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Yemen + 12 others
South Asia: Evaluation of international tsunami response highlights inequities in aid spending

A major independent evaluation published today calls for a fairer system of funding emergencies so that all those affected can escape suffering and death and rebuild their lives. This is essential given the rise in natural disasters the world is facing.
The Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC), an international multi-agency effort to enhance humanitarian aid, applauds the public for their record-breaking donations to the 2004 Asian tsunami, while highlighting how this enormous influx of funds revealed discrepancies in how aid money is raised and spent.
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Yemen + 12 others
South Asia: Joint evaluation of the international response to the Indian Ocean tsunami - Synthesis Report

By John Telford and John Cosgrave
Contributing author: Rachel Houghton
Executive summary

1 The report

This report synthesises the five Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC) thematic evaluation reports, their sub-studies and other materials relating to the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunamis of 26 December 2004. These five studies are published alongside this Synthesis Report as a set,(1) and their titles are:

- Coordination of the international response to tsunami-affected countries

- The role of needs assessment in the tsunami response

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Yemen: Authorities move to combat locusts after FAO campaign delayed

SANAA, 11 July 2007 (IRIN) - The Yemeni authorities have sent teams to combat desert locusts in southern Yemen after UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) eradication operations failed to start as scheduled on 28 June.

Officials at Yemen's Desert Locust Control Centre (DLCC) are worried the locusts are increasing in number and, if not controlled, could damage crops. The government's capabilities are limited and international support is needed to prevent the locusts spreading to other countries, they said.

DLCC Director-General Abdu Farei al-Rumaih


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