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16 Sep 2016 description

This update is based on internal displacement figures made available to IDMC across 16 countries from January-August 2016. These figures will be updated and expanded upon regularly and can be accessed via IDMC’s Global Internal Displacement Database (GIDD) which can be viewed at http://www.internal-displacement.org/database.

16 Sep 2016 description

Ten million new displacements recorded since January 2016

Geneva, Switzerland, 16 September 2016

26 Jul 2016 description
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Message from the Director

18 Jul 2016 description

IDMC has signed a join expert statement on internally displaced persons to present at the High Level Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants (19 September 2016).


11 May 2016 description


Conflict, violence and disasters internally displaced 27.8 million people in 2015, subjecting a record number of men, women and children to the trauma and upheaval of being forcibly displaced within their own country.

04 Nov 2015 description

This Quarterly Update covers the activities of the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) between 1 July and 30 September 2015. It is also available to be read online or down-loaded at www.internal-displacement.org. IDMC, established by the Norwegian Refugee Council, is the leading non-governmental body monitoring internal displacement worldwide.

Keeping IDP issues high on the international agenda

01 Oct 2015 description

From the director

2014 was a devastating year with record numbers of people living in internal displacement induced by conflict, violence, disasters and natural hazards. Meeting the immense needs generated by these calamities remains one of the most challenging humanitarian tasks faced by the international community in modern times. To address these serious situations, IDMC in 2014 published 20 country overviews, 2 global reports, 8 thematic/technical reports, 32 blogs, 8 briefing/discussion papers, 22 submissions to human rights bodies.

24 Jul 2015 description

The conflict in Yemen is reaching dire proportions with no clear end in sight. With more and more armed groups entering the fray, and with resources fast dwindling inside the country, displaced people are becoming increasingly caught up in the complexity. Here, IDMC analyses the challenges faced by over 1 million displaced people struggling to survive in a country wracked by turmoil.

Background of the crisis

08 Jun 2015 description

(updated 08 June 2015)

The latest outbreak of conflict in Yemen between the al-Houthis and Yemeni security forces has taken a heavy toll on the population, killing around 2,300 people and increasing the number of IDPs to over 1 million as of 1 June 2015. The number of people displaced in Yemen has doubled since early May and is expected to grow further as conflict continues.

30 Apr 2015 description

The recent outbreak of conflict in Yemen between the al-Houthis and Yemeni security forces has taken a heavy toll on the population, killing over 1,000 people and displacing an estimated 300,000 as of 28 April 2015. The new displacement crisis increases the complexity of the wider internal displacement situation in the country.

14 Nov 2014 description

As of November 2014, IDMC estimates that there were 334,000 internally displaced people in Yemen, most of them located in the country’s north.

IDMC bases its estimate on figure made available by the UN Agency for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) which is in turn derived from the number of IDPs registered by the Government’s IDP Executive Unit and UNHCR as of 30 September 2014 (OCHA, 7 November 2014).

14 Jul 2014 description

From the director

I had the pleasure of joining the IDMC team in 2013, taking the helm from Kate Halff, who after four years of the excellent work and dedicated service, left the organisation in May.

2013 was another year of turmoil for many. Conflicts and disasters worldwide forced millions of people to flee their homes, leaving many stuck in limbo within the borders of their own country.

14 May 2014 description

Joint IDMC-UNHCR press release - A record 33.3 million now displaced by war worldwide, as one family flees inside Syria every 60 seconds - Report

33.3 million people were internally displaced at the end of 2013 due to conflict and violence says a new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). This equates to a staggering increase of 4.5 million from 2012, signalling a record high for the second year running.

09 Jul 2013 description

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Kenya: Deadly attacks on IDPs in Kenya displaces 30,000

29 Apr 2013 description

28.8 million internally displaced people worldwide in 2012, record high includes five-fold increase in Syria

GENEVA, 29 APRIL 2013: The number of people internally displaced by armed conflict, violence and human rights violations at the end of 2012 was 28.8 million, an increase of 2.4 million people on the previous year and the highest global figure ever reported by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

17 Dec 2012 description

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19 Apr 2012 description
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Global Overview 2011

People internally displaced by conflict and violence

For the last 14 years, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre has monitored intern- al displacement resulting from conflict and violence across the world. In 2011, the number of people internally displaced by these causes stood at 26.4 million.