Lessons are being learned from Forécariah in order to inform roll out to other areas.

Key Political and Economic Developments

1 . NSTR

Response Efforts and Health

25 Apr 2015 description

Monrovia, 24 April 2015 - The WHO Regional Director for Africa Dr Matshidiso Moeti has wrapped up her 3 day official visit to Liberia with a courtesy call on the President of Liberia, Her Excellency, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

24 Apr 2015 description

A. Situation Analysis

Description of the disaster

West Africa is currently facing the first and worst Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak. The outbreak began first in Guinea in December 2013 and it took three months to identify the disease. In May 2014, the virus had spread rapidly through the porous borders of Guinea to Liberia and Sierra Leone affecting and killing thousands of people.

24 Apr 2015 description

Beyond the P4P pilot – dialogue on future opportunities

The sixth P4P Annual Consultation was held in Rome from 24 to 26 February 2015. The meeting brought together 170 stakeholders from around the world to discuss lessons and opportunities that could be built upon in the post-pilot phase, identify main challenges and propose new ways to improve the effectiveness of future P4P-like efforts. A report on the consultation has been published online.

24 Apr 2015 description

Mikiko Senga, a WHO epidemiologist specializing in emerging diseases was sent to Kenema, Sierra Leone in early June 2014 to gather data about the Ebola outbreak. There she found herself trying to make sense of information coming in a variety of ways, from bits of paper, blood samples, hospital records, and soon realised she was facing an outbreak about to catch fire. She called for help and, with colleagues who came to support her, set about developing ways to document and understand the size and nature of the Ebola outbreak racing through the district. Here is her story.

24 Apr 2015 description
report ACT Alliance

Geneva, 24 April 2015

1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

In 2014 and early 2015, there was an outbreak of Ebola for the first time in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Even though the disease broke out in other counties (Nigeria, Senegal and Mail), the countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone were the ones most severely hit. This deadly disease, which has no known vaccine or cure, claimed the lives of over 10,000 people. In Liberia alone, over 4,000 people died as the result of the outbreak.

24 Apr 2015 description

Key Findings

Resistance to the Ebola response

Resistance to the Ebola response has been more widespread and more severe in Guinea, than in Liberia and Sierra Leone, with sometimes violent incidents. This is due to a complex interaction of many factors, including underlying causes and the nature of the response.

Main factors contributing to resistance

  • Previous existing social and political tensions

  • General cultural distrust of strangers and unwillingness to accept them in the community