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25 Aug 2015 description


  • On 20 August, Pierre Nkurunziza was sworn in for a third term as Burundi’s president. During the ceremony, President Nkurunziza called on fellow Burundians who have fled the country to return home and to join in the “building of their nation”. President Nkurunziza also urged for an end to violence that has persisted since his announcement to run for a third term in April.

20 Aug 2015 description

Low regional cereal supplies and above-average staple prices expected


19 Aug 2015 description


18 Aug 2015 description
report UNAIDS


Communities were the first responders to HIV three decades ago, and they remain essential in advocating for a robust response to the epidemic, delivering services that can reach everyone in need and tackling HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Working alongside public health and other systems, community responses are critical to the success and sustainability of the global response to HIV.

18 Aug 2015 description


  • On 16 August, the African Union (AU) warned that the crisis in Burundi risks “spiralling into a catastrophe” for the country and the wider region, this after the killing of another senior military official. Ms. Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the AU Commission insisted again on “the imperative of dialogue and consensus to work for a peaceful and durable solution to the crisis and to preserve the important points in the 2000 Arusha Accords”.

12 Aug 2015 description

Beyond disasters: How Zambia's institutions can adapt to climate change

Zambian and Danish researchers draw lessons from climate adaptation

Carol Emma Mweemba, Imasiku Nyambe & Mikkel Funder

Like many other countries in Southern Africa, Zambia is hard hit by climate change. The government has responded with national strategies and policies, but there is a disconnect between national frameworks and local realities.

11 Aug 2015 description
report Oxfam

Smallholder farmers, and particularly women, are on the frontline in the fight against hunger and climate change in southern Africa. Unequal access to resources, poor access to finance and limited linkages to markets to sell their produce impose critical constraints, and food insecurity and poverty are the direct outcomes of this failure. In countries such as Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, between a quarter and half of the population are classified as being chronically undernourished.

10 Aug 2015 description


On 6 August, UNHCR and 21 partners launched the revised Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) to protect and assist up to 320,000 Burundian refugees in the neighbouring countries. Since early April, over 180,000 Burundians have fled political turmoil, violence and intimidation and have sought safety in neighbouring Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

07 Aug 2015 description


  • Regional maize supplies in southern Africa are expected to be below average over the remainder of the 2015/16 marketing year (Figure 1). Every country in the region is expected to have a deficit , except South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania , which will have below - average exportable surpluses. As regional maize production is not adequate to meet requirements , large and atypical supply gaps are likely .

06 Aug 2015 description

The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)

Malaria prevention and control is a major U.S. foreign assistance objective, and PMI’s strategy fully aligns with the U.S. Government’s vision of ending preventable child and maternal deaths and ending extreme poverty. Under the PMI Strategy for 2015–2020, the U.S. Government’s goal is to work with PMI-supported countries and partners to further reduce malaria deaths and substantially decrease malaria morbidity toward the long-term goal of elimination.

Country Context

31 Jul 2015 description

Minimal food insecurity expected in most parts of the country


  • During the July to December outlook period, acute food insecurity is expected to remain Minimal (IPC Phase 1) for most parts of Zambia. Starting in August, some parts of Western, Southern, and Eastern Provinces will begin facing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) acute food insecurity.

30 Jul 2015 description


· FAO’s global cereal price index continued to fall in Q2-2015, down 19 percent year-on-year.

· The real price of wheat dropped a further 9 percent over the last quarter. Prices are 33 percent lower than in Q2-2014, thanks to increased global supply and lower consumption.

· The real price of maize has fallen by 3 percent since Q1-2015 and is 21 percent lower than inQ2-2014. However, global production for 2015/16 is set to be lower and thus prices are likely to rise.

27 Jul 2015 description


The situation in Burundi remains volatile after Presidential elections were held on 21 July. The mission of the East African Community’s (EAC) lead mediator, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and that of his Defense Minister, Crispus Kiyonga, did not yield concrete results before elections. There remain continued reports of heavy military presence in Bujumbura as well as tight security outside of the capital as the country awaits election results.

23 Jul 2015 description
report UNAIDS

Leading HIV researchers describing results from multiple clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa report that innovative service delivery models are achieving results across the HIV treatment cascade that approach or exceed the 90–90–90 target.

22 Jul 2015 description
report World Vision

WV Zambia has donated medical equipment and supplies worth US 55,294.1 to government towards Gender Based Violence Survivor Support (GBVSS).

Speaking when handing- over the supplies to the Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Emerine Kabanshi, National Director Mark Kelly said World Vision emphasizes on appropriate care for survivors of GBV.