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17 Oct 2016 description

Food Security Situation continues worsening due to the escalation of the conflict, high price of food commodities and depreciation of the Yemeni Rial despite the above average rainfall in all governorates, which offers good prospects of agricultural production!


15 Oct 2016 description

Situation Générale en septembre 2016
Prévision jusqu'à’mi-novembre 2016

04 Oct 2016 description

1. Geographic vulnerability and targeting criteria:-

  • IPC phase 4 governorates - high priority; IPC phase 3 governorates - priority (kindly note that for certain kinds of activities e.g. emergency food assistance the target is all severely food insecure populations whether in IPC phase 4 or IPC phase 3 governorates)

  • Governorates/districts with high caseload of IDPs

  • Districts with few FSAC Partners operational or present and/or districts with unmet needs/response gaps

03 Oct 2016 description
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General Situation during September 2016 Forecast until mid-November 2016

03 Oct 2016 description

By: Keith Cressman, Alice Van der Elstraeten and Clare Pedrick


15 Sep 2016 description

This booklet is directed towards the Food and Agricultural Organization Member States, UN system and all other potential partners, and sheds light on the role that resilient agriculture livelihoods can play in addressing some of the root causes of migration in protracted crises and assisting displaced populations and host communities to cope with protracted displacement. People with resilient livelihoods are better able to prevent, mitigate and adapt to the impacts of natural disasters on their lives.

09 Sep 2016 description


Prospects for global cereal production in 2016 continued to improve in recent months with significant upward revisions for maize and wheat, reflecting particularly favourable weather conditions in some of the large producing countries.

COUNTRIES IN NEED OF EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE: FAO estimates that 36 countries, including 28 in Africa, are in need of external assistance for food. Persisting conflicts and drought induced production declines are the main causes that have stressed food security in 2016.

05 Sep 2016 description

Situation Générale en août 2016 Prévision jusqu'à’mi-octobre 2016

05 Sep 2016 description


14.1 million people food insecure (more than 50% of the population)

2.75 million people displaced since the escalation of conflict in March 2015

1 million reached by FAO since March 2015

USD 17.85 million FAO funding gap against the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2016


02 Sep 2016 description

General Situation during August 2016 Forecast until mid-October 2016

09 Aug 2016 description

Mature swarm arrives on Pakistan coast from Yemen