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03 Jul 2015 description

Situation Update

As of 1 July 2015, a total of 523 cholera cases including 29 deaths (CFR 5.5%) have been reported from 75 villages in eight payams of Juba County (Table 1).

The initial cases were traced back to 18 May 2015 in UN House PoC where the first cholera case was confirmed on 1 June 2015. Most of the cholera cases in Juba have been reported from New site followed by Gudele 2, Juba 3 PoC, Gumbo and Gudele 1 (Figure 4).

02 Jul 2015 description


In El Salvador, insecurity and violence have become structural problems that affect more youth, women and the general population every day. Under this approach to safety and protection of the integrity of the National Society of El Salvador, there is a need to increase the National Society’s capacity to facilitate the actions of the Red Cross and its recognition in the country.

02 Jul 2015 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

By Alphonso Toweh and James Harding Giahyue

MONROVIA, July 2 (Reuters) - Liberia confirmed a third Ebola case on Thursday, nearly two months after it was declared Ebola free, and officials said they were investigating whether the disease had spread through animals before resurfacing.

Dr Moses Massaquoi, case management team leader for Liberia's Ebola task force, said the three villagers who had tested positive for the disease "have a history of having had dog meat together." Dog meat is commonly eaten in Liberia.

02 Jul 2015 description
report IRIN

FREETOWN, 2 July 2015 (IRIN) - As Sierra Leone continues to fight the Ebola outbreak, things are looking up on some fronts, including improved employment rates and school attendance. But many families say they still don't have enough to eat and malnutrition rates among children under the age of five remain high.

Click here to see IRIN's photo feature on how some families are struggling to survive.


02 Jul 2015 description

Au sommaire

Migration P.1
Epidémie de choléra P.2
Sécurité alimentaire P.4
Préparation et réponse aux urgences P.6


  • Le gouvernement haïtien, avec l’appui de ses partenaires, viennent au secours des personnes arrivées de la République Dominicaine. Des matelas, des kits de nourriture et des moustiquaires, etc... sont mis à disposition des communautés d’accueil par la DPC.

02 Jul 2015 description

I. Highlights

  • No case was reported in the country as compared to 18 cases in the previous week.
  • In 2015, a cumulative total of 636 cases with 6 deaths, a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.9% reported as of 28 June 2015.
02 Jul 2015 description
report UN Women

The Ebola crisis in Liberia exposed the vulnerabilities of the country’s health and response system, challenged religious and cultural beliefs and further exacerbated other pre-existing vulnerabilities, particularly affecting women and girls. WHO cumulative disaggregated figures indicate 47% of the victims were women and 53% men. Irrespective of the male/female ratio of cumulative cases, there are significant gender dimensions of the crisis that need to be taken into consideration during the post-Ebola recovery phase.

02 Jul 2015 description
report Cordaid

In Sierra Leone, Cordaid helps small entrepreneurs who have received microfinance to recover from the Ebola crisis. According to a new report, they are remarkably resilient under severe circumstances. It turns out that providing loans to small entrepreneurs is a vital tool for restoring local economies affected by disaster and conflict. Cordaid believes that the international development community should consider investing more in the microfinance sector in economies affected by crisis.

02 Jul 2015 description
  1. Epidemiological Highlights
  2. One (01) new EVD case was reported by the Kambia laboratory today (July 01, 2015)
  3. This new EVD case is from Bramaia chiefdom but with Epi link to Kadalo village in Tonkolimba
  4. A total of nineteen alerts (2 live and 17 death) were made to the DERC and were all processed.
  5. Eighteen (18) samples (10 swab and 8 blood) were processed at the Kambia laboratory today.
  6. A total of 12 quarantine households with 39 contacts in Samu chiefdom, were discharged today.
02 Jul 2015 description

Aden, Yemen | AFP | Thursday 7/2/2015 - 16:47 GMT

At least 22 people were killed Thursday in Yemen as fighting raged in the southern port of Aden and Saudi-led warplanes bombed Shiite rebels in the capital Sanaa, officials said.

The violence came a day after the UN declared its highest level of humanitarian emergency in the country, where it says some 3,000 people, half of them civilians, have been killed since March.

02 Jul 2015 description

The country had been declared Ebola-free more than seven weeks ago.

The new case was in Nedowein, the same village where the boy died, the Ministry of Information said.

Liberia's authorities quarantined the area after the teenager's death and said his funeral was carried out safely.

02 Jul 2015 description
report Radio Dabanga

Measles is rapidly spreading among adults in the densely populated Zamzam camp for the displaced, near El Fasher, capital of North Darfur.

“More and more adults are stricken, as measles are being transmitted from the children in the camp,” an activist told Radio Dabanga from the camp. “During the past weeks, seven women, three of them breast-feeding, died of the disease.”

He appealed via Radio Dabanga to all the displaced in Zamzam to have their children vaccinated at the various health centres in the camp that hosts more than 150,000 displaced.

02 Jul 2015 description

QUETTA: Another child fell prey to the crippling polio virus in the capital of Balochistan on Thursday. The latest case was found in a 4-year-old child, who is the resident of Quetta's Pashtoonabad area.

With this new case, the number of polio cases rises to four in Balochistan during the year of 2015.

Refusal was the underlying reason behind the latest polio case in the city. The parents had refused to provide anti-polio drops to the affected child, Dr Syed Saifur Rehman the Coordinator Emergency Operations Balochistan told DawnNews.

02 Jul 2015 description


  • A cholera outbreak declared in Juba

  • Schools and health facilities attacked in the Greater Upper Nile region.

  • More resources required to meet the life-saving needs of the vulnerable people.

  • CHF boosts TB response in Akobo.

02 Jul 2015 description


  • The influx of South Sudanese refugees to Sudan continues with over 31,000 refugees arriving in June alone, according to UNHCR

  • In East Darfur, aid agencies provide assistance to some 11,400 people affected by conflict in Abu Karinka and 800 in El Gidamia

  • Some 15,000 returnees to Central Darfur's Um Dukhun locality lack the most basic of services in their hometowns

  • In West Darfur, WFP’s food voucher programme in El Geneina IDP camps will assist some 70,000 people