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04 Aug 2015 description

Regional Overview


The municipal elections of 31 July was generally peaceful despite a number of irregularities reported. No official results have been published, but preliminary information indicates that the party of former President Marc Ravalomanana, TIM, won the capital Antananarivo, and the party of the former President of the Transition Andry Rajoelina, MAPAR, who won in others major cities. The political party of the current President is expected to win in rural areas.


01 Aug 2015 description


  • In West Africa, market availability was adequate in June with supplies from 2014/15 harvests and international rice and wheat imports. Regionally-produced staple food prices increased seasonally, except in areas directly and indirectly affected by conflict in northeastern Nigeria and neighboring areas, the CAR, and northern Mali.

23 Jul 2015 description
report UNAIDS

Leading HIV researchers describing results from multiple clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa report that innovative service delivery models are achieving results across the HIV treatment cascade that approach or exceed the 90–90–90 target.

22 Jul 2015 description

Tali Cassidy, Melikaya Ntshingwa, Jakub Galuszka, and Richard Matzopoulos

​Evaluating complex violence reduction interventions poses a wide variety of challenges, ranging from negotiating relationships between partners with different goals to nurturing community engagement and buy-in to the process.

21 Jul 2015 description
report Reuters - AlertNet

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Tue, 21 Jul 2015 14:07 GMT

Author: Andrew Mambondiyani

MUTARE, Zimbabwe, July 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After her husband died in 2011, Theresa Matanda looked for a job in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, but with no success despite being a qualified accountant.

Read the story on the Thompson Reuters Foundation

21 Jul 2015 description

MSF warns successful global HIV response will require bigger emphasis on adherence

New MSF report surveying lay counsellor policies across eight countries highlights major weaknesses for adherence support

17 Jul 2015 description

Executive Summary

Bottom-up innovation
• Innovation is playing an increasingly transformative role across the humanitarian system. International organisations, NGOs, governments, business, military, and community-based organisations are drawing upon the language and methods of innovation to address the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.

14 Jul 2015 description
report UNAIDS

UNAIDS announces that the goal of 15 million people on life-saving HIV treatment by 2015 has been met nine months ahead of schedule

The world has exceeded the AIDS targets of Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 6 and is on track to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

13 Jul 2015 description

Most households in Southern Africa depend on maize as their main source of food and energy, given the high volumes and ease with which it is produced. Alternative food crops that are consumed as substitutes include rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, and tubers such as cassava and potatoes. Consumption of these substitutes occurs mainly when maize is not available or among those households in areas where such substitutes are more easily available (for example, cassava in northern Mozambique).

07 Jul 2015 description

Pretoria – The KwaZulu-Natal Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department has warned that despite the recent rainfall, which has been pouring in the province for the past few days, the prolonged drought remains severe.

MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Nomusa Dube-Ncube, said the province would need weeks and weeks of sustained rainfall to refill its fast declining water reservoirs to return to water levels considered safe and sustainable.

06 Jul 2015 description

Tracking food security trends in vulnerable countries

The Global Food Security Update provides a quarterly overview of key food security trends in vulnerable countries. Information is provided by WFP VAM field teams and partners.

In focus

• Conflict in Yemen is causing increasing food insecurity.
As of June, at least 6 million people are facing Emergency (IPC Phase 4) food insecurity. Millions more could easily fall into the emergency conditions unless a political solution is found quickly.

03 Jul 2015 description

This season’s crop performance was poor across much of southern Africa, particularly in the region’s surplus-producing areas. Preliminary estimates indicate that national maize harvests in South Africa and Malawi were the lowest in more than five years. However, as a result of above-average carry-over stocks from the 2014/15 marketing year, aggregate regional supply is expected to be near average. Countries with significant production deficits this year, including Malawi and Zimbabwe, will likely experience an early start of the lean season and limited food access for poor households.

30 Jun 2015 description

African crops and livestock in a changing climate
June 29, 2015 by Julian Ramirez-Villegas
Cross-posted from the CCAFS blog.
Download the full report here

30 Jun 2015 description


Over the past 10 years the SADC region has experienced 545 disaster events which affected approximately 39 million people and resulted in 5,300 deaths (EMDAT). The highest number of disaster events occurred in 2006/2007 and 2011, with fewer disaster events during the last 3 years. Droughts and floods affected the highest number of people. The largest number of people were affected in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania respectively, with the most people affected during 2005 and 2007.

29 Jun 2015 description

Pretoria - South Africa needs to reduce the rate of HIV transmission amongst its youth, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Speaking at the 7th South African Aids Conference, in Durban, the Deputy President said the results of a Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) survey raised a deep concern about the rate of new HIV infections in the country.

A quarter of new HIV infections in the world occur in South Africa, sadly.

The HSRC survey also showed that one in four of these new infections occurs among young women and girls between the ages of 15 and 24.

29 Jun 2015 description

Pretoria – Government has warned that crop yields are estimated to be low for this year, as compared to last year.

This is due to late rains in some summer rainfall areas during the 2014/15 summer season and the very dry conditions that were experienced during January and February 2015 which affected crop production in some parts of the country.

These conditions mostly affected rain-fed farmers, rather than those farming under irrigation.

29 Jun 2015 description

Pretoria – Despite widespread outrage over Operation Fiela, the operation is making inroads in maintaining peace and order, while creating a conjunctive environment for all the people who are living in South Africa to participate freely in economic and social activities.

The operation, which was launched in April following the outbreak of attacks against people from other countries, has seen 3 914 arrested.

These include 1 650 foreign nationals who were arrested for not being documented as well as 2 264 South African citizens arrested in connection with various crimes.