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Algeria + 11 others
FAO intensifies locust campaign in West Africa

Rome, 1 October 2004 -- Desert locust control operations have been expanded in West Africa, but countries are still facing serious shortages of pesticides and aircraft, FAO said today.

Donor funding has significantly increased since Director-General Dr Jacques Diouf called on donors two weeks ago to respond urgently to FAO's appeal.

FAO has now $14.7 million in cash, with a further $40 million of pledged contributions. Around $12 million have been promised by donors but are awaiting confirmation. The UN agency is providing around $6 million from its own resources.

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Burkina Faso + 8 others
More swarms form in West Africa

New reports indicated that immature swarms of Desert Locust are forming in northern Burkina Faso. New swarms continue to form in southern Mauritania, northern Senegal, Mali and Niger. Many of the swarms are highly mobile and are flying, especially in areas where vegetation is drying out. Some of these are quite large and dense. Several swarms reached the Cape Verde islands, northwestern Mauritania, southern Western Sahara and northern Mali during the past ten days. Conditions remain favourable in parts of the Sahel to allow a second generation of breeding.
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Mauritania + 12 others
African locust fight hampered by equipment shortages: FAO

ROME, Oct 1 (AFP) - Swarms of ravenous locusts are still spreading through and beyond the Sahel region of west Africa where the fight against the pest is being hampered by serious shortages in pesticides and aircraft, the UN food agency warned Friday.

UN analysts believe thick swarms of the crop-destroying pests have begun spreading into northwest Africa in the quest for fresh vegetation.

Donor funding has increased since an appeal two weeks ago by the director general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Jacques Diouf, but more support is urgently needed,

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Burkina Faso + 11 others
Locust crisis in Africa: Assistance provided through FAO

FAO has re-established an Emergency Centre for Locust Operations (ECLO) based at headquarters. ECLO continually reviews the locust situation and is the focal point for assistance to locust affected countries. It sets priorities for the assistance needed based on a continuous flow of information from the field to meet country needs. It also registers donor support, prepares project documents and liaises on a continuous basis with affected countries and FAO staff on the ground.


FAO has called on the international donor