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19 Dec 2014 description

19 December 2014

APHEDA donors helped the health volunteers from our Philippines partner organisation reach over 7,000 patients during six medical and relief missions in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

19 Dec 2014 description


  • Face à l’insécurité, les habitants du nord du Territoire de Shabunda se sont déplacés plusieurs fois

  • La catastrophe naturelle de Kalehe et le conflit intercommunautaire de Mutarule ont affecté les écoles : la communauté humanitaire se mobilise

  • Fizi : aider les ménages affectés par les mouvements de population à relancer leurs moyens de subsistance et lutter contre le choléra

19 Dec 2014 description
report Redhum

Paraguay, 17 de Diciembre 2014
Fuente: PY - Ultima Hora

Una camioneta casi es llevada por el raudal en el puente de Hernán Cortez de Lambaré.

Como sucede con cada lluvia, varios puntos de Asunción y ciudades aledañas colapsan ante la formación de peligrosos raudales. Esta situación es la que se presenta durante la mañana de este miércoles, donde ya se registraron casos de vehículos atrapados.

19 Dec 2014 description


"RUBY" exited the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on the evening of 10 December 2014.


• A total of 944,249 families / 4,149,484 persons were affected in Regions III, IV-A, IV-B, V, VI, VII, VIII, CARAGA and NCR

• A total of 18,938 families / 100,264 persons are currently being served inside and outside 327 evacuation centers


• Eighteen (18) deaths were reported in Regions IV-A, IV-B, VII, and VIII

19 Dec 2014 description


  • As of January 2015, WFP will be launching a new Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) which will cover both the West Bank and Gaza. With this single programme WFP will coherently address urgent humanitarian needs, support early recovery and sustainable longer-term food security for some 570,000 non-refugees in 2015 -2016, for a total cost of US$145 million. Having one single programme in Palestine will strengthen a common approach, common activities and food rations, and will give more flexibility in the allocation of resources.

19 Dec 2014 description
report Greenpeace

Dolores, Eastern Samar, Philippines, 19 December 2014 – A farmer-to-farmer delivery of ecological seeds took place today in Dolores, Eastern Samar in the Philippines to help farmers regenerate agricultural land badly damaged by Typhoon Hagupit. It was the first delivery of seeds to Dolores since the typhoon made a direct hit on the town two weeks ago.

19 Dec 2014 description

Abnormal dryness expected to continue in East and Southern Africa

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Although good rainfall was observed over the Greater Horn of Africa in late November and early December, the delayed onset of the October December rainy season, combined with an erratic distribution of rains during the season, has already negatively impacted ground conditions in northern Kenya and southern Somalia. As the season is coming to an end, a recovery is unlikely.

19 Dec 2014 description
report Government of Japan
  1. On Wednesday, December 10, the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency relief goods worth approximately 22 million yen (blankets, sleeping pads, plastic sheets, etc.) to the Republic of the Philippines, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), based on the request from the Government of the Philippines.

  2. Typhoon Hagupit (Philippine name: Ruby) landed the Philippines on December 6 and brought about massive damages including casualties. Over 1.7 million people have evacuated so far due to the typhoon.

19 Dec 2014 description
report Bangkok Post

Republished with permission. © Post Publishing PCL. www.bangkokpost.com

Malaysia hit hard closing Sungai Kolok border crossing

Writer: Post reporters and dpa

Heavy rain and flooding along the Thai-Malaysian border have left one child dead, two people missing, dozens of villages inundated, and the Sungai Kolok border crossing closed.

19 Dec 2014 description

This is a two part report proceeding initially with details of external local events according to areas of thematic relevance for the UN RCO. The second part is a summary of internal UNRCO activities including advocacy on TJ issues, information related to the UNPFN as well as updates regarding the UNDAF and humanitarian response issues.


19 Dec 2014 description


  • Over 10.000 poor households will increase their access to water by 50% all year

  • Automatic weather stations benefit 13,000 residents of areas vulnerable to landslides and floods

  • More than 60.000 ha of forest are protected in an area critical to urban water supply

The installation of water storage tanks in Tegucigalpa is a part of a 5-year, 5.18 million USD project financed by UNDP's Adaptation Fund to help Honduras address climate risks in water resource management.

19 Dec 2014 description

75 houses to be constructed for the affected families

The resettlement of the families affected by the recent landslide in Meeriyabedde in Koslanda got off the ground today (18th December). Commencing the project Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa laid the foundation stone for the new housing scheme during a ceremony held there this morning.

19 Dec 2014 description

Thailand - When Typhoon Hagupit roared across the east coast of the Philippines two weeks ago, the death toll was in the tens, rather than in the thousands, unlike Typhoon Haiyan the previous year.

This was in part due to Hagupit being weaker than Haiyan, but mainly due to a massive evacuation effort by the Philippine authorities, assisted by IOM and other humanitarian partners.

18 Dec 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

Executive summary

Just one year after ‘Super Typhoon’ Haiyan hit the Philippines, tremendous progress has been made. The speed and scale of the humanitarian and early recovery response were made possible by the generosity of donors, strong partnerships with the Government and the amazing resilience of the people of the Philippines. While UNICEF and our partners have made a strong start, there is a lot of work ahead to achieve the shared goal of restoring economic and social conditions to at least pre-typhoon levels, with a higher level of disaster resilience.