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10 Feb 2016 description


Established in 2007, the ERRF Haïti is an OCHA-managed strategic pooled fund, ensuring a quick and effective response to any small-scale unforeseen emergency in the country. The Fund - under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator - has responded to the most critical needs against a backdrop of reduced operational and financial capacities on the ground.

Strategic objectives

The Advisory Board decided to focus actions on the following strategic objectives:

09 Feb 2016 description

Syria: The military offensive in Aleppo governorate has displaced more than 40,000 people since late January, and the number of displaced is reported to be increasing. There is concern that a siege of opposition-held areas of Aleppo city is imminent. An estimated 20,000 newly displaced Syrians are stuck at the Bab al Salam crossing along the Syria–Turkey border, as Turkey has denied them entry into Turkish territory.

02 Feb 2016 description

Since mid-2015, the humanitarian context in Haiti has been deteriorating with multiple humanitarian dynamics changing and worsening. It is estimated that severe drought, El-Nino and food insecurity have affected around 600,000 people, while Cholera has expanded in new areas and registered significant increase in number of cases (+35%). Migration flows from the Dominican Republic and the binational crisis that resulted from it have constituted another concerning humanitarian issue.

02 Feb 2016 description

With the end of 2015, it was confirmed an upsurge in the intensity of the cholera epidemic in Haiti. It remains mainly due to the lack of accessibility of the population to clean water and sanitation facilities. According to the cholera figures released by the Minister of Public Health and Population (MSPP), 36,045 cholera cases and 322 deaths were recorded from January to December 2015. This represents, in comparison to 2014, an increase of 24% in the number of cases, mainly due to a high number of cholera cases confirmed in the first quarter of 2015.

02 Feb 2016 description

A la fin de 2015, l’épidémie de choléra a confirmé son regain d’intensité et d’occurrence en Haïti. Sa persistance reste principalement causée par le manque d’accessibilité de la population à l’eau potable et aux infrastructures sanitaires. Au 31 décembre 2015, les chiffres du choléra publiés par le Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP) faisaient état de 36 045 cas de choléra enregistrés depuis le début de l’année et de 322 décès.

02 Feb 2016 description
report AlterPresse

Par Gotson Pierre

P-au-P., 1er fév. 2015 [AlterPresse] --- « Il y a urgence pour que les acteurs haïtiens trouvent (…) une issue consensuelle » à la crise politique, à quelques jours de la fin du mandat du président Michel Martelly le 7 février prochain, déclare Sandra Honoré, cheffe de la Mission de stabilisation de l’Onu en Haïti (Minustah), dans une interview accordée à AlterPresse.

02 Feb 2016 description

Snapshot 27 January – 2 February 2016

Boko Haram in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad: 86 people were killed and 62 injured, with 15 missing after Boko Haram set fire to Dalori, near Maiduguri in Borno state. The past week also saw attacks in Chibok that left 13 dead and 30 injured. 40 civilians were reported dead after Cameroonian troops announced they were carrying out a search for BH militants in the area. In Cameroon, 52 people were killed in BH attacks in January. In Chad, two suicide bombings in Lac region left three dead and 56 wounded.

02 Feb 2016 description
report Human Rights Watch

Les mandats de la majorité des législateurs haïtiens ont pris fin en janvier 2015, sans que de nouvelles élections aient eu lieu pour les remplacer, ce qui a provoqué la cessation d’activité parlement.

27 Jan 2016 description

This Operations Update conveys a revised budget of 2,970,316 Swiss francs. These funds have enabled the IFRC to support the Dominican Red Cross (DRC) and the Haiti Red Cross Society’s (HRCS) efforts to reduce cholera on the Island of Hispaniola and to deliver assistance to 499,637 people. The revised budget is a result of a re-prioritization of actions in Haiti and on the decision to close the emergency appeal as of March 2016. Activities in the Dominican Republic were finalized within the original timeframe in December of 2015.

26 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Total affected population: 10 million 
Total affected children (under 18): 4.3 million 
Total people to be reached in 2016: 778,000 (35 per cent adults) 
Total children to be reached in 2016: 506,220 

2016 programme targets

Child protection
- 800 unaccompanied and separated children benefitted from family tracing and reintegration follow up 

26 Jan 2016 description

Malgré l’augmentation des cas suspects de choléra confirmés au premier trimestre 2015, qui a accru le nombre total de cas pour l’année en comparaison à l’année 2014, le nombre de cas suspect de choléra confirmés en septembre-octobre-novembre a progressivement baissé. De janvier à novembre 2015, plus de 31 000 cas et 297 décès ont été enregistrés.

26 Jan 2016 description

Despite the increase of cholera cases confirmed in the first quarter of 2015, which increased the total Precipitation Cholera cases number of cases for the year compared to 2014, the number of cholera cases pluvieuse confirmed in September-October-November has gradually decreased. From January to November 2015, more than 31,000 cases and 297 deaths were recorded.

26 Jan 2016 description

Burundi: As the security situation continues to deteriorate, the UN Security Council has expressed concern over possible mass atrocities and ethnic violence. Clashes continues in several areas of the country. Burundian refugees in DRC expressed fears over possible cross-border attacks by government forces.

19 Jan 2016 description

Nigeria: An outbreak of Lassa viral haemorrhagic fever was announced in Nigeria on 8 January. At least 140 suspected cases and 30 confirmed cases, including 53 deaths, have been reported in 14 states. The indicated case fatality rate stands at 37.9%.

Gambia: Almost 182,000 people (9% of the population) are severely food insecure after erratic rains caused drought and crop failure. Most affected regions are Upper River, West Coast, and Northern Bank.

14 Jan 2016 description

Réf. : PIO/PR/1/2016

Port-au-Prince, le 14 janvier 2016 - Six ans après le tremblement de terre dévastateur de 2010 ayant causé la mort de plus de 200 000 personnes et laissé au moins 1,5 millions d’autres de sans-abri, l'action humanitaire a obtenu des résultats significatifs. Par exemple, environ 96% des 1,5 millions de personnes déplacées ont quitté les camps grâce, en partie, à des programmes de retour et de relocalisation.

12 Jan 2016 description

DRC: Violence between Hutu and Nande, in Miriki, Lubero, Nord-Kivu, allegedly over land, has left 17 dead and over 20,000 displaced. The displaced urgently need food and drinking water.

Iraq: In Ramadi and Hawija, Islamic State has stalled civilians’ attempts to escape conflict zones and persecution. People from Hawija must trek for two days across mountainous terrain to reach safety: 60 people were reported to have died on the journey between November 2015 and January 2016.

06 Jan 2016 description
report CCO Haïti

Face à la situation du choléra qui persiste dans le pays, le Comité de Coordination des ONG en Haïti (CCO Haïti) appelle à la mobilisation des acteurs nationaux et internationaux, notamment les bailleurs de fond, à continuer leur soutien dans la lutte contre le choléra pour l’année 2016 et pendant les 5 prochaines années.