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26 Nov 2015 description
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La situation épidémiologique de cette semaine a été caractérisée par la confirmation d’un cas de fièvre jaune dans le district sanitaire de Kangaba et d’un cas de Ver de Guinée dans le district sanitaire de Gourma Rharous.

La situation épidémiologique se présente comme suit :

26 Nov 2015 description
report AlterPresse

P-au-P, 25 nov. 2015 [AlterPresse]--- Le Ministère de la santé publique et de la population (Mspp) souligne une tendance à l’augmentation du nombre de cas de choléra dans le pays, dans une interview accordée à l’agence en ligne AlterPresse.

Le choléra est encore bel et bien présent dans plusieurs départements du pays, indique le coordonnateur national de la lutte contre le choléra au Mspp, le docteur Donald François.

26 Nov 2015 description
report Times of India

Umesh Isalkar,TNN | Nov 25, 2015, 07.20 AM IST

PUNE: Not just dengue, but cases of water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, viral fever and allergies too have gone up following unseasonal rain in the last two days.

"Besides cases of viral fever and body ache, I have been seeing quite a few cases of diarrhoea and nasal allergy . People who are mainly dependent on outside food and water are the ones who are more at risk of getting water-borne infections," said senior physician Prakash Mahajan, who runs a clinic in Model Colony .

26 Nov 2015 description

Iraq faces a complex, and growing humanitarian crisis with at least 8.7 million Iraqis requiring humanitarian assistance. This includes about 3.2 million people who have fled their homes since January 2014. While people have dispersed to more than 3,500 different locations in the country, nearly 50 per cent are hosted in three governorates: Anbar, Baghdad and Dahuk. Over 440,000 people have returned to newly accessible areas, but have found widespread destruction and continue to require humanitarian support.

26 Nov 2015 description
report UN Children's Fund

By Indrias Getachew Kassaye

After losing his parents and siblings to the Ebola virus, a boy longs to get back to school – even if his school uniform has grown too short.

PATE BANA MARANK, Sierra Leone, 25 November 2015 – John Kamara is growing fast, as he should be at 13 years old. But as the delayed second school term resumes across Sierra Leone, the one school uniform John owns no longer fits.

25 Nov 2015 description
report AlertNet

Author: Kieran Guilbert

DAKAR, Nov 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The world's worst recorded Ebola outbreak and militant violence in West Africa may have shut down schools across the region but governments should see conflict and crisis as an opportunity to reform and improve education, an expert said on Wednesday.

Read the story on the Thompson Reuters Foundation

25 Nov 2015 description
report Start Network
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In March 2015 the President of Burundi controversially stated his intent to run for a third term. The resulting political violence led to people being displaced into neighbouring countries, including an influx of 70,000 people into Tanzania.

The Start Fund was alerted on 21 May and three projects, by Plan International, Oxfam and Help Age International, were funded by 24 May, and began soon after.

25 Nov 2015 description

De nouveaux cas d’Ebola ont malheureusement été confirmés au Libéria et rappelle que la maladie est endémique dans la région et nécessite une vigilance et une réactivité accrue. Les équipes d’Action contre la Faim restent mobilisées et mènent le combat aux côtés du Ministère de la Santé libérien et des partenaires.

25 Nov 2015 description


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Liberia, the Ministry of Agriculture and the local implementing partner – Green Revolution Promoters (Green Pro), generated much happiness when they joined Ebola-affected farmers to launch the first harvest of improved rice varities in late October in Tundin, Nimba County.

25 Nov 2015 description


  • On 23 November in Liberia, a 15-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Ebola died four days after being tested positive. His brother and father were also tested positive and are receiving treatment at an Ebola treatment unit in Monrovia.

  • Ebola virus transmission was declared over in Sierra Leone on 7 November.

  • In Guinea, the last patient with EVD tested negative for the second time on 16 November.

  • The UN Special Envoy on Ebola released the Overview of Needs and Requirements III.

25 Nov 2015 description


  • A total of 221,375 Burundian refugees and asylum-seekers have arrived in the neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the United Republic of Tanzania, Rwanda, as well as Uganda and Zambia since April 2015.

25 Nov 2015 description



Le 21 novembre, un attentat-suicide mené par quatre assaillants a tué quatre personnes dans la ville de Fotokol près de la frontière avec le Nigeria. Le groupe Boko Haram est soupçonné d'être à l’origine de l'attaque, la dernière d'une série d'attentats-suicides dans la région de l'Extrême Nord du Cameroun depuis juillet.



25 Nov 2015 description


While the country has made modest gains, high levels of humanitarian needs persist. About 4.9 million people are in need of life-saving and livelihoods support and 1.1 million remain internally displaced.

25 Nov 2015 description



On 21 November, a suicide attack carried out by four assailants killed four people in Fotokol town near the border with Nigeria. Boko Haram is suspected to be behind the attack, the latest in a series of suicide blasts in Cameroon’s Far North region since July.



25 Nov 2015 description

ISLAMABAD: Although the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services (NHS) on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill titled ‘The Islamabad Mandatory Vaccination Bill’, the name of the bill was later changed to ‘The Islamabad Compulsory Vaccination Bill’.

The name’s amendment may affect efforts to vaccinate children, as vaccination will not be considered ‘mandatory’.

25 Nov 2015 description


PESHAWAR: A new polio case was reported from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) on Tuesday, making it the 14th such case in the tribal area this year — raising the countrywide count in 2015 to 41.

According to the Chief Minister's Polio Control Cell in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the crippling virus was detected in two-year-old Abu Sufyan of Landi Kotal town.