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11 Feb 2017 description


  • Mixed prospects for 2017 winter grains following dry weather conditions in autumn

  • Slightly below-average cereal crop harvested in 2016

  • Cereal import requirements in 2016/17 forecast at levels similar to 2015/16

  • Wheat prices stable, inflation easing

  • Food insecurity on the rise

Mixed prospects for 2017 winter grains

09 Feb 2017 description

Thousands of families in Afghanistan and Pakistan are struggling to survive after heavy snow blanketed large parts of the country, causing avalanches and damaging or destroying many homes.

According to media reports, nearly 120 people have been killed in Afghanistan, where 22 provinces have been hit hard. In the north eastern province of Nooristan, bordering Pakistan, at least 45 people in one village perished under an avalanche. Many people were reported to have been trapped and froze to death in their homes or their cars.

08 Feb 2017 description
  • Severe weather, including heavy rain and snowfalls, has been affecting the central and northeastern provinces of the country over the past few days, causing snow avalanches.

  • National authorities reported, as of 7 February 7.00 UTC, that the death toll following the snow avalanches on 5-6 February has reached at least 100 people. In addition, 27 people were injured and over 240 houses were damaged in the provinces of Badakhshan, Nuristan, Laghman, Nangarhar, Paktya, Parwan, Bamyan and Dykundi. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing.

07 Feb 2017 description


Between 25 and 31 January, 24,280 people fled to Uganda following clashes around Yei town on 22 January. In Upper Nile, 20,500 people who fled fighting in Wau Shilluk between 25 January and 3 February are in need of shelter, safe drinking water, food and healthcare. On 4 February, five people were killed and 25 injured in a government bombing of an IDP camp in Wau Shilluk. Humanitarian operations were temporarily suspended.

06 Feb 2017 description


• Severe weather, including heavy rain and snowfalls, has been affecting the central and northeastern provinces of Afghanistan and the northern provinces of Pakistan, causing casualties and damages.

• As of 6 February, national authorities reported at least 85 people dead, of which 70 in Afghanistan and 15 in Pakistan, over 245 houses destroyed in Afghanistan and at least 72 houses damaged throughout the affected areas. Traffic disruptions have also been reported.

06 Feb 2017 description

As per initial reports, as a result of an avalanche in Barqol village, Ghumai Cluster, Maimai district (Darwaz Bala) at 01:OOAM, 03 February 2017, 10 persons from two households were killed, with 12 others sustaining injuries. The bodies were recovered by a FOCUS rescue team aided by the local community, while the injured were transferred to a safe area.

• 25 houses were reportedly affected (15 houses destroyed, 10 houses partially damaged). All the individuals whose houses were affected were relocated to a safe location in the village.

06 Feb 2017 description


  • An avalanche in the early hours of 5 February 2017 is believed to have killed 50 people and injured 13 in Barg-e-Matal in Nuristan Province, with at least 70 houses initially reported as destroyed.

  • Another avalanche in Dawz Bala in Badakhshan province is reported to have killed 10 people and injured 12.

  • Further casualties related to extreme weather conditions have also been reported elsewhere in the country, and OCHA is working with partners to assess the information.

06 Feb 2017 description
report Voice of America

Last Updated: February 06, 2017 2:39 AM

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — Officials in Afghanistan say an avalanche caused by heavy snowfall struck a remote village Sunday in the eastern province of Nuristan, killing at least 53 people, and raising the nationwide death toll in the past three days to nearly 107 in such incidents.

Another avalanche hit a village around the same time in the adjoining northern Chitral region of neighboring Pakistan, killing at least 16 people, local officials confirmed.

05 Feb 2017 description

In northern Afghanistan, over the past two days as many as 19 people were killed by avalanches.

KABUL, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Dozens of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan were killed after heavy snow and avalanches hit over the weekend.

In eastern Afghanistan, at least 50 people died and dozens more were missing on Sunday after an avalanche buried a village in Nuristan, provincial governor Hafiz Abdul Qayum said.

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26 Jan 2017 description

Heavy snowfall and freezing weather has killed 27 children in a remote district of northern Afghanistan, an official says.

Fifty centimeters of snow blocked roads in Darzaab in northern Jawzjan Province as temperatures plunged to minus 10 degrees Celsius, district Governor Rahmatullah Hashar said on January 26.

Hashar said the deaths occurred over the past two or three days, adding that all of the children were under the age of 5.

The fact that access for villagers has been cut off means the toll could rise, he also said.